Changing Circumstances

by Paladin

Copyright© 2011 by Paladin

Erotica Sex Story: A further sexual adventure featuring Les and Michelle the pair who met by chance and fucked each other by choice.This time the ladies have a wild encounter in a changing room whilst on a shopping trip.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Michelle and I are shopping in "Chancellor's" whose prices are maybe a bit rich for our blood. However, with my penchant for seamed stockings and suspender belts, and 'Shell's equal weakness for sexy undies, we both figure our funds will stretch to some titillating lingerie, so long as we don't go crazy that is.

My eyes catch her just about the same time as Michelle nudges me. An older lady like me but a very different body type from mine. Where I am a tad above average height and stacked with curves, big breasts, wide hips, full moon arse, This woman is slender, lean, and elegant. She's dressed like she shops all the time at "Chancellor's" and not occasionally or only at their sales where things are still dearer than many other stores normal prices.

Her simple black dress must have set her back a small fortune, the hemline, an inch or two above her knees, reveals smooth and slender calves. A matching black bolero jacket and sheer dark stockings might have you thinking she looks funereal but no she just looks ultra desirable. Towering heels add to her lean and poised appearence.'Shell comes straight to the point. When this sort of thing hits her she's dead set on what's in her mind!

"We're going to fuck her Les! We're going to fuck her right here in the store!"

"If you say so love but where and how! She's screaming hot I'll admit but we'll scare the staff for sure!"

"Follow me baby and we'll be licking her pussy in no time!"

A young assistant is handing the woman a dress of thin emerald green silk on a hanger and smiling at her as Michelle strolls over casually and pushes her sunglasses up onto her forehead.

"What a beautiful shade! It will so suit your colouring!"

The woman is olive skinned with green eyes and her short hair is dark though its tight curls are touched with grey.

"Why thank you my dear it's a lovely dress. I'm going to try it on and if it fits I'm definitely buying it.

She strolls off and I'm lazily admiring her taut rear when Michelle speaks softly in my ear.

"We wait just a while and then ... Okay now we go!"

Our lady has entered changing room 6 at the end of the line of rooms and my younger huntress leads me over there. When she pulls open the curtain and we walk inside the lady has removed her coat and dress and is standing in a sheer black slip that reveals the shape of small but shapely breasts. Michelle takes the lead with breath taking confidence.

"You're so chic and gorgeous I just had to see more of you!"

The woman arches her elegant brows and cocks her head to one side as she takes in Michelle's sensual good looks.

"Well dear you do come straight to the point and it's a good thing I don't scare easily since you just walked right in!"

"I'm sorry my darling but that dress coupled with the bolero makes you look just stunning. But not as stunning as you are in this slip!"

As well as I know 'Shell and her insatiable appetite for the female sex from tween up to grown woman I'm surprised at how direct she's being. However I've tugged the curtain across to shield us from any passing staff member or customer. When she kisses the women full on her narrow lips I'm heating up fast at the thought that my 'Shell's right and we'll be fucking this woman soon or she's wrong and the police will be here soon.

I needn't have doubted my friend and oft time bed mate as the woman accepts 'Shell's lips, tongue, and the arms that close around her to draw her close. I know my cue when I see it so I step behind our lady, drop one hand onto her slender hip, and with my free one cup a firm breast and tease her nipple erect. As I do my lips are brushing her neck and nuzzling her ear. As 'Shell's mouth leaves the woman's my siren friend drops to her knees while I whisper into a shell-like ear.

"A woman as elegant and as sensual as you are needs the right kind of company my dear!"

Kneeling, Michelle lifts the hem of the slip to reveal more black lingerie, tiny silk panties that are removed in a trice by my friend's nimble fingers. At the same time I take the bunched fabric of her slip to raise it over her head and toss the wisp of cloth aside and leave her lovely body naked. Apart that is for her stockings supported by ornate silver garters.

That slim but rounded body trembles as 'Shell's lips caress her flat belly, her smooth thighs, and then move to the shaven triangle of her vulva. Pressing my big breasts against her back I cup her breasts again as 'Shell eases apart her thighs to use her lips and tongue on a taut pink sex. Wriggling against me her moans begin and then she stifles them lest any staff should investigate.

As I knead and squeeze her firm mounds and rubbery nipples 'Shell's tongue has entered her tight sex; making softly wet and enticing sounds. Her thighs are trembling as ripples of excitement travel down her flat belly and she bites down on her hand as my wild blond partner drives her towards a fast and hard first orgasm.

Gritting her teeth she climaxes in almost complete silence as I take most of her weight from legs that have nearly lost any power to support her. With her hands still cupped around boyish buttocks 'Shell raises her face, stained with creamy juice, to look up at her dreamy eyed conquest.

"God you taste wonderful darling!"

Placed against the far wall is an ornate chaise longue; there for the use of anyone accompanying whoever is trying on clothes. I virtually carry the trembling woman to it and settle her on it before I begin to undress. I'm only seconds ahead of 'Shell as I fumble free the buttons of my shirt and the belt of my slacks.

Dropping my slacks and my panties I drag down the straps of my bra and snap loose the hooks to free my big breasts. Enjoying the freedom I rub my long and thick nipples before turning my attention to the now slyly smiling woman. Taking hold of her hips I turn her and push her forward so she kneels on the brocade upholstery and I kneel behind her.

Her long crease is still wet and slick from 'Shell's attentions as my tongue laps at it and I learn 'Shell was right. She's creamy and tart as my lips suck on her taut labia and she shudders with delight. She shudders harder when I ease my index finger against the pucker of her arsehole and thrust it inside. Crooking that finger I fuck her rear as my tongue finds and caresses her erect clit.

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