by RejectReality

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Sex Story: Helen is pleasantly surprised to discover that the men sent to install her deck aren't the unattractive louts with plumber's crack that she expected. The chiseled, shirtless young men tempt her all day, and an overheard conversation sparks possibilities. Does she dare?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Rough   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Helen was a little surprised when the doorbell rang at precisely nine a.m., exactly when the contractor had told her that the workers would arrive to build her new deck. She was even more surprised when she opened the door and saw two young men who couldn't be more than twenty years old.

"Helen Flint?" One of the sandy-haired young men asked.

"Yes," she answered, doing her best not to stare at the muscular workmen.

"Just making sure we're at the right place. I'm Mike, and this is Ron. We'll get around back and get started. We've put up about three of these the last couple of weeks, so we've got it down. Should be done by late afternoon."

"That's perfect," Helen responded, still fighting against her wandering eyes and thinking, Speaking of perfect...

The two, nearly identical young men turned and walked back to their truck. Helen hesitated before she closed the door, her eyes locked on their butts. She shivered and let out a hungry little moan after closing the door. Having anticipated overweight men showing plumber's crack all day, she was more than pleasantly surprised by reality.

With the kids gone to her ex-husband's house for the week, Helen planned to enjoy her first day of vacation. Shortly after sitting down to watch her soaps, she heard the tools starting in the back yard. A satisfied smile spread across her face, because she knew that by this evening, she would have a deck that one-upped the one that her snotty neighbors refused to shut up about.

A little over an hour later, Helen headed to the kitchen for a drink. She passed a window on the way to the cabinet, and froze in her tracks.

Helen's nipples stiffened and she blew out a long, slow, whistling breath. Both of the blond men were hard at work, their shirts hanging from the side mirror of their truck. She had to resist the urge to lick her lips as she drank them in. Both had six-packs, and sparse body hair — just a little triangle between their rippling pecs and a trail pointing from their navels to their tight jeans.

She couldn't resist taking a long look at their jeans, either — or rather the large bulges in them. When one of the men turned her way, she quickly stepped away from the window so that they wouldn't see her staring at them like a horny teenager. That was exactly how she felt, though. She hadn't even been on a date in months, let alone had sex.

Her glass of water in hand, Helen couldn't resist one more quick peek as she passed the window. Once again, she shivered as a chilly tingle shot through her from between her legs. Daydreams about the shirtless men kept her from really seeing anything on the television for the next half hour or so, and she eventually turned it off.

Helen picked up the phone to order something to eat, but saw the low battery indicator flashing. With a roll of her eyes and a sigh, she took the handset back to the charger and went to the bedroom to fetch the other phone. As she walked past the bathroom, she passed through a curtain of warm air.

Forgot to close the window, she realized, having opened all the windows on the back of the house the night before to let in the cool evening air. She walked into the bathroom to close it, but stopped and cocked her ear toward the window when she heard the workers in the back yard talking. They were talking quietly, but standing near enough to the open window that she could hear every word.

"How old do you think she is?"

"Maybe thirty. Shocked the hell out of me when she opened the door. Thought this was an old-folks neighborhood."

Helen couldn't help but smile at that, as any woman of thirty-five would.

"Swing set. That means kids, and that means..."

Both young men finished the sentence simultaneously, "MILF." They shared a laugh.

"She's got great tits. And that fucking ass in those jeans?"

"Bam! I would hit that like a prize-fighter."

"Yeah, but who goes first?"

"Flip a coin. Who gives a fuck? I'd take sloppy seconds for a piece of that ass."

Helen stood listening, her breathing heavy and her fingers pressed hard against the denim between her legs. Her fantasies took on a whole new dimension.

Could she?

Would they?

The thought of being with both of them had her flowing like a river. As quickly as the thought formed in her head, she popped open two buttons on her blouse, took off her bra, and dropped it on the bathroom floor. A quick glance in the mirror showed her that her stiff nipples were poking at the cloth.

I can't believe I'm doing this, she thought, but she couldn't resist the intense arousal. She ran a brush through her brown curls, checked her makeup, and headed for the kitchen.

