The Mansion

by chinookwind

Copyright© 2013 by chinookwind

Erotica Sex Story: Susan was in her third day of the pledging process and the Sorority of her choice had challanged her to stay overnight at an empty, haunted mansion. Her skepticism and disbeliefs in the Paranormal were about to change.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Paranormal   .

Susan, accepted the challenge from her sorority sisters and reluctantly agreed, to stay overnight at the empty house known locally as the haunted mansion. She smiled as she wandered throughout the large house. It was truly beautiful and couldn't understand why no one wanted to live in it for so many years. She had heard about the strange happenings in the house that occurred back in the 50's and 60's but she brushed it off.

She brought along a sleeping bag, a large supply of candles and her laptop computer with a spare battery. She would get some school work done during the evening. After stopping by a Chinese carryout Susan went to the mansion. She wandered throughout the bedrooms and picked one that had desk and pulled the covers off of the furniture. She lit eight candles and spread them around the room so it was bathed in soft, warm light. She went downstairs to make sure the doors were all bolted and returned to the bedroom. A shiver of nervousness flowed through her mind when saw the bared mattress on the bed was now fully made with four pillows resting at the head of it.

She was only gone about two minutes ... how could this have happened. With her heart beating a little faster she opened all the doors to the bedroom and then searched the other rooms on the floor. After finding nothing or 'anybody' she returned to the bedroom and stared at the bed.

She thought to herself,

Perhaps this one of the 'strange happenings' that she was told about.

She gathered her wits about her and after setting her work up on the desk, she undressed and put on a silky robe. Soon she busy working on her assignments.

Susan sensed that someone or something was near her. She turned sharply, rising from her chair and stood there looking around, but there was no one there. A few moments went by and she sensed it again, this time it was behind and almost touching her.

A shiver ran through her as a gentle caress ran down over her shoulders and beneath her arms, she felt a gentle cupping of her breasts and then a light tweaking of her nipples through the thin material of her robe. An apprehensive feeling filled her mind and she quickly stood up and walked to the middle of the room, her eyes darting nervously about her. Once again Susan felt the soft touches slowly exploring her body through the silky fabric. She felt her right breast being massaged and then a soft pressure pushing the fabric between her thighs and onto her labia. Something pressed onto the sensitive hood of her clitoris with a gentle swirling motion. She flinched slightly when she felt light kisses flowing onto her neck and soft 'finger' tips slipping under the robe on her shoulders.

Susan trembled and shook as wild thoughts filled her mind.

'What is happening? ... What is doing this?'

Susan gasped when she looked down at her body and saw the ruffling movements of her robe as her breasts and inner thighs were being fondled and explored. A now, terrified Susan stood there unable to move. Unseen 'hands' were roaming freely across her body. Both breasts and nipples were now being kneaded and she felt delicate touches probing deeper onto the soft folds of her labia. Despite her mounting fears, her body was slowly succumbing to the exquisite touches and caresses of the 'hands', 'fingers', 'mouths' and 'lips' which were relentlessly adorning her body over the silky fabric that covered her nakedness.

She made a half-hearted attempt to move away but the unseen pressures on body held her firmly. Somewhere, deep in her mind, Susan tried to rationalize that if she was in physical harm's way, it would have happened by now.

"Ohhhh ... Nooooo ... This can't be happening..."

Suddenly she felt the fabric being pushed onto her clitoral hood with exquisite swirls and massages. Her hips jerked and a reluctant moan escaped her mouth and her clitoris tingled and hardened. Her body was betraying her mind as her rising arousal slowly pushed her fears into the background and a wonderful flushed feeling washed across her loins as the silky fabric brushed across her rigid clitoris and unseen 'finger' tips twirled her stiffening nipples in delicious circles.

She felt soft 'lips' touch her lips, then a warm moist 'tongue' slipped back and forth between her slightly parted lips. She flinched and reached out in front of her and then dropped her arms back to her sides when she felt nothing there. The 'tongue' slowly slipped inward and Susan took a deep breath when she felt her tongue being touched. Again she felt the pressure of the soft fabric being pushed onto her swelling labia and she moaned softly into the unseen 'mouth'.

Unconsciously her tongue pressed back against the presence's 'tongue' and delicious sensations flooded her mind as the two tongues danced and played together. Her response was reluctant at first, but soon the 'kiss' became deeper with a rising sense of passion. The kisses on her neck and shoulders continued along with the massages on her breasts, nipples, clitoris and the folds of her labia. The robes soft, silky fabric was adding to the stirring excitement of her body.

