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Universes Series Writing Events
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  Series Author Story Count Updated Change
1 1973 Jakelyon 6 Added 'Rubber Training'
2 35,000 Years Ago Stegro88 3 Added 'Mathias'
3 4th of July Uther Pendragon 3
4 A Better Man G Younger 2 Added 'A Better Man - Book 2'
5 A Break from Destiny Robberhands 2
6 A Bull's World TommyByk 3
7 A Cabal's Mercs Maxicue 2 Added 'Great Job'
8 A Daughter's Massage World of Eros 3
9 A Doctor's Erotic Adventure... Dag123 6 Added 'PatriCIA's Rainy Day Games...'
10 A Fantasy about Love Buzios 8
11 A Golfer's Dream TheCaddy 4
12 A Gone to the West...story Dag123 5 Added 'Bluebonnets in Her Golden Hair...'
13 A Halloween Redemption StarCrawler 2 Added 'Redeeming Halloween'
14 A Love...To Share...Story Dag123 5 Added 'Michelle’s Final Afternoon of Bittersweet Mayhem...
15 A More Perfect Union Severusmax 2
16 A New Family Awakens Passion's Volcano Dag123 4 Added 'An Erotic Explosion Of Passion'
17 A New Moon...Over My Shoulder...Story Dag123 6 Added 'A New Moon… Julie and Craig’s Last Night on
18 A Photographer's Fantasy Jon Eugene 6 Added 'A Photographer's Fantasy: Schoolhouse Blues'
19 A Piece of My Mind Stepdaddy 3 Added 'Pieces to Mind'
20 A Pretty Good Day Raconteur 2 Added 'Good Day'


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