A few minutes later, she opened the sliding glass door and held up a tray when the two men turned toward her. "It's awfully hot out here. I thought you might like some ice cold lemonade."

"Cool. Thanks," Mike said, and then walked over to take the tray.

Though they tried to hide it, Helen was watching for the young men to take note of her hard nipples and bared cleavage. They'd noticed, and shared a quick smile as Mike carried the tray over to the patio table.

"Just let me know if you run out," Helen offered with a smile and a coquettish, finger-wiggling wave. She could see them whispering to each other even before the door slid completely closed.

Helen felt wonderfully alive. She knew that they were only thinking of her as a sex object, but she didn't care. New excuses to tempt them flashed through her head, and she soon settled on one. She stopped in the bathroom on the way to her bedroom, but pouted when she couldn't overhear them saying anything about her. They were too far from the window.

In the bedroom, she filled a laundry basket with her sexiest panties, skimpy nightgowns, and even a lacy bustier that she'd only worn once for her ex-husband. She considered adding the garters and stockings, but thought that might be a bit too much. These she ran through a quick wash, just long enough to get them wet and spin them out. Everything went back in the basket, and she headed for the back door once more.

"Do you think you could help me down? It's quite a drop with the porch gone."

"Sure thing," Ron answered. He picked up one of the small patio tables, and Helen nearly swooned when he flexed his muscles — obviously overdoing it for her benefit. He carried it over, placed it beneath the door, and then offered her a hand to steady her as she descended.

"Thank you," Helen said once she reached the ground.

"No problem," he said with a wide grin, his gaze straight down her cleavage.

Helen placed the basket on the ground, and took her time hanging up the clothing. She bent instead of squatting to pull things out of the basket, offering a perfect view of her ass for her audience. Every time she hung something on the line, she turned in profile so that the young men could see her breasts lifting.

Neither Ron nor Mike was doing a very good job of hiding their looks or their desire by the time she picked up the empty basket and strolled back to the door. Mike offered his hand to help her up this time.

In a flash of naughty inspiration, she feigned a stumble upon stepping on the table. She quite nearly overdid it, and might have in fact fallen, had Mike not caught her as she spun. It was all she could do not to moan with her hands against his sweat dampened chest, and his on her back and bottom.

"Careful, there," he said as he reluctantly moved his hands.

"I'm so clumsy sometimes," she said, and punctuated it with a silvery laugh. "Well, let's try this again."

Mike held her hand a little tighter this time, and placed his hand behind her butt as she ascended without touching her. She gave the pair another smile as she closed the door and walked away with her bottom swaying. She just saw them walking away from the window as she turned the corner.

Back in the bathroom once more, she climbed up on the toilet and perked her ear to the window, just below the sill.

"Sexy bitch," she heard Ron finish in a hushed voice.

"That ass is as tight as it looks, too."

"Bet the panties she's wearing are as wet as the ones on the line."

They are, Helen thought.

"She sure acts like she wants it."

"No way, dude. Unless she comes right out and says, wanna fuck, we can't risk it. Boss would fire us in a heartbeat. We better keep our eyes in our head."

"Weren't thinking that when you pulled that look at my muscles shit when you were picking up the table. Where'd you get that move?"

"Ah, fuck you," Ron said, and then laughed, his voice receding as he moved away from the window.

Helen sat down on the toilet and caressed her aching sex through her jeans. It wasn't enough, and she soon popped them open. She could feel the wetness on her panties as she stroked her finger over them, and her hand slipped underneath a moment later.

A whimper escaped her as she pushed a finger past her damp curls and into her saturated pussy. She froze, remembering the open window. If she could hear them, then they could probably hear her. The thought was tempting, but she couldn't go through with it.

She was in desperate need of relief, though. She stood and walked to the bedroom, kicking off her shoes as soon as she crossed the threshold. She peeled off her jeans and flopped down on the bed, jerking down her panties as well.

