Fun With Friends

by Coptional

Copyright© 2014 by Coptional

Erotica Sex Story: Just a short stroker about friends getting together, intended to be read as it was written, with one hand in your lap. One caveat. If you're even slightly homophobic, you'll hate this one, so just move along now instead of seeing something that can't be unseen.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Swinging   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   .

I was propped up against the pillows on the headboard, my knees drawn up to my chest, sighing as the slender naked brunette between my legs worked a thick, well-lubed vibrator past my equally well-lubed sphincter. Brenda had discovered that this particular vibe, designed with a crook on the tip to stimulate a woman's G-spot, was also equally capable of delivering intense sensation to a man's prostate gland. I heartily approved of her activity, especially as she was licking my balls while she probed my asshole.

At 29, Brenda was an absolute babe. She had that incredible combination of jet black hair, worn in an adorable little pixie cut, and ice-blue eyes. Her five foot seven inch body had the trim, slim form of a swimmer, with smallish 34B breasts, big dark nipples and a cute little ass. Her black pubic hair was trimmed into a neat little landing strip, and her pussy was otherwise smooth. She also had a dark all-over tan.

I grunted as she pushed the thick vibrator deeper and deeper into my rectum, then gasped as she simultaneously rotated the tip of it into contact with the walnut sized gland, turned it on "high" and engulfed my cock to the root in her hot, sucking mouth.

My cock is maybe a little bigger than average, or so they tell me. It is a pinch under six and a half inches long (yes, I've measured, and so have you) when fully erect, and is exceptionally thick. Not so thick that Brenda couldn't take it down her throat, though, and I groaned as she did just that. My cock has been in a lot of mouths, but Brenda was easily the best cocksucker I knew. She began to bob her head, taking my cock in long, slow, sucking strokes, from having the head barely in her mouth until her nose firmly bumped against my pubic bone, over and over.

There was no hair in the way. I keep my junk shaved smooth. It increases the sensation and besides, makes me look bigger. You have to keep up appearances. That feverishly buzzing vibrator and Brenda's mouth were starting to get to me. My balls were churning. I managed to wait until she had only the head of my prick in her mouth, then gripped her by the head and stopped her movement. Her tongue kept swirling on the underside of my prick's head and I rewarded her efforts by grunting and giving her a mouthful of spunk. I shot four or five thick ropes, feeling her swallow greedily each time, groaned in relief, and then she continued sucking my cock to drain the remainder.

From the master bedroom down the hall, I heard my wife's loud moaning rise into a shriek of orgasmic delight as Brenda's hubby Greg did whatever he was doing to her.

Greg has a big dick. Really big. Thicker than mine, that monster was at least eight inches long, maybe longer. My wife, Sherry, loved it and had welcomed it into her pussy and up her ass more than once.

Sherry's kind of an odd duck. My cute thirty year-old wife stands a scant five feet tall, and her tiny little tits struggle to fill an A-cup. She has dirty blonde hair that is just long enough to brush her shoulders, and big brown eyes. She works out frequently, and her body is lean and taut. She looks good, and she loves sex. And she's good at it. It takes her a long time to build up to orgasm, though, and when she cums, she cums BIG and cums hard ... one time. And then she's done. She's finished. She wants to nap.

Don't get me wrong. She could, and frequently did cum several times a night, but her orgasms were so explosively huge she needed about an hour long break before she was ready to go again.

Sherry and I didn't consider ourselves to be swingers, not really, but there were two couples that we got together with occasionally, maybe once or twice a year. Greg and Brenda lived in Canada, and either came to see us in Texas or we went to Vancouver maybe twice a year. We had met them via an internet cam and chat site that we all frequented and had become good friends, exchanging frequent emails and phone calls. The other couple was local, nudists we had met at a clothing optional resort just outside of town that Sherry and I frequented. When Greg and Brenda came to visit, it was usually for 4 or 5 days. The first night of their visit was always "date night", where each of us guys took the others wife out for a night on the town, then wound up back at our house, each of us taking his "date" to bed in separate rooms. There would be time for group sex later.

Tonight was "date night", and by the time Brenda and I came in from our dinner-and-a-show at a Japanese teppanyaki steakhouse, Greg and Sherry were already in the master bedroom, fucking like bunnies.

