Mom's New Year's Eve

by Lauren

Copyright© 2012 by Lauren

Incest Sex Story: After the New Year's Eve party that Julia and her husband had hosted, Julia stumbled drunk into the family room where her son Joey was sitting on the couch. Her husband was passed out in another room. Julia convinced Joey to dance with her, but soon the way she felt and smelled overwhelmed him. Joey's hands and lips began to roam over his mother, and in her inebriated state, she lacked the judgment needed to stop him.

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Julia fairly stumbled into her family room, grabbing onto whatever she could to maintain her balance. She had fallen asleep in another room at the tail end of the New Year's Eve party she and her husband had thrown that night. She passed her husband on her way to the family room. Even in her severely inebriated state, she could tell that he was in even worse shape than she was.

Julia saw her son sitting on the couch and she moved in his direction. But she couldn't quite make it without falling on her face, so she collapsed in an upholstered chair not far from where he was sitting.

"Hi Joey!" she said a bit too loudly. "Is everybody gone?"

"Hi Mom," Joey replied. "Yeah, the Mitchells left about 20 minutes ago. Where were you, anyway?"

"Oh ... I just took a little nap, I think."

"Where's Dad?"

"He's totally passed out in the other room! He was like, totally drunk!"

"He was totally drunk, Mom? And what are you?"

"I'm fine, Joey! I'm talking to you, aren't I?" Joey chuckled to himself and rolled his eyes. "Did you have fun, Joey? Wasn't it a good party?"

"Yeah ... yeah, Mom. It was a great party."

Suddenly Julia seemed to realize that music was coming from the stereo.

"Hey! I love this song! This is a great song! Do you remember this, Joey?"

"I guess... ," Joey began.

"Yeah!" Julia exclaimed without giving her son a chance to answer her question.

A moment later she was pulling herself to her feet.

"Mom, you better stay sitting down."

"Oh, do you remember this song Joey? Oh wow! Your dad and I used to dance to this song!"

"Mom, I really think you should sit down."

Julia ignored her son's advice, got herself as steady as she could, then put her arms in the air, doing her best to dance to the music.

"Joey! Dance with me!"

"Mom, come on. Sit down. You're gonna hurt yourself."

"AAaaawwwww, come on, Joey! Dance with your mother!"

Joey shook his head and laughed, but he got up and moved toward his mother. He figured it was ​probably a good idea, mostly to keep her from falling down. He put his hands on her waist and looked into her face.

"You'd better sit back down, Mom."

"No way, Joey! Dance!"

Julia brought her arms down and put them around her son's neck. She pulled him close and began slow dancing with him.

Joey had enjoyed a few drinks during the parth, but nothing that made him even near drunk. He had complete control of his senses. He suddenly noticed his mother's perfume. He put his face into her neck to take in the fragrance.

"Mom," he said softly, "you smell great."

"You like it?" Julia asked. "You got it for me ... for Christmas."

"Oh, OK. Well, it smells great on you."

Julia pulled back and gave Joey a bleary-eyed smile.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm still a little buzzed, I think. Dance with me, Joey."

"A little buzzed, Mom?"

Julis ignored this comment as well. After a minute of his smelling his mother's perfume, feeling her big, soft breasts against his chest, and generally enjoying the way she was holding on to him for support, Joey had an urge that he knew was wrong, but which he couldn't help chancing.

"You feel good, Mom. You smell good, and you feel really good."

Julia didn't respond. She just kept her head against Joey's shoulder. He then made his first move. He slid his hands from Julia's waist to her back. He returned the embrace she was giving him. Feeling slightly afraid of how she might react, Joey then slid his hands down to his mother's behind. The couple turned in slow circles for another minute before Julia noticed where her son's hands were placed.

"Joey, what are you doing?"

"Nothing Mom. I'm dancing with you, like you wanted."

"Fine, but watch your hands!"

She put her hand on one of her son's hands and brought it up to her waist.

"OK, sorry Mom."

She didn't touch his other hand, which was still planted on her butt. Joey noticed that his mother didn't sound angry. He wasn't sure how to categorize her tone, but he could tell it wasn't especially negative. After a short while, he slid the hand his mother had moved, back to her bottom. This time he squeezed her with both hands.

"Joooeeeeeey," she said in a sing-song fashion, "what are you doing with your hands, young man?" He just shrugged and kept squeezing. "Yes, Joey, that is Mom's ass your ​touching!"

"I'm sorry Mom. I just can't help it."

"Can't help it? I'm your mother."

"Yeah Mom, I know."

Julia's mildly annoyed, but still un-discouraging tone piqued Joey's interest even more. He left one hand in place on Mom's ass, as he slid his other up her body near her breast. He pulled back to gauge how she was feeling by the look in her eyes. She looked back at him dreamily, seeming to be unconcerned about the fact that her son's hand was still on her butt. When he softly grasped her big breast, it did get her attention, but he still didn't sense anything like anger.