The passionate kiss continued and a dazed Susan was barely aware that the sash to her robe was being loosened. The robe's soft folds parted and were drawn to her sides. Susan broke the kiss and gasped as her firm breasts and erect nipples sprung into the air. Her rigid organ of joy stood out like a bright pink, beacon at the top of her labia. The last remnants of her resistance were gone and she now embraced her unseen lovers.

Susan's breath was coming in quick pants and a long, soft sigh was heard as her robe was pushed from her shoulders and her aroused nakedness stood in the soft glow of the candle lit room. The 'mouths' and 'hands' now reacquired her body. This time they had soft, trembling, bare skin to massage and suckle on. A soft 'finger' pressed onto her engorged clitoris with an ecstatic twirling and pressing action. Susan gasped loudly and her hips bucked forward at the incredible contact.

The 'mouth' and 'lips' slipped from her neck and suckled their way down toward her right breast. A massaging 'hand' seemed to hold it for the advancing 'mouth' and she gasped as a wonderful warmth bathed her erect nipple and then a warm, moist cavern descended onto the excited nipple with a delicious sucking and suckling action. She felt her left breast being gently lifted and a another 'mouth' slipped over the tingling nipple. Ripples of pleasure flowed across her chest and downward, merging with those that were emanating from her clitoris. At the same time she felt the 'hands' on her inner thighs move inward and form themselves around the swelling folds of her labia. Their 'thumbs' pressed and swirled her rigid organ of joy in ecstatic circles.

Susan instinctively spread her legs and hunched down. Her hips bucked forward as jolts of pleasure shot throughout her body. Susan's wide open eyes still saw nothing in front of her or around her. Her mind and body no longer cared about the 'whys' or 'hows', only what 'they' were doing to her aroused body.

She felt pressure against her legs and back, it was almost like a soft blanket of warm air. Her body was slowly moved from a standing position to a prone position. The persistent attention on her body never faltered or stopped. A sense of nervous excitement gripped her mind when she felt her legs being bent at the knees and spread apart. Her arms were pulled outward and held level with her shoulders.

Susan knew she was in the classic position for 'all' things sexual and she didn't care. She visualized the erotic position she was in and her breath came in quick pants and gasps. While the 'hands' and 'mouths' adorned her body, a third suckling mouth gently slipped onto her abdomen and worked its way toward the junction of thighs. The fingers of the 'hand' that was molded to her labia slipped between the folds, pulling them further apart, opening her sex for the advancing 'mouth'. A deep intake of breath and a longer moan was heard as the 'mouth' left her abdomen and a long, warm 'tongue' curled around her straining clitoris. The contact was electric and Susan's hips arched as jolts of joy flooded her sex.

The 'tongue' was joined by 'lips' and both began to suck on her organ of joy as though it was an erection. The grasping 'fingers' began to tease and tantalize her clasping inner lips and Susan's hips began pushing her excited womanhood against her unseen lovers. Slowly two 'fingers' pushed into Susan's steamy passage with an exquisite twisting and turning motion. She gasped as waves of intense pleasure flooded her vagina and merged with those from her throbbing clitoris and bullet-like nipples.

Her clenching vaginal muscles were trying to draw the twisting 'fingers' deeper into its enflamed sheath. The exploring tips began circling the excited vaginal walls as if they were searching for something. Susan suddenly arched up from he 'blanket of air', her hips bucked her enflamed sex in wild circles and she squealed in joy. Her Lover had found her elusive 'G' spot and began an ecstatic massaging of the ultra-sensitive tissues.

All the unseen forces came together now and intensified their actions on her body. From her breasts and nipples to her straining clitoris to her spasming vagina. They suckled, they massaged, they stroked and they caressed. She thrust her breasts and engorged nipples into the devouring 'mouths' and ground her enflamed sex into the sucking 'lips' and stroking fingers.

Susan was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. She arched up wailing and froze as her body unleashed its first orgasm. Her thick, orgasmic juices spurted past her stretched folds and drooled down the cheeks of buttocks. The unseen entities continued with their ecstatic manipulations of her body and Susan screamed again as a second orgasm was coaxed from her convulsing and spasming body.

This time, the sensations were so intense, that she went into sensory overload and lost consciousness for a few seconds. Her body slumped down onto the warm supports of the 'blanket of air'. When she recovered, she moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body.

"Thank you ... thank you..."

She felt all the unseen 'mouths', 'lip's, 'hands' and 'fingers slowly leave her body and she whimpered in disappointment.

