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Reviews by barron of ideas
About barron of ideas:
Old (low 70s), male, widower, so tired I am retired. Which is why I want to give free advice to my fellow SOL readers. Since I can't write a story anyone would want to read, I am trying to "pay it forward" by writing reviews.

Remember, "Free Advice, Free Advice, It costs you nothing and its worth the price." If you are an author and offended by one of my reviews, consider the source. What do I know about writing? My last English class was more than 50 years ago. Those that can, do. Those that can't, criticize.

Reviewing suggestions (commandments?) for reviewers, I have neglected to indicate what kinds of stories I like. Lots of different kinds, Lots of different authors, mostly longer stories with endings that satisfy me as a reader. So unfinished stories or ones that say they are finished but don't really end, they just stop, probably won't be reviewed by me. Unless it is so good I have to tell people about it so they will enjoy it too.

As an example of an unsatisfactory ending: "The last man on Earth sat in a room. There was a knock on the door."

Unless that story was by Rache, then I might review it. There are exceptions to nearly every rule. Sometimes the interest comes from not getting what you expect. There is football cheer like that. "Rah, Rah, Ree, Kick 'em in the knee. Rah, Rah, Ras, Kick 'em in the other knee." (For those that need extremely simple explanations, "other knee" was supposed to be "Ass.")

If more examples are needed, which I doubt, consider "Rooty toot toot, Rooty toot toot, We are the boys from the Institute, we don't smoke and we don't chew, and we don't go with the girls that do." The entertainment value, to the extent there is any, is the thought that there are girls that smoke and chew. Probably tobacco. I doubt I can support my theory, but I first heard this verse (?) in Hampton, Virginia, and I assumed the Institute was Hampton Institute, a college for what at that time were colored people.

As an afterthought, I tend to avoid Vampire and Zombie stories. They tend to break the cable on the 50 ton crane I use to suspend disbelief.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Rants, Tantrums, and Hissy Fits rache 2018-06-14 N/A 10 10
Melusine Aurora 2018-03-01 7 7 7
Urgah the Magnificent phelani 2018-02-27 9 9 9
Charity Slave Auction Vulgus 2018-01-03 9 9 10
Gamblers Winnings Big-R 2017-11-18 8 6 8
The Temptations of Babylon Rod O'Steele 2017-05-21 8 8 10
Blue Topaz Eyes (1) Todd_d172 2017-04-16 9 9 9
Service Society Lazlo Zalezac 2017-03-16 10 8 10
Down From the Mountain Gina Marie Wylie 2017-01-18 9 9 8
Cost of Time Gina Marie Wylie 2017-01-02 10 10 10
Junkman Howard Faxon 2016-12-09 7 8 7
Alice In Wonderland aubie56 2016-11-18 7 8 8
Shanked WDtales 2016-10-15 8 8 9
The Farmer's Daughter lichtyd 2016-09-18 8 8 8
Another Love RichardGerald 2016-07-31 9 9 8
Dominion Chronicle: Book 1 Dominion's Son 2016-07-03 8 7 8
Pandemonium's Wake Fick Suck 2016-05-15 8 8 8
Amity: 1. Storm Kris Me 2016-05-14 8 5 7
Dana oyster50 2016-04-23 7 9 8
Cletus Tucker(4) aubie56 2016-04-07 8 8 8
Fund Raising Redone by Roxanne Jaqi 2016-04-05 7 8 7
Sam Hopkins aubie56 2016-03-28 9 7 10
Honey for Sale Dr Cumings 2016-03-10 7 7 7
Five Minutes and Forever Ann Douglas 2016-03-06 7 9 8
Sexercise Thesandman 2016-03-03 6 8 8
A Four-night Education in Bangkok Privates1stClass 2016-03-03 7 8 8
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