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Doing it all Over by Al Steiner

Genre: Science Fiction

Have you ever wished you could go back to your teens and re-live your life, knowing what you know now? Bill Stevens, a burned-out, 31 year old paramedic, made such a wish one night. Only his came true.

Views: 593280 | Votes: 7434 | Score: 9.26

Word Count: ~241,164 words

Aftermath by Al Steiner

Genre: Science Fiction

When Comet Fenwell crashes into the Pacific Ocean one October day, it spells the end for most of humanity. Those that survive find themselves in a greatly changed world filled with different morals and the same old urges.

Views: 628969 | Votes: 4202 | Score: 9.27

Word Count: ~456,246 words

Dance of a Lifetime by Don Lockwood

Genre: Romantic

Two kids meet. She has a boyfriend. He's much better for her. Can he tell her? Will she figure it out? Winner of two Golden Clitorides (Best Serial, Best Long Story by a New Author) in 2001.

Views: 399317 | Votes: 2716 | Score: 9.31

Word Count: ~436,401 words

Finding a Place by Don Lockwood

Genre: Romantic

Sheila and Brendan are freshmen at Stanford. He's a brain, she's a jock. Warning: do *not* eat anything sweet while reading this story. You *will* go into sugar shock. And, yes, it *is* supposed to be this sweet and sappy, OK? *grin*

Views: 120512 | Votes: 2901 | Score: 9.03

Word Count: ~30,618 words

Death By Fucking by Andrew Wiggin

Genre: Science Fiction

This is a story with romance, sex, and humor with some sci fi. NO VIOLENCE. With apologies to the memory of Robert A. Heinlein. Winner of the Golden Clitorides Award: Best Humor Story; Best Long Story by a New Author 2nd Place Winner of the Golden Clitorides Award: Long Story of the Year Golden Clitorides Finalist: Best Erotic SciFi Story I've added a chapter of quotations from popular culture that I used when writing this story.

Views: 133088 | Votes: 1079 | Score: 9.06

Word Count: ~140,427 words

Kelly by The Night Hawk

A story about finding love. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy's partner, etc. It's good fiction.

Views: 217056 | Votes: 810 | Score: 9.08

Word Count: ~439,803 words

John Carter by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Fantasy

John Carter is a young man that meets the Goddess of the Druids while hiking through the woods. This story presents his adventures from helping people, inventing the Fusion Battery, to starting the Druid College. It is a story of life, love, and greatness.

Views: 197732 | Votes: 2005 | Score: 9.22

Word Count: ~326,403 words

Ed Biggers by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Fantasy

Ed Biggers, bully and cowboy, meets John Carter and changes into a much better man. This is a story about becoming the best person that you can be.

Views: 268424 | Votes: 1525 | Score: 9.47

Word Count: ~716,877 words

Oscar Meyers by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Science Fiction

Oscar is a screwup until he encounters the God in a dust devil. Follow his life as he grows from being a soldier, to scholar, and finally to prophet. This is a story about duty and the price of honor.

Views: 250536 | Votes: 1714 | Score: 9.38

Word Count: ~289,548 words

A Perfect World by Al Steiner

While on a routine call, police helicopter pilot Ken Frazier encounters a man on the ground who will change his life forever and send him on a trip to a world vastly different than the one he lives in.

Views: 342551 | Votes: 2798 | Score: 9.25

Word Count: ~282,177 words

In the Navy by Argon

Genre: Historical

The story of a young officer, Anthony Carter, in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. Inspired by the novels by C.S. Forester.

Views: 320658 | Votes: 3311 | Score: 9.08

Word Count: ~366,849 words

William Redman Carter by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Science Fiction

William Redman Carter is the son of John Carter and Linda Carter. Within his blood lies a heritage of the true people and the white man. He is blessed by the Gods and Goddesses, as well as the Great Spirit. Yet, he is still a man with all of the needs and desires of a young man.

Views: 483325 | Votes: 1931 | Score: 9.16

Word Count: ~427,329 words

Greenies by Al Steiner

Genre: Science Fiction

A riveting story that takes place on Mars, a corporate planet controlled by powerful firms on Earth. Although humans, citizens of Mars are treated as a lower class race. The wind of change brings a new Governor, Laura Whiting, who will lead the Martian revolution. What will happen next to this fascinating society? Will they succeed to live in a world free of corporate puppeteers?

Views: 331633 | Votes: 2160 | Score: 9.56

Word Count: ~538,461 words

Ellen by Argon

Genre: Historical

This is set twenty years after the events of "In the Navy". The lives of Anthony Carter and his family are turned topsy-turvy by the arrival of Ellen, a young shepherdess. Follow the lives of the Carters and their friends and relatives during the late regency era and explore foreign countries and cultures with them. History is not necessarily dry!