Two fingers plunged in and out of her depths as she rubbed her clit in fast circles. She licked her lips as she imagined Mike's cock in her mouth while Ron's replaced her fingers buried inside her. The thought of being with two men at the same time, something she'd never even seriously considered, brought her to a fever pitch in a hurry. She kept her teeth clenched tight, letting none of the squeals and cries threatening to escape her free, and exploded into orgasm only a minute or so later.

Helen lay on the bed, quivering and panting for breath, wondering if she could take the last step.

"There you are," Helen said as she handed back the clipboard after signing the work order.

"You shouldn't have any problems, but everything is guaranteed. Just give us a call if anything isn't right, and we'll send someone out that day to fix it."

It had taken nearly two hours of agonizing over it, but Helen had finally summoned up the courage to make her move. The remaining time until the two men finished their work had been torturous. "So, would you get in trouble if you didn't head back right away?"

The two sandy-haired young men glanced at each other, and Mike asked, "Why?"

Helen reached out and stroked her fingers down both of their chests. "Because I've been soaking wet all day thinking about you."

Mike tossed aside the clipboard with a wide, lusty smile.

Helen turned and crooked her finger, instructing the two men to follow. As she sauntered toward the bedroom, she looked back over her shoulder to see them both tossing aside their shirts, their eyes locked on her ass. She let out a little moan and popped open the remaining buttons on her blouse, allowing it to hang open. The button on her jeans followed, and she tugged down the zipper as well.

As she stepped into the bedroom, one of Mike's hands reached around her to squeeze her breast. Ron took his squeeze from her ass, and Helen turned to face them when she reached the bed.

Helen gasped as Ron bent down to suck her left nipple between his lips. Mike tugged down her jeans at the same time. The tight denim resisted, but allowed him to reveal more than enough for his fingers to rub over the wet spot on her panties. Even though she'd changed them after masturbating, they were already wet again.

"Oh my," Helen breathed as she squeezed two hard cocks. She reached for the button on Ron's, and he let her nipple slip from his mouth to pull down his jeans. Helen moaned and licked her lips as his cock popped free. A second later, Mike's pants fell to the floor as well. Mike was a little longer, but Ron was much thicker.

She knew that she was going to love them both.

Helen sat down to wriggle out of her jeans, and had two gorgeous cocks in her face as soon as she kicked the denim away. She wrapped her hands around them and stroked them both while writhing from a hand from each man squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples.

"Fuck yeah," Ron groaned as she took him in her mouth. Helen kept her hand rasping over Mike's shaft, though the coordination was difficult. After a few strokes, she switched.

"Yeah, suck that cock. Let me see your eyes," Mike said as he tugged on her hair.

Helen looked up at him and moaned around his stiff organ. Once he was well wetted, she started to switch back to Ron again.

"Oh!" Helen cried out as Mike's strong hands pushed her back on the bed. As Mike tore down her underwear, Ron fed her his cock.

Mike lifted one of her legs up high into the air as Ron pumped his thick shaft into her mouth and pinched her nipple hard. Her muffled cry as Mike pushed into her pussy warbled from Ron's pumping shaft. Ron hit the back of her tongue just as Mike's balls settled against her, causing her to gag.

Thick tendrils of saliva coated Ron's shaft when she wrapped her hand around the base to keep him at bay, and out of her throat. Mike's balls slapped against her as he took her hard and fast.

"Oh yeah, that pussy's tight," Mike said, and then let out an explosive growl as he slammed his cock into her hard, the tip pushing up against her cervix.

Helen yelped around Ron's cock, but quickly closed her lips around him again.

"She sucks like a fucking vacuum cleaner," Ron said, and then brushed her hair away so he could see her face.

"You like that?" Mike growled as his cock assaulted her with hot friction.

Ron pulled free just long enough to let her answer, "Oh god — yes! Fuck me!"

Helen was rapidly building toward a climax when Ron said, "Give me a shot of that pussy," and stepped away from the bed.

A loud whimper escaped Helen as Mike pulled free, leaving her with an aching void in her depths while the two men traded places. Helen groaned as Ron's thick cock stretched her a second later.

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