All the Perks

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2009 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: Jessica is lucky enough to win an all-inclusive vacation with all the perks. She needs the time away to come down from a long, bitter divorce. Losing her bikini top to a wave seems like the end of her week of fun at first, but...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

A wide smile decorated Jessica's face as she looked out the window of her hotel room, drinking in the sight of the ocean, and the beach.

She could hardly believe that she was here, the hazy reflection of her red curls and green eyes staring back at her in the window. Nobody in the office had ever won a top safety prize in all of the drawings since she'd started at the warehouse. The free week of vacation and the all-inclusive resort were a dream come true.

A summer vacation with all the perks.

Since she didn't have anyone to bring with her, selling the second ticket also gave her a tidy sum of money to spend while she was here — guilt free.

She needed the time away. Only a month had passed since the end of the long, bitter divorce from her philandering husband. She was snapping at everyone, and needed some time to relax, if she was ever going to be herself again.

Thirty-nine and single, she thought with a sigh. The thought of dating again made her feel almost ill. She didn't know if she could possibly go through with it. Her vibrators had already gone through innumerable batteries over the last couple of years, ever since her husband started fucking his secretary. Now, with nobody else in the house to wander in and catch her, she used them even more.

Both were safely stored away in her luggage, too. She knew that she wasn't going to make it a week without them.

Enough of that. I'm here to enjoy myself. She looked into a mirror between the two beds, glad to see that the dark circles beneath her eyes had vanished between sleeping on the plane and her first night here. The sacrifice of a day of her vacation was well worth it for that reason alone.

The shirt she'd put on was too tight, wrinkles stretching between the over-abundant breasts that were her blessing — and sometimes curse. She stayed in good shape — not that her husband had noticed — and looked like a woman several years younger. She shrugged and decided against changing the shirt. She would just be taking it off as soon as she hit the beach, anyway.

She slung the strap of her bag over her shoulder, and headed down to the lobby of the hotel. Only a short distance away, she stepped onto the sand of the beach. A little of the burning-hot sand creeping over her flip-flops to contact her toes made her glad that she'd worn them. The beach was well populated, but not overly crowded.

Well populated with perfect specimens of manhood, she noted, drinking in the sight of the shirtless, muscular young men cavorting about. There were of course many far less desirable sights, but she did her best to ignore those. An open spot that would give her a good view of several young men playing volleyball — without making it obvious that she was watching — drew her attention, and she made her way there.

After laying down her beach towel, Jessica stripped off the shirt and shorts to reveal her green bikini. She was pleased to see that several men looked her way, the contrast of green and the red of her hair making her stand out in a crowd.

That, and the top struggling to contain her breasts. She could never find one that really fit right.

Feeling better already from the attention, she sat down on her towel and pulled a racy romance novel from her bag. Between it and her sunglasses, she could sneak peeks without anyone noticing.

What she hadn't counted on was how strongly she was going to react to both the hot words in the book and the revealed male skin. Her nipples hardened against the bikini top, and she had little doubt that her bottom would be wet soon, without ever coming anywhere near the ocean.

I really need to get laid by something that isn't plastic, she thought, putting her book away. The easiest way to hide her growing condition was in her plans anyway. She had no intention of sunning herself on the beach the whole time she was here. She loved the ocean, and she wasn't going to just look at it.

Fortunately, she didn't have to burn her feet on the sand for long before reaching the cooler shore. She felt a burst of exhilaration as the first lap of waves tickled her toes, and then curled around her ankles. She waded out into the water, the power of the ocean rushing around her body almost as sexual as her thoughts on the beach.

Jessica bobbed in the waves, watching the birds overhead, the fish that occasionally darted around her legs, and the sailboats farther out to sea. She reveled in the power of the ocean, daydreaming about sailing around the world on one of the boats she saw.

A commotion snapped her out of her trance, and drew her attention toward a group of young men engaged in a friendly scuffle. Water splashed as they tripped and dunked each other, wrestling amidst the waves. Her eyes widened when one of the boys jerked down another's swim trunks. The young man was well endowed, and it was the first real cock that she'd seen in quite some time.

Distracted by the scene, she never even noticed the larger-than-average wave that rolled in behind her.

Jessica came up coughing, her eyes burning from the salt water. The wave had felt like a truck running her over as it engulfed her and swept her off her feet. She tried to get the water out of her eyes, and her throat, her dim vision revealing two men wading toward her.

"You okay?"

She coughed again, and finally didn't feel another building right behind it. She blinked her eyes, nodded, and said, "I'm fine. Thank you."

"Yeah," the young man replied with a wide smile on his face. He was blond-haired, muscular, and handsome. Next to him, an equally attractive man with dark hair echoed his friend and chuckled.

"Here. You sort of lost this when you got dunked."

Her vision finally clearing, she noticed that the pair were both staring at her chest, and hadn't looked away since approaching her. When she realized what the one was holding, she knew why. She looked down at her bare breasts, and snatched the bikini top from his hand with a gasp.