Views: 163205 | Votes: 2008 | Score: 9.15

Word Count: ~223,776 words

General Sid by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Erotica

Our Hero, Sid, returns to Chaos to face his greatest challenge. After assembling a small cadre of advisors, Sid recruits a small army that to take on slavers to rescue three Damsels in Distress who have become enslaved. Follow his exploits as one of four generals in the Chaos Slave War.

Views: 190178 | Votes: 2438 | Score: 8.96

Word Count: ~151,767 words

Happy Harry Last of the Hoboes by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Erotica

On a dark night in Los Angeles, the mutilated body of a homeless man is found in an alley. Happy Harry, along with other Druids, shows up to investigate. A huge hole is about to open in the universe.

Views: 23665 | Votes: 859 | Score: 9.10

Word Count: ~16,065 words

Opus One by Ryan Sylander

Genre: Romantic

Richard, a talented young pianist, sets off for the Wexford Conservatory of Music. Between lessons with his exacting teacher and fun times with two fellow musicians named Emily and Sandra, he discovers that music, friendship and love can lead to passions never imagined. Supported by a cast of characters pulled straight out of the music world, these three aspiring performers find that the life of a musician is that of extremes: formidably challenging, and exceptionally rewarding. Edited by pcb

Views: 199119 | Votes: 2198 | Score: 9.34

Word Count: ~317,709 words

The Preacher Man by hammingbyrd7

Genre: Science Fiction

In the far future, the Earth is ruled by a single global theocracy, and a young student of history learns that in every revolution, there is one man with a vision.

Views: 211032 | Votes: 2017 | Score: 9.27

Word Count: ~166,509 words

Intemperance, Volume 2 - Standing On Top by Al Steiner

The continuing adventures of Jake Kingsley, Matt Tisdale, Nerdly Archer, and the other members of the rock band Intemperance. Now that they are big successes, pulling in millions of dollars and known everywhere as the band that knows how to rock, how will they handle their success? This is not a stand-alone novel. If you haven't read the first Intemperance you will not know what is going on in this one.

Views: 178295 | Votes: 1548 | Score: 9.17

Word Count: ~345,303 words

Tangent by Gina Marie Wylie

Genre: Science Fiction

Shanghaied across the time dimensions, middle school student Judy Bondi, her classmates and an extraordinary man deal with a history they never learned in school. Instead of reading history, they're making it! A fanfic set in H. Beam Piper's Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen universe.

Views: 126274 | Votes: 1574 | Score: 9.20

Word Count: ~285,201 words

A Stitch In Time by Marsh Alien

Genre: Time Travel

After a visit with Santa in the men's room of the local shopping mall, ninth grader Patrick Sterling wakes up on Christmas morning to find himself three years older. Is it too late to fix the mess that he appears to have made out of high school? And is he even capable of doing it, having missed out on the lessons he would have learned in the intervening years? In most time travel stories the hero travels backward; not this one.

Views: 174383 | Votes: 2561 | Score: 9.15

Word Count: ~135,324 words

The Weaver And The Wind by Sea-Life

Genre: Science Fiction

Join Andy and Serenity as the Worlds of Light take the next generation of McKessons through a Magical turn!

Views: 66032 | Votes: 807 | Score: 9.04

Word Count: ~173,124 words

Getting By by Shakes Peer2B

Genre: Science Fiction

The terrorists finally got a bio-weapon and released it in Western countries. They didn't count on it spreading so fast or killing so effectively. When the dust settles there is only a very small percentage of the human population remaining. This is the story of one group, led by Gavin Thompson, on a mission to resurrect humanity. This story begins the 'Post-Sickness' saga. Read it first.

Views: 147201 | Votes: 1999 | Score: 9.02

Word Count: ~138,159 words

Bec by BarBar

Genre: Drama

Bec is a young teen with a slightly weird outlook on life. Join her as she struggles to cope with the problems life throws at her. There are some sexual activities described in later chapters, but sex is not the major theme of the story.

Views: 103282 | Votes: 1206 | Score: 9.27

Word Count: ~289,926 words

Flossie's Revenge by Lubrican

Genre: Erotica

It was 1960, in the segregated South, and Flossie found herself in a situation where, quite unintentionally, she advanced the cause of integration in her one room school house by twenty years. The town banker was determined to ruin her life, while forbidden love entangled both her and her students in its color-blind tentacles.

Views: 57374 | Votes: 764 | Score: 9.07

Word Count: ~224,910 words

The Last Wish Blues by Lubrican

Genre: Romantic

Brenda was offered one last wish, before the tumor in her head killed her - the chance to do something fun, and to forget her disease, if only for a few days. She made her choice, and it seemed reasonable. But wishes have a way of changing, and, when hers changed, it also changed what was left of her life forever.