"Hey, Mister!" she said without much protest. "Watch your hands, Young Man."

"OK Mom, I will."

Joey was pleased that his mother didn't seem to be mad at all. She certainly wasn't batting his hand away or pulling away from him. In fact, despite telling him to watch his hands, she didn't remove the one that was fondling her boob. He took another step, as he put his face back on her neck and planted a few kisses.

Rather than telling him to stop, Julia let out a very slight grunt of pleasure.

"You feel great, Mom," Joey repeated in a whisper.

"Joey," Julia said matter-of-factly, "we're just supposed to be dancing. What are you..." She was interrupted by Joey pulling back again, then gently kissing her mouth. "Hey!"

Julia still wasn't protesting. In fact, this time she chuckled at her son's gesture.

"What, Mom?" Joey said with a smile. "Can't I kiss my mom?"

Julia paused to consider his question before speaking.

"Uh ... well of course you can! But that wasn't a kiss you should be giving your mother, Mister! Especially while you're hand is on Mommy's ass, and your other hand is ... why is your hand on my boob, anyway?"

"Because it feels so good, Mom."

Joey then realized that his penis was rising to attention. Part of him wanted to turn his hips and not let her know, and part of him wanted to press it into her. But he figured that was too much too soon, so he just pulled his hips back a bit.

But he did give his mother another kiss. She did nothing to move out of the way. In fact, it was a longer kiss with more contact. And she kissed him back.

"Joey," she said when their lips finally parted. "We shouldn't do that, should we? I mean, I don't think we should..."

He kissed her again, which took her focus off of her brief complaint. Joey pulled himself back ​slightly and turned his mother around so she was facing away from him. She assumed their dance was continuing and she raised her arms up in the air and gyrated her hips.

Joey began nudging Julia toward the door that led to the kitchen, thinking it was an extra room away from his father, whom he didn't think would wake up. But figured that if he did, he would have a little better chance of hearing him coming if they were a little further removed from the spot where he was passed out.

"Let's go in the kitchen, Mom," Joey said into his mother's ear from behind her.

"Why are you taking me in the kitchen?" Julia asked.

"I just think it's a better place for us to dance," Joey replied as he moved her toward the doorway.

She didn't question his logic about being able to dance better in the kitchen. As they got to the door, Joey made a bold move. He lifted the back of his mother's short, blue skirt and grabbed her ass cheeks. He was almost sure she would turn and slap him at this point. But instead of getting angry, she threw her arms up in the air and began dancing again. Her bare bottom was adorned with a turqoise thong.

Joey was amazed at how good his mother's ass felt, and looked. He had enjoyed seeing her in jeans many times, but he hadn't expected her butt would be so shapely and firm without the benefit of tight fabric giving it shape. Seeing it made his dick jump from semi-hard to full-on erection. He kept a hand on her bare ass and slid the other around her waist, pulling her close.

This time Julia just giggled and began following her son's leading into the kitchen. He moved her into a corner where two parts of the counter came together. There he turned her around to face him again, pushed her gently into the corner and began full-on kissing.

"Mmmm... ," Julia moaned as she accepted her son's kisses. But when his hand lifted her skirt from the front this time, she had to comment. "Joey, you can't do that. I'm your mother"

"It's OK, Mom. I'm just gonna touch you a little."

"I don't know, Joooooooo, no, no, no, noooooo." Joey had placed his fingers on the front of Julia's thong and began caressing there. "Joey, noooooo... , that's wrong!" she said non-comitally. When he slipped his hand inside the front of the thong, her protests turned quickly to pleasure. "MMMmmmmmm ... Joey ... ohhhhhh, Joey ... Ohhhh, it's a good thing your father is out like a light!"

Joey was thrilled to find his mother's vagina wet when his fingers reached it. He slid his middle finger between her labia, wetted it, and began moving it up and down, much to Julia's delight.

"Joey, Joey, Joey ... ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhh..."

Soon she was reaching her hand into her son's shorts and finding his erection, which was simply dying for her touch.

"Oh Mom ... oohhhhhh yesss that feels so good."

Julia grasped Joey's hard dick and began stroking slowly, moaning more loudly all the time. Joey had one hand on his mother's pussy and was wriggling a finger into her hole, while the other hand was freely squeezing his mother's big, soft breast through her shirt.

​Without any prompting, Julia dropped to her knees and quickly pulled down Joey's shorts. Soon she was gliding her tongue over his hard cock. He put his hands in her hair and gently moved with her as she began pumping him in and out of her mouth. Several times she took his erection out and pressed it up against his belly as she licked his balls.

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