She turned away and knelt down in the water, pressing the cloth against her exposed assets.

"Need some help?" the other young man asked.

Her face as red as her hair, Jessica said, "I think I can manage. Thanks," without turning around.

"No problem. Our pleasure," the blond said, and then the pair thankfully moved away.

After some wrestling against the swirling water, she managed to tie her top back in place — if not very securely. She hurried to the beach and pulled on her shirt, feeling the eyes of every man following her. Everything went back in her bag without the slightest attention to the sand going with it, and she did her best to look casual while walking back to the hotel.

Once safely in her room, her embarrassment subsided. She took a shower to wash away the sand and sunblock, and walked back to the window. Great. Now I'm going to feel uneasy every time I go out there. This is starting off wonderfully.

With a sigh, she sat down on the bed. She felt a little drowsy, and decided that a nap couldn't hurt. She'd been working on short sleep for months due to the divorce, and it wasn't surprising to her that she felt like sleeping all the time.

She eased back onto the pillow, and drifted off to sleep.

Jessica awakened with a gasp, her body burning with desire. She let out a disappointed moan, realizing that she had only been dreaming.

She could remember every detail of the dream, and blushed a little when it dawned on her waking mind that she'd inserted the pair that had returned her bikini top into the torrid fantasy. She had been right on the verge of orgasm from both of them taking her at the same time when she awakened.

The feeling wasn't diminishing, either. Her panties were damp, and her nipples painfully stiff. She knew all too well that once she was this worked up, she had to do something about it.

The dream prompted her to dig into her luggage, retrieving several things: her two vibrators, a bottle of lube, and an enema. Nothing short of reliving that fantasy as best as she was able was going to work. She didn't use a toy in her ass very often, as the preparation was a turn-off, but she always kept everything on hand, because she always came so hard when she did.

She emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, her bottom all cleaned up and ready. She'd left her clothes on the bathroom floor, because knowing what she was going to do only intensified her arousal. She lay a towel on the bed — just in case — and put the lube close at hand. As soon as she picked up the first of her vibrators, she realized her mistake.

Having heard too many horror stories about toys turning on in luggage, she'd taken the batteries out before packing them. Worse still, after tearing apart her bags, she discovered that she hadn't packed the batteries at all.

Things only went downhill from there. No matter where she looked, she couldn't find the double-a batteries that her vibes required. She went into four places before finally locating some.

She bought three packages, to make sure that she didn't have to do this again.

Her arousal had dimmed to a few fitfully simmering coils as she searched in frustration, but roared back to life as she walked down the hall toward her room again. She tossed two of the packs of batteries onto a table near the door, and tore open the other even as she walked toward the bed. She'd just finished inserting the batteries into the first of her vibes when someone knocked on the door.

"What now?" She muttered under her breath. She lifted the pillow, stuffing the vibrators and lube beneath it to hide them.

When she looked through the peep-hole, she quite nearly fainted. The two men from the beach — and her dream — were standing outside her door.

She bit her thumb in indecision for a minute as the blond knocked again. Then she opened the door a crack. "Yes?"

"Hey," the blond answered. "We've been looking for you for hours. You left your book on the beach." He held it up where she could see it.

Jessica laughed and let the door open a little farther. Both men were wearing shorts, and sleeveless half-shirts that bared their rippled midriffs. "That's sweet of you."

"I kind of felt bad about..." His eyes darted of their own accord to her breasts for a second. "Err ... You know. Anyway..." He held out the book to her.

She took the book and said, "Thank you, and it's okay. It's sort of flattering that you'd even want to look, I guess." The words tumbled from her lips before she thought better of them, and she realized that she'd leaned against the doorjamb, striking a flirty pose as well.

"They're great," the dark-haired man interjected.

"Dude," the blond scolded, and elbowed his friend.

Some part of her — conscience, common sense, or something — screamed in her head. Oh no. Don't even think about it. Are you crazy?

She wasn't paying attention to it. Her dream had merged with reality. She couldn't stop herself. "Do you want to come in?"

The pair looked at each other and smiled. The blond answered, "Yeah, sure."

Jessica opened the door wide, only now hearing the voice in her head and thinking twice about what she was doing. It was too late, though. She closed the door behind them and cut loose all her inhibitions.

"So, you liked them? I'm not too old to be hot?"

"No fucking way. You've got great tits, and a hot bod," the blond answered, seemingly tossing away his reservations as well.

"Fuck no," the other said at the same time.

She couldn't believe what she was thinking, but said it anyway. "Well, you've seen mine. It's only fair that you show me yours."

She'd barely finished speaking before both men pulled down the front of their shorts. They were both half-hard, and rising — shaved and a little bigger than average in size. Jessica was sure that she'd never seen two more beautiful cocks in her life.

