A Mile High

by Romy

Copyright© 2012 by Romy

Erotica Sex Story: My true story of the start of a wonderful vacation a few years ago. I had always wanted to do it on a plane.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Masturbation   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

I don't like traveling by air as a general rule. Long lines, intrusive security, and crowds of strange people crushing in from all around. The best way to deal with airline travel is dress comfortably, attempt to relax, and find something to take your mind off things.

It was easy to dress comfortably. A cute little pink top, with a zipper to play with which would also keep me distracted, a pleated, denim mini-skirt, white sox and sneakers would let me be comfortable. I downloaded some porn and erotic stories to my phone hoping these would keep me distracted.

The security line wasn't too bad and I managed to pass the time reading some vivid porn stories. Security took me aside and frisked me a couple of times. I think they are supposed to have a female officer pat a girl down, but honestly their groping hands helped distract me from the crowds, so I wasn't going to complain. The thoroughness of the pat downs after reading the stories left me a bit wet.

Finally the plane was boarding. I had my bag ready and tried to wait patiently. Even though there were not that many people on this red-eye flight, It seemed to take forever before my row numbers were finally called. I hurried to the line only to find myself close to the end. People bumped and pushed as the line slowly crept forward. I felt myself begin to panic and quickly flipped on my phone to read something sexy and distracting.

Finally I passed through the last boarding check and hurried through the gate to the plane. A very pretty attendant greeted me and I slowly stumbled my way down the narrow center aisle and found my row.

As my luck would have it my seat was in the middle. Luckily though the aisle seat was, as yet, unoccupied, though a nice looking business man sat in the window seat. This could be fun, I thought.

My carry on bag was little and would fit easily under a seat. I stepped into the the row and turned my back to the business man. I put my right knee on my seat and bent over to secure my bag under the seat. I glanced back at the man. He tried valiantly to not look. I feigned difficulty with my bag, necessitating the need to wiggle around to get it to fit. Finally I saw that he looked right at my ass. I smiled knowing he was staring at the little pink thong I was wearing. I wondered if could see my wet little pink lips. I held the position for a moment and allowed him to stare, then he saw me looking and our eyes met.

He turned away quickly looking out the window. His face was bright red which made me smile. This flight just might be fun after all.

I took my seat and smiled at him. He glanced my way and tried to grin then looked away, blushing again.

The attendants went through the pre-flight check. The attendant was pretty, but the whole presentation was rather boring. To occupy myself I busied myself with playing with the zipper on my shirt. Up and down, zip-zip. I took the zipper down and pulled my shirt out. I looked at my bare little titties and I watched as my nipples grew hard. Up and down, up and down I played with the zipper. I looked over and the nice man was glancing out the corner of his eyes at me. I tried not to smile, but it was difficult. Finally the plane was under way, racing down the runway. I leaned back and left the zipper down so he would have a nice view.

Again he caught me watching him. This time he smiled at me and nodded before looking away. Better, I thought.

The plane was finally in the air and heading west. Once we were free to move about the plane I unfastened my seatbelt and flagged down an attendant.

"Could I have a blanket, please? It's a little chilly in here."

A moment after the attendant left I leaned over to the nice man. "Is it a nice view out there?"

He looked out the window and nodded. "Lots of clouds."

"Can I see?"

He nodded and leaned back in his seat.

I stood and leaned over him, pressing my little titties as close to his face as I could. There simply was no way he could not see down my shirt. I pretended to be looking out the window, but watched him instead.

He was staring down my shirt. He didn't try to hide it this time. He looked up at me. I smiled at him. He smiled back and returned his eyes to my tits.

Just having his eyes on me made my pussy ache. My nipples crunched and hardened as I imagined hips lips fastened on them, his tongue encircling my aching nub.

About then the plane lurched as it hit turbulence. I fell onto him, my tits plastered into his face. He put his hands on my waist to hold me steady.

His hands felt so large and strong on my waist. The plane kept shaking and I placed a hand on the wall and wrapped my other hand around his head. I pushed his face between my naked tits.

I leaned down to his ear. "Do it," I whispered in his ear. The plane shook some more and one of his hands slide down my waist to grasp me by the ass. Oh it was just too much. "Do it, damn it. Suck it while you can," I urged him quietly.

I gasped when I felt his lips latch onto my nipple, sucking and drawing on it. I closed my eyes and focused my whole being on the touch of his tongue flipping across my engorged nipple.

The plane shook again. Perhaps it was just me, I don't know. My heart raced as he turned his face and suckled my other nipple. I pressed my leg between his until I felt his hard cock. I gasped and bit my lip as he took my nipple gently between his teeth, tugged on it and nibbled just the very tip.

The plane settled down and the pilot apologized over the loudspeakers that we had passed through the turbulence and should have a smoother ride from here on out. The nice man smiled and helped me settle back into my seat. He even helped me arrange the folds of my skirt, though his fingers kept brushing high on my thighs and occasionally brushed between my legs.

The attendant returned. "I apologize, ma'am. It got a little bumpy there. Here is your blanket."

I smiled at her and thanked her.

I spread the blanket out over my legs. The nice man assisted me and I spread it out over his legs as well. "I wouldn't want you to get cold."

He agreed.

We talked a little bit. His name was Frank, a photographer living in New York. I asked if he worked in the porn business. He laughed like he was used to being asked that, and said no.

"Darn, I was hoping you were. We could have made a porno together."

As we talked I slid a hand under the blanket. I slipped my fingers just inside my thong and slowly massaged my clit.

The plane shook a few more times then settled down again. "Sorry about the boobs in the face earlier." For some reason I felt my face grow warm and I knew I was blushing.

"Ah, it's okay I didn't mind at all. Any time you need help you let me know." He had such a nice smile and I liked his eyes. I thought back to the feeling of his cock against my leg. I massaged my clit more vigorously.

Frank smiled at me. "Are you okay there?" He made a point of lowering his eyes to the blanket where my hand was working.

I blushed again. "Mm mm," I muttered. "Just an itch that needs scratching." I bit my lip and watched him as he watched me.

"Seems pretty persistent." He said. "Maybe I should scratch it for you?"

I nodded and gasped. "Oh, yes please."

Frank slid his hand under the blanket and soon found my soaking wet pussy. His fingers slid across my wet lips, caressing and stroking them, the tips of his fingers just parting them. A finger slid in and I tried not to gasp and draw attention from across the aisle. Then he began teasing my clit.

"Is that the spot," he asked, pinching at my clit.

I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I couldn't speak or I would scream. I nodded my head in agreement and bit my lip harder.

My heart was pounding and I felt the rush of release begin to build deep inside me. I squeezed my legs together trapping his hand firmly in place against my pussy as the orgasm spilled out. I gasped and sucked in air deeply, trying desperately to not make any noise.

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