Reluctant Rescue

by Shakes Peer2B

Copyright© 2003 by Shakes Peer2B

Erotica Sex Story: Something in her eyes calls to him and he answers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Anal Sex   .

© Copyright 2003

This is a story about a sexual FANTASY written for consenting adults. If you're not both of those, don't read it. Characters in a FANTASY don't get sick or die unless I want them to. In real life, people who don't use condoms and other safe-sex techniques do get sick and die. You don't live in a FANTASY so be safe. The fictional characters in my stories are trained and experienced in acts of FANTASY - don't try to do what they do - someone could get hurt.

If you think you know somebody who resembles any of the characters here, congratulations, but you're wrong - any similarity between the characters in this story and any real person is purely coincidental, since all of these characters are figments of my dirty little imagination.

This is my story, not yours. Don't sell it or put it on a pay site. You can keep it and/or give it away with all of this information intact, but if you make money off of it, you're breaking the law and pissing me off.

I first saw her in the checkout line at the supermarket in the strip mall near my house. Her features, beneath the baseball cap, were pleasant to look at. The few lines on her face spoke of habitual smiles, but it was her eyes that captured me. They too were surrounded by smile lines, but when she wasn't talking to anyone, they held a haunted, faraway look.

Everything she wore, the cap, the crisp white man cut shirt, the skintight jeans, and even the pristine white canvas deck shoes, carried some famous designer's tasteful logo. Her medium length brown hair was caught neatly into a pony tail that was stylishly fed through the hole in the back of the cap.

Everything about her screamed 'Money!', but that wasn't where my interest lay.

As I followed her out of the store, her wide pelvis told me she had given birth to more than one child, but her trim waist and flat abdomen spoke of hours spent in the gym every week.

She dumped the groceries in the trunk of a late model Mercedes, but instead of climbing in and driving away, she made her way to the little sports bar three doors down from the supermarket.

The place was empty except for the bartender. She ordered a glass of beer and took it to a table in the corner. I nursed my own brew at the bar as I watched her reflection in the mirror behind the rows of liquor bottles.

When she got up, leaving a half-full glass of beer, I thought that was the last I would see of her. To my delight, she headed, instead, for the long hallway that led to the restrooms. I waited a couple of minutes, then headed down that hallway myself. The little alcove on which the restroom doors opened was at right angles to the access hall, so no one saw me when I slipped through the wrong door.

This time of day, I didn't expect any other women to come into the place, and very few men.

I held the door and let it close silently, then waited with my back to the partition that separated the toilet area from the sinks.

As she came through the opening, I put one hand over her mouth, and the other around her chest, gently grasping one of her full, soft breasts. Before she could move, I bent and kissed the graceful curve of her neck, nibbling and sucking at the soft, fragrant skin.

This took her completely by surprise, and she moaned softly into my hand. I took the opportunity to slip my other hand through the opening of her shirt, and into her bra, where I gently squeezed and rolled her large, hardening nipple between my fingers, while warmly cupping the fleshy mound.

Suddenly coming to her senses, she started to struggle. I held her firmly with my arms, taking care not to use enough hand pressure to hurt her.

"Shhhh!" I whispered softly into her ear, "I'm here to save you, not hurt you!"

She stopped.

Her hand reached up and pried mine from her mouth, not struggling, just insistent.

With my only choices being to hurt her or let her have her way, I removed my hand.

"Save me from what!" she whispered, too.

"From your dull, perfect life." I whispered back.

"My life is NOT dull!" I never realized a person could shout in a whisper before.

"Isn't it?" I replied, "I see your eyes, even now. The hunger for something more, some excitement to transport you beyond the kids' lunches, supervising servants, and social clubs full of blue-haired busybodies."

Her eyes grew large and she twisted to look at me. I let her, but kept my grip on her nipple, continuing my manipulation. "How do you know so much about me? Have you been stalking me?"

I shook my head and kissed her lips. Hers responded softly, as if having a will of their own. I drew back and said, "Never saw you before today. You captured me in the supermarket."

"Then how do you know so much about me?!" her pelvis, of its own accord, was undulating against my thigh.

"I told you - your eyes." I smiled, I'm not what you'd call handsome, but my looks apparently have a certain appeal to women. "Your face smiles a lot, but your eyes look lost - and hungry. If the people who care about you bothered to look, they'd see it too. Look!"

I gently turned her to face the bathroom mirror. She stared for a long moment, her expression going from skepticism to awareness, to despair, then, finally, defeated acceptance as she admitted to herself what she had struggled so hard to ignore for years.

"Now, watch!" I kept my right hand inside her bra, and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it back on her shoulders.

With both hands I cupped her heavy, lace cocooned breasts, kneading them gently and caressing her nipples with my palms. They grew into hard little spears, and she shook her head in denial, but made no move to stop me.

"You are a beautiful, sensual woman." I whispered, close enough that my warm breath tickled the delicate shell of her ear. "Your mind denies it, but your body calls your mind a liar."

Slipping one hand down her taut abdomen, I caressed the crease at the top of her thigh, then pointed to the dark stain that was beginning to show at the apex of the V. "Your body longs for the kind of caresses I'm giving it."

To emphasize the point, I scratched my fingernail across the rough denim fabric covering her clit. Her pelvis shot forward, to the accompaniment of her involuntary gasp.

Her head flailed from side to side, her ponytail thrashing the side of my face. "Nooo! I'm happily married! I have two wonderful children! I have everything I've ever wanted! This isn't happening!"

"I'm not here to take those things away from you." I pressed the side of my face against the velvety skin of hers. "If anything, I simply want to fill in what's missing."

"You're not going to rape me?" she asked in a small voice.

"Not unless you want me to... !" I nipped her earlobe, drawing another gasp.

"Oh god!" she moaned, "Why am I not scratching your eyes out!"

I ran my fingers between her thighs, which opened to give me better access. "You tell me!"

Her breath was coming in quick, short, pants. "Damn! Do you know how long it's been since anyone made me feel this way?"

"Two kids and a wedding ago?" I loosed the button on her jeans and slid the zipper down. Her hands rested lightly on the backs of mine.

My right hand lost hers as it slipped inside the satin of her panties, delving deeply between the sodden lips of her cleft. Her right hand came up and wrapped softly around my neck.

"He used to be a wonderful, exciting lover, you know." Her eyes pleaded for understanding.

"You wouldn't have married him, otherwise." I nibbled some more on her neck, taking care not to leave marks.

"He's just so BUSY these days!" her frustration burst through "I do my best to stay attractive to him! I try to seduce him! I try to 'spice things up' for him! But he's always too tired. He provides us with everything we need or want, except himself!"

"I can't give him back to you," I rasped into the hollow of her neck as I opened the clasp between her heaving breasts, "but I can give you back some of the adventure, the excitement, and maybe that will be enough..."

She didn't resist when I turned her to face me, bending my head to nip at the soft curve of her left breast, just above the aureola.

Her fingers dug furrows in my hair as she clutched me to her bosom. I opened my mouth and engulfed the long, hard nubbin of a well used nipple. Her moans grew louder and I placed two fingers over her lips.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Are you all right in there, ma'am?"

We looked at each other, both knowing that I was in her power. A single word from her and I would be off to prison. I continued to suck and nibble at the rubbery spike in my mouth.

"Y-yes." It came out almost as a whisper, so she repeated, "Yes! I'm fine! I just bumped my shin!"

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