Though she'd fantasized about it all of her adult life, she'd never actually been with two men at once. This was her chance, and no nagging doubts were going to deter her from it. She crossed the room without another word, and wrapped her fingers around the hard organs.

The pair of them worked with seemingly practiced speed. The blond tugged her shirt over her head, freeing her braless breasts. The other pulled down her shorts and underwear, unveiling her pussy. As she stroked their cocks, the pair squeezed her breasts, tweaked her nipples, and slipped fingers into her saturated sex. A series of moans erupted from all three of them.

Jessica sank to her knees, filling her vision with hard, young cock. She didn't stop there, though, and promptly filled her mouth as well.

The dark-haired man gasped as she took him deep, almost to the root. She kept her hand pumping on the other man's shaft while she slowly sucked back to the purple helmet of the cock in her mouth.

Once it popped free, she switched. The blond groaned, "Holy shit. Deep-throat that thing."

"Feel good?" She asked as the second bulbous head popped free of her lips, looking up into the men's eyes and rasping her hands over their turgid flesh.

"Fuck yeah."

"Damn, you know how to suck cock."

Even though it was more than a little late to be thinking about it, it dawned on her that they didn't know each other's names. "My name's Jessica," she told them, and tickled each of them in turn with her tongue.

"Neil," the blond offered.


"Pleased to meet you." She licked her lips with a sultry smile, and went back to work.

Her red curls bounced as she sucked one, then the other — both men offering tangy drops of pre-cum for her efforts. When she returned to Neil for the third time, his grunts, the throbbing of his cock, and his fingers twining into her hair let her know that he was close.

Jessica sucked him hard, in short, fast strokes. His groans grew even louder, his fingers tightening in her hair. His hips bucked forward, threatening to gag her, and she released Robert's cock to keep Neil at bay. She didn't have to do it for long, because only two sucks later, he erupted in her mouth.

An inarticulate half-groan, half-growl rumbled from his chest as he filled her mouth with cum. She moaned around him, still sucking the tip as he throbbed and pulsed. Warmth spread through her from her belly when she swallowed, and he pushed her away long before she was ready to let him go.

While the blond collapsed heavily onto the bed, Robert swung his bobbing organ in front of her face. Jessica licked her lips, looking up into his eyes, and engulfed him in her mouth.

Both of his hands settled on the side of her head, his fingers curling around to the back. "Oh yeah, suck that cock," he encouraged her.

She took his hairless orbs in her hand, caressing them as her head bobbed over his erection. He was holding out longer than his friend, but she hoped that they would both have some staying power after letting off a little steam — or rather cum.

He groaned, the pressure of his fingers on the back of her head increasing. "Damn, you should be teaching cock-sucking at the U. You want a mouthful?" His voice grew a little tighter with every word.

"Mph hmph," she moaned around him.

"Keep that up and you're going to get it."

He stopped talking after that, and as with his friend before, she had to lift a restraining hand to keep him from jamming his cock down her throat as he drew closer to orgasm. He pulled hard on her head when he reached the point of no return, and shot his cum straight into her throat.

Jessica coughed from the sudden burst of viscous cream, her cheeks puffing out, but she maintained enough control to keep her lips locked around him. His arms lost some strength as he came, letting her pull back a bit to accept the following spurts and dribbles, draining him dry.

Though he twitched and gasped, he let her continue until he had nothing more to offer. She let him slip from her lips, and then kissed the tip several times before standing up. She crawled into the bed near the pillows, and rolled onto her side so that she was facing the two men closer to the foot. She bent one knee, her fingers slipping between her legs to serve the dual purpose of taking the edge off her own need, and teasing her bedmates. Her baby-smooth nether lips let them see everything, as she left only a little tuft above her clit unshaven.

Neil reacted first, having had more time to recover from feeding her his cum. He crawled between her legs, replacing her fingers with his tongue.

"Oh yes. Lick my pussy. I need it so bad," she cooed, her fingers mussing his hair. "Do I taste good?"

"Great," he muttered, the word muffled by her folds.

She moaned in approval when Robert crawled over and pinched one of her light brown nipples. "Never seen nipples this big," he remarked while twisting the stiff nub between his forefinger and thumb.

"You can do more than see," she hinted, and then gasped from a particularly strong swipe of the tongue tantalizing her pussy.

He took the hint, and lifted her breast to take the pinky-tip-sized bud between his lips.

Though young, the two men weren't inexperienced. She shivered, holding both men's heads in position. The blond lapped, probed, and sucked her pussy, a far cry from the lovers she remembered when she was that age. Most of them had one stroke, like they were painting a fence with their tongue. Her other bedmate never let either nipple feel left out, switching often, and using a free hand to tease whichever one he wasn't sucking. He sucked them hard, just the way she liked it, making her juices flow for his friend to lap up.

Robert sucked her right nipple hard, pulling back until it popped from between his lips, causing her breast to quiver. "Let me at that pussy," he told his friend.

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