"Oh ... please don't leave me..."

It was then that she felt two large 'hands' come to rest on her knees. They startled her for a moment and then she smiled as the large 'hands' drifted down her bent thighs toward center of her sexual being. The 'hands' moved with deliberate slowness and Susan kept shifting her bent thighs in an effort to speed them toward their destination.

Susan gasped loudly when she felt her wet folds being molded between the 'hands'. She felt her folds being pushed wide apart as thick 'fingers' pushed between them and began sawing her enflamed sex up and down onto the exploring 'fingers'. The long, thick appendages wasted no time and slithered into her stretching and excited passage.

Susan's dazed mind screamed,

'Yes! Yes! I love it ... I want it ... Oh God yes!'

Her new Lover began ecstatic strokes into and out of her spasming vagina and Susan grabbed her legs under the knees and pulled them wide apart giving the entity full access to sex. She moaned, cooed and gurgled as her Lover's long, twisting fingers pushed her into a sexual frenzy. She had just had two incredible orgasms and this ... this new Lover was pushing her toward another one.

Susan felt movement between her thighs and then felt a warm, moist breath of air bathing her engorged clitoris. Despite the spasms of intense pleasure within her seething vaginal passage, she held her breath as her Lover lowered its 'mouth' and began suckling its way onto her erect organ of joy. Her hips bucked and thrashed as her third orgasm was unleashed.

Again, her mind was so saturated with orgasmic sensations she lapsed into unconsciousness. Her vaginal muscles continued to clenched tightly around the long, thick 'fingers'. In a few seconds she recovered and moaned as intense aftershocks racked her body. As she became more aware, she sensed that her Lover was now leaning over her body between her wide spread thighs.

Then she felt it!

It felt incredibly long and incredibly thick. It pulsed and throbbed as it lay over her abdomen. She could feel a warm wetness pooling onto her abdomen from the 'head' of the massive, unseen 'erection'. Her mind said it was two big, but her body vaulted up the arousal ladder and screamed 'YES! YES! YES!'. She sensed the face of the presence as it neared her face. She closed her eyes, parted her lips and waited. Its 'lips' touched her lips and then its 'tongue' slowly slipped into mouth. Susan moaned into its 'mouth' as she eagerly returned the kiss, it was deep and full of passion.

While they kissed her Lover settled further onto her body. It shifted its mid section and its heavy 'testicles' came to rest on her engorged clitoris. She pushed upward, sinking into its soft, heavy 'balls' with an ecstatic swirling motion and a deep guttural moan was heard from mouth. They broke the kiss and Susan lay there gasping and panting as the soft heaviness massaged her excited clitoris.

The entity began planting wet suckling kisses over her face and neck. The kisses trekked downward to her neck and shoulders and then toward her chest. Her Lover's body shifted and she squealed again as its throbbing hardness slipped over her engorged clitoris. The suckling 'mouth' reached her right breast, slipping over the firm mound and descended onto the bullet-like nipple. Its 'lips' and 'tongue' swirled around the rubbery tip and Susan moaned with her gratitude.

The presence shifted its mid-section again and Susan's eyes shot opened as its massive 'gland' slipped between the swollen folds of her labia, pushing them far apart. The suckling 'mouth' began an wonderful journey over to her left breast and nipple, bestowing equal time to both. While its mouth adorned one, its hands massaged and kneaded the other. Susan gasped and moaned, pushing each breast and nipple into her Lover's 'mouth'. Back and forth, back and forth, no one had ever given her breasts so much attention or pleasure.

Susan wasn't really aware of it, but her hips were deliciously sawing her wet pink furrow over the pulsing girth of her Lover's hardness. On one sweep, the thick 'head' nestled into the clasping inner lips and Susan screeched loudly, Her Lover now shifted downward between her spread thighs. Its 'hands' gently wrapped around each thigh as its 'head' came nearer and nearer to her open sex. Again Susan held her breath as a wonderful moist breath of air bathed her hyper-excited clitoris. The suckling 'mouth' slowly descended onto it and she cried out as her rigid organ slipped into the loving 'mouth'.

Her hips bucked and jerked in joy and the grasping 'hands' on her thighs prevented the ecstatic contact from being broken. The 'mouth' slowly loosened its suckling grip and moved downward onto the twitching folds of her labia. Susan gasped and panted as the large 'lips' and thick 'tongue' pushed into the wet furrow and began to suck and kiss its way toward the excited portal of her womanhood.

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