Views: 62853 | Votes: 1410 | Score: 9.34

Word Count: ~71,064 words

The Dragons Of Arbor by Sea-Life

Sequel to Weaver and the Wind: The adventures on Arbor continue, and another generation of McKessons find themselves exploring in new and unexpected directions.

Views: 76662 | Votes: 732 | Score: 8.98

Word Count: ~220,941 words

Hunter by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Romantic

The phrase, 'may you live in interesting times,' is an ancient Chinese curse. Mike Bowman is rebuilding his life after a minor wound received in Iraq cut short his military career. Join Mike as he lives through the interesting times that follow when terrorists bring the 'War On Terror' to the United States.

Views: 322670 | Votes: 3893 | Score: 9.09

Word Count: ~215,838 words

The Sexual Education Blues by Lubrican

Genre: Romantic

What would happen if a bunch of ordinary, every-day sexual education teachers ended up at the wrong seminar, where, instead of learning tips on how to teach sex ed, they were taught how to have a more meaningful sexual relationship? What if all of them were between relationships, or in failing ones? How would they react? They might react just like the teenagers they're supposed to be teaching.

Views: 38617 | Votes: 462 | Score: 9.06

Word Count: ~119,259 words

The Millionaire Next Door by Lazlo Zalezac

Genre: Romantic

If happiness was measured in money there would be very few millionaires. This is a story about Dan Parker, a young man who starts his life as an adult with the odds stacked against him. Follow his journey of self discovery as he tries to achieve happiness. His story might make you wonder if you live next door to a millionaire. {25 FEB 2020: New edit by TeNderLoin}

Views: 561345 | Votes: 4686 | Score: 9.24

Word Count: ~278,208 words

Lost & Found by Douglas Fox

Genre: Romantic

College freshman Kyle Martin leaves his hometown of Paradise, Pa. to go to the Pennsylvania State University. He is seeking football glory, a degree in education and an education in life. He is parting with his long time high school sweet heart, Penny Edwards, who is attending the University of Pennsylvania two hundred miles away in Philadelphia. This story follows his successes, failures and excesses as he tries to find his place in the world.

Views: 374135 | Votes: 1619 | Score: 9.10

Word Count: ~1,404,081 words

The Making Of A Gigolo (13) - Misty Compton by Lubrican

Genre: Erotica

Misty was an up and coming music star, when a series of unforseen circumstances landed her in Kansas for a series of concerts. It started badly, and seemed to be getting worse, particularly when she met an infuriating man named Bobby Dalton. Before the first concert was even close she almost got on a plane and went back home. almost.

Views: 38143 | Votes: 795 | Score: 8.89

Word Count: ~53,298 words

Dreamweaver by Shadow of Moonlite

As if being a teenager weren't hard enough, Jimmy must now use his gift to help his friend Angela recover from her ordeal, while still helping the FBI catch the man responsible. And then there are the other little problems... Dreamweaver is the sequel to Sleepwalker, many of the same themes apply but most of the sex has been taken 'off screen'. The themes involved are adult in nature and include references to bondage, teenage sex, dominant/submissive behavior, incest, and rape.

Views: 273548 | Votes: 1520 | Score: 9.10

Word Count: ~513,702 words

The Making Of A Gigolo (15) - Agatha Roberts by Lubrican

Genre: Erotica

Agatha Roberts, set out to unmask Bobby Dalton as the pervert she and others were sure he was. The Dalton Bed and Breakfast was already changing the lives of Mirriam Dalton and her infamous son, and would now become the scene of crisis. Are Bobby's days as a purveyor of physical delight to dozens of women over? In this, the last full book in the series, we find out how Bobby feels about all this.

Views: 71237 | Votes: 825 | Score: 9.10

Word Count: ~132,111 words

Bec2: Thanksgiving by BarBar

It is the week of Thanksgiving and Bec's family is gathering. But Bec has discovered a mystery - a puzzle she is determined to solve. Just when Bec is starting to come to terms with her own issues, how will she manage when she uncovers this new secret? This is Book 2 of a series. Please read Bec before reading this.

Views: 43733 | Votes: 897 | Score: 9.16

Word Count: ~139,293 words

Honkytonk Hero by Joe J

Genre: Historical

A coming of age story with a twist. Addle-brained Tommy works down at the feed store, stacking Purina and sweeping the floor. A Vietcong rocket scrambled his brains so thoroughly that was all he was capable of... or was it?

