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Becoming A Very Sexy Mother-in-Law by Tom Land

Genre: Incest

Melanie is in her 30s but her oldest child, a daughter, is married to a sexy young man named Ben. Melanie finds herself attracted to Ben and finally her sexual fantasies move towards reality when she and Ben are alone one day.

Views: 30837 | Votes: 275 | Score: 6.88

Word Count: ~3,969 words

Reluctant Rescue by Shakes Peer2B

Genre: Erotica

Something in her eyes calls to him and he answers.

Views: 5706 | Votes: 126 | Score: 7.20

Word Count: ~2,835 words

House in the Woods: Samantha by Shakes Peer2B

Genre: BDSM

A satisfied customer for one of Mike's custom made 'gadgets' asks Mike to find someone to help her fulfill a couple of fantasies. Mike, of course, adds his own little 'twist' to the scene. (Samantha is one of my loyal readers. This is her reward).

Views: 6167 | Votes: 107 | Score: 7.13

Word Count: ~4,725 words

Honorable Infidelity by Wine Maker

Genre: Erotica

Steve and Tom are twin brothers. Steve and Grace, Tom's wife, don't get along well at all. In fact, they can't stand one another. Steve can't understand what would bring Grace to his bachelor pad alone. He's about to find out and none of their lives will be the same.

Views: 16245 | Votes: 509 | Score: 7.02

Word Count: ~5,103 words

Lynn And Lee: First Anal by Les Lumens

Genre: Erotica

Lee's first experience with anal, as Lynn offers up her ass to her lover.

Views: 5336 | Votes: 83 | Score: 7.02

Word Count: ~3,969 words

Lap Dancer by H.L. Berry

Genre: Erotica

Have you ever paid for sex? This is the story of how I did. It's based on real events, but you'll have to guess when truth becomes fiction...

Views: 2393 | Votes: 39 | Score: 6.91

Word Count: ~4,914 words

June In August by Techsan

Genre: Erotica

A handicapped older man has fun with a BIG young woman, who makes a point of overlooking his handicap.

Views: 2951 | Votes: 101 | Score: 7.38

Word Count: ~4,914 words

Maria, The Blowjob Queen of the University by Nikki Mounds

Maria Castelo is a Brazilian bombshell, but also a smart girl, the lab assistant of Professor Keaton. The busty and beautiful Latina is known as the best cocksucker in Campus and has never had any problem with it. Until the day when a tape with her 'performance' at a frat party falls in the hands of Mr. Keaton. What will the proper and bashful man do with it?

Views: 4510 | Votes: 35 | Score: 6.89

Word Count: ~4,536 words

Twas The Night Before... by Just Plain Bob

With apologies to Clement Clark Moore.

Views: 4124 | Votes: 199 | Score: 6.90

Word Count: ~1,890 words

MMB - The Great Museum Robbery by Maximillian Excaliber

Genre: Erotica

This is the first in The Matchmaker Bandit Series. A couple working late one night at museum get surprised by Art Thieves.

Views: 1349 | Votes: 42 | Score: 6.99

Word Count: ~3,024 words

My Mother, My Lover by Cleanshaven

Genre: Erotica

A young man finds that his mother provides all the love he that he ever needed.

Views: 9827 | Votes: 236 | Score: 7.13

Word Count: ~2,646 words

My Son the Doctor by TheMoose63

Genre: Erotica

Liz is 49 but looks 35 and stays in great shape. She is a widower and the love of her life, her son Richard, is a doctor. When she feels a lump in her breast she naturally discusses it with her son and he decided to do a complete physical on mom. He does but it is anything but a normal physical!

Views: 6815 | Votes: 152 | Score: 7.15

Word Count: ~3,402 words

Nailed by RejectReality

Helen is pleasantly surprised to discover that the men sent to install her deck aren't the unattractive louts with plumber's crack that she expected. The chiseled, shirtless young men tempt her all day, and an overheard conversation sparks possibilities. Does she dare?

Views: 4711 | Votes: 136 | Score: 7.31

Word Count: ~4,347 words

Our Last Time by crotalusw

Genre: Romantic

Finding out you have a limited amount of time left to live makes you want to cherish those last times you have. You want to make love that one last time before you go.

Views: 1636 | Votes: 46 | Score: 6.93

Word Count: ~3,213 words

MILF Allie: A Cable Conundrum by RejectReality

Genre: Erotica

Allison (Allie) is a nightshift nurse -- and a thirty-something camgirl on the side. There's nothing like getting paid to do nothing more than sit around half dressed, and occasionally get off for horny men. The cable going out and having someone recognize her from the website are two of her biggest nightmares...