Brenda pulled the oddly-shaped vibrator out of my well-lubed and stretched asshole and turned it off. Noting the state of my still relatively stiff cock, she first gave me a long, spermy kiss while stroking it, and then got on her hands and knees and wiggled her cute ass at me. "Do me doggy," she said with a smile. I got on my knees behind her and found that as usual, she was hot, slick and ready. Fisting my cock, I dragged the bulbous head around in her slit for a bit then sank easily into Brenda's clenching pussy with a single thrust, my balls slapping up against her clit. I swear, the woman sounded like she was purring as she pushed her ass back against me.

I was taking my time, fucking Brenda slowly with long, full-length strokes, and it came as no surprise to hear Greg padding up the hallway and into our room. Sherry, as usual, had conked out and would be out for an hour or so. I had been expecting him. On "date night", it was typical for him to come join me and his wife while my wife recovered for a bit. Afterward, he'd go back to Sherry while Brenda and I stayed together until morning. Sherry was cool with it. I loved that woman!

Anyway, it just took a minimal amount of rearranging, and soon he was on his back with Brenda on top of him in a sixty-nine position and me pushing back into her from behind. His tongue was busy, exploring all around where my cock stretched his wife open, the underside of my swollen shaft, my balls and her clit.

I should explain something here. Neither Greg or myself considered ourselves "bi". On the other hand, neither of us was in the least bit homophobic, although we had not ever had any kind of sexual contact with another male before we met, and not with each other unless one or both of our wives were also present. But we had discovered that we weren't in the least bit shy about touching one another, or tasting the others spend, in the context of group sex. We would each happily take the others cock in hand and guide it into one of the girls, lick her clit while he fucked her and then go down on her after the other left her with a messy creampie. If the others cock wound up near one of our mouths, we'd open wide and suck it. We had each used that wicked hooked vibrator on the others ass.

It had all started on their first visit. On the third night of their stay, a somewhat drunken game of "Truth or Dare" had developed to the point of all dares. Brenda had dared my wife Sherry to suck me as close to the point of orgasm as possible without letting me come. I was groaning under my wife's expert oral ministrations and was just about to get a nut when she pulled her mouth away, letting me slip from her lips with a wet plop. I moaned in frustration.

Sherry let me calm down a bit, taking a sip of her drink, and then, ever the cheeky one, said, "Greg. I dare you to come finish Steve off for me."

I snorted. Yeah, right, like THAT'S gonna happen, I thought. Greg just sat his beer on the table and calmly said, "OK". He came over to me, knelt down between my knees, and for the very first time in his thirty-four years of life, took a cock in his mouth.

Let me tell you something, guys. Even if you have never even LOOKED at another man's stiff prick, you are an expert cocksucker. Don't laugh, it's true. You are. Just do all the things that you enjoy when receiving a blowjob. You know what feels good to you. Just do those same things to him.

See? You're an expert.

Greg knew what felt good, and did it. It took less than three minutes before my balls drew up, my asshole tightened, and I gasped, "Gonna cum..." Greg just kept doing what felt good, and I exploded into a man's mouth for the first time in my life, cumming with a roar and cock jerking as my semen exploded from my dick into his mouth. He swallowed it all, then used his hand to milk the last few drops out onto his tongue. The girls squealed and burst into applause as I leaned back, gasping for breath. Greg just sat there with a smug look on his face.

By the time I came back to my senses and quit gasping for air, the girls had Greg on the couch and were both going down on him, alternating between sucking his massive cock and licking his clean-shaven balls as they passed him back and forth like a baton in a relay race. Our eyes met and he gave a wicked grin. He crooked a finger at me, the unspoken dare obvious.

I got on my knees between his widespread legs and the girls moved aside as I took his swollen, saliva-streaked member in my hand. I knew what a cock felt like, obviously, having stroked my own countless times, but somehow, this felt different. I marveled at the silky softness of his skin over the steely hardness beneath, and the ridges of the swollen veins that traveled up and down his shaft. I gave that thick fuckstick several slow strokes with my hand, knowing instinctively exactly how much pressure to apply, and where.

We're all experts, remember, guys?

Greg moaned his approval, and I watched as a thick bead of pre-cum welled up from his piss slit and drooled down the underside of his circumcised helmet. Tentatively, I licked it off, decided it tasted OK, and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Greg hissed in arousal.

I took him deeper and discovered I could only take about two thirds of his length without gagging, but that seemed to be enough as he groaned in pleasure. I marveled at the feel of his soft skin against my lips, and my mouth watered as I began to slowly bob my head on his rod, alternating the sucking pressure from firm to soft and swirling my tongue everywhere it could reach. I was beginning to realize why my wife and Brenda both enjoyed sucking cock so much. This was fun! I could feel my own cock swelling back to full erection.

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