Views: 178925 | Votes: 2967 | Score: 9.14

Word Count: ~112,077 words

Mistrusting a Memory by Lubrican

Genre: Romantic

Detective Sergeant Bob Duncan was assigned to investigate a routine rape case. But this case turned out to be anything but routine. Somehow, he and the victim became friends '" good friends. Then there was an accident and Bob had to decide whether to arrest her for a crime... a crime she couldn't remember committing... a crime that might land her in prison for the rest of her life.

Views: 36431 | Votes: 774 | Score: 9.11

Word Count: ~94,878 words

A Beautiful Mess by Ken Randall

Genre: Romantic

Anthony Mitchell meets and falls in love with Charlotte Lawsen. They decide to make a sex movie together, with the help of a few friends. But just how open is Anthony willing to be with the girl who's popularly known as the Queen of Sluts? Unfortunately, the movie is stolen and released to the world. Can love survive being turned upside down by reporters, religious groups, and adoring teenage fans? (This is the tamer, shorter version. For the longer, raunchier version, see "Charlotte's Movie".)

Views: 30704 | Votes: 253 | Score: 8.88

Word Count: ~183,330 words

An Ordinary College Sex Life by bluedragon

Genre: Coming of Age

The continuation of An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life, Parts 1 & 2. Ben is finally at college with BOTH his girlfriend and best friend. Plus, he gets to experience all the other things college has to offer, like gorgeous roommates, classmates, sisters, and sorority girls.

Views: 415109 | Votes: 2528 | Score: 9.18

Word Count: ~562,653 words

Bec3: It Ain't Over Til It's Over by BarBar

Genre: Drama

Thanksgiving isn't over. That's not all that isn't over. Journey with Bec as she struggles with the consequences of her new knowledge and tries to get on with her life. This is Book 3 of a series. Please read Bec and Bec2 first. (Edited for AmEng by Erik Thread, Denny Wheeler) Winner of Golden Clitoride for Best Erotic Humor Story 2013

Views: 67197 | Votes: 985 | Score: 9.26

Word Count: ~206,766 words

Magestic by gwresearch

Genre: Thriller

A time traveller, a medical rescue charity and the end of the world. But what is the connection? If you travelled back to 1985, armed with what you know now, could you fix the planet? Could you prevent wars, plane crashes, economic crisis? Who would you tell, and would they just lock you up as a nutcase? And would the world's governments allow you to interfere?

Views: 488192 | Votes: 2526 | Score: 9.39

Word Count: ~1,011,906 words

K2 by gwresearch

Genre: Thriller

The elderly owner of a Swiss bank has been murdered, the bank's ownership diverted towards a retired British Intelligence officer. The bank comes complete with its own commercial espionage unit, now in the middle of a small war. No one is who they seem, and they all have an agenda. "Groups within groups, secrets inside secrets, lies on top of lies."

Views: 147965 | Votes: 1878 | Score: 9.35

Word Count: ~513,702 words

Always a Marine by Ernest Bywater

Genre: Action/Adventure

What does an old man do when confronted with a danger? He remembers what he is, he remembers his oath to "fight all enemies, foreign and domestic." The story title says it all.

Views: 42235 | Votes: 3676 | Score: 9.21

Word Count: ~6,426 words

An Ordinary College Sex Life 2 by bluedragon

Genre: Coming of Age

The continuation of An Ordinary College Sex Life. Ben, Dawn, roommates, classmates, sisters, sorority girls, strippers, and even a teacher.

Views: 282627 | Votes: 2549 | Score: 9.15

Word Count: ~442,071 words

The Temple Called Love by PostScriptor

Genre: Romantic

In 1910, Two people realize that they need to renew their love. A story about the nature of true love, and how that love evolves over time. Romantic and spiritual, providing us all hope and a way to look at out relationships.

Views: 3852 | Votes: 329 | Score: 9.06

Word Count: ~7,749 words

A Toast in an Empty Bar by Jay Cantrell

This is a short Memorial Day tribute to brave men and women in the United States Armed Forces.

Views: 11440 | Votes: 1325 | Score: 9.30

Word Count: ~1,134 words

Time of Eden and Elves by Mike Cropo

Genre: Science Fiction

Book One of A Spartan's War by Mike Cropos. A group of genetically engineered soldiers must fight to survive on a future Earth where everything they know is gone.

Views: 384900 | Votes: 3306 | Score: 9.23

Word Count: ~887,166 words

Daddy's Day by Mendon Fishers

The little girl came rushing in the house after the school bus dropped her off. She was wearing her little pink back pack with the unicorn decorations on it. She was excited and wanted her mother's attention immediately as all little children did. To a small child their needs and wants are the most important things to them. Everything and everyone else could wait.

Views: 15418 | Votes: 1173 | Score: 9.37

Word Count: ~1,701 words