Views: 3098 | Votes: 103 | Score: 7.06

Word Count: ~5,481 words

All the Perks by RejectReality

Genre: Erotica

Jessica is lucky enough to win an all-inclusive vacation with all the perks. She needs the time away to come down from a long, bitter divorce. Losing her bikini top to a wave seems like the end of her week of fun at first, but...

Views: 8338 | Votes: 300 | Score: 6.80

Word Count: ~5,670 words

A Trick, a Treat by RejectReality

Genre: Erotica

Jamie's husband wasn't terribly pleased that she went on a business trip at the same time as the annual Halloween bash. Now she's returning home, and the car is dead as a doorknob in the parking garage. A hunky pilot might just have the solution to more than one problem on her mind.

Views: 3914 | Votes: 173 | Score: 6.92

Word Count: ~3,969 words

Bus Stop by Marc Nobbs

Genre: Humor

A guy is forced to take the bus to work while his car awaits repairs. Riding home one night, the bus is so full he finds himself rubbing his erection against the arse of the girl in front with every bump in the road. He's quite embarrassed. She reacts differently. You know what happens next. A fairly vanilla stroke story. This version was updated from the 1998 original in 2004. I plan to rewrite/re-imagine it, with the same characters and basic plot, to bring it into my Westmouth universe

Views: 4502 | Votes: 243 | Score: 6.93

Word Count: ~2,268 words

Six-thirty Sleeper to Paris (2007 Original Version) by Marc Nobbs

Genre: Erotica

New city, new job, new life. Harry's leaving Rome on the overnight train to Paris. But he isn’t too pleased about starting his new life by sharing a cabin with a complete stranger—even if she is an elegant and beautiful Parisian. Written for and published by Ruthie's Club in 2007, this was one of the last stories I submitted to the site.

Views: 3692 | Votes: 205 | Score: 6.93

Word Count: ~5,670 words

Mixing Business With Pleasure by JW

Genre: Erotica

Gratuitous sharing

Views: 2491 | Votes: 108 | Score: 7.31

Word Count: ~4,536 words

Changing Circumstances by Paladin

Genre: Erotica

A further sexual adventure featuring Les and Michelle the pair who met by chance and fucked each other by choice.This time the ladies have a wild encounter in a changing room whilst on a shopping trip.

Views: 1579 | Votes: 47 | Score: 7.32

Word Count: ~2,079 words

Mom's New Year's Eve by Lauren

Genre: Incest

After the New Year's Eve party that Julia and her husband had hosted, Julia stumbled drunk into the family room where her son Joey was sitting on the couch. Her husband was passed out in another room. Julia convinced Joey to dance with her, but soon the way she felt and smelled overwhelmed him. Joey's hands and lips began to roam over his mother, and in her inebriated state, she lacked the judgment needed to stop him.

Views: 11016 | Votes: 395 | Score: 7.32

Word Count: ~3,213 words

Her Cock Was Bigger Than Mine! by Cleanshaven

Genre: Erotica

What began as a casual encounter with a beautiful girl in an adult theater turned into a bizarre, mind-bending scene with a pre-op transexual.

Views: 5454 | Votes: 229 | Score: 7.20

Word Count: ~1,890 words

A Mile High by Romy

Genre: Erotica

My true story of the start of a wonderful vacation a few years ago. I had always wanted to do it on a plane.

Views: 2646 | Votes: 94 | Score: 6.98

Word Count: ~2,457 words

Of Wine and Pearls by Letoria

This is what happens when Amy gets into the wine.

Views: 1696 | Votes: 53 | Score: 7.32

Word Count: ~2,079 words

Mom by WVBoy

Genre: Erotica

No, not my mom, but Katies mom. How Oncie comes out of a protected life and is introduced into a world filled with fun things to do from movies to sex.

Views: 4096 | Votes: 198 | Score: 7.19

Word Count: ~5,481 words

The Mansion by chinookwind

Genre: Erotica

Susan was in her third day of the pledging process and the Sorority of her choice had challanged her to stay overnight at an empty, haunted mansion. Her skepticism and disbeliefs in the Paranormal were about to change.

Views: 1915 | Votes: 105 | Score: 7.30

Word Count: ~4,725 words

Fun With Friends by Coptional

Genre: Erotica

Just a short stroker about friends getting together, intended to be read as it was written, with one hand in your lap. One caveat. If you're even slightly homophobic, you'll hate this one, so just move along now instead of seeing something that can't be unseen.

Views: 4578 | Votes: 167 | Score: 6.89

Word Count: ~3,213 words