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Reviews by Vitruvian Manuel
About Vitruvian Manuel:
I was born in the '70s, so if you're jus old enough to join this site, I'm ancient. For what I suspect is the majority of the authors here, I'm fairly young.

I'm also blind. I use a screenreader. This means I may occasionally have a skewed outlook on technical aspects of storywriting, as I don't really experience punctuation or capitalization, but homophones, homonyms, and typos all make me a little crazy.

I have no stomach for sexual violence. I'm fine with violence, I'm fine with sex, but never the twain shall meet. I'm not a huge fan of incest, but it's not something I go out of my way to avoid unless it's the focus of the story. MM does bother me, and I generally will avoid a story that contains it unless there's a reason for me to read it. I also prefer longer works, Fantasy/Science Fiction, and romance. I also love kittens, long walks on the beach, and people with a twisted sense of humor.

  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Luci Victor Echo 2018-03-08 8 N/A 10
Art Something aroslav 2017-01-29 8 N/A 10
My Journey - Book 1: Collars Xalir 2016-09-17 9 N/A 10
The Retrieved Sea-Life 2016-09-09 9 N/A 7
A Flawed Diamond Jay Cantrell 2016-09-04 9 N/A 9
Retirement Plan Howard Faxon 2016-08-29 N/A N/A 8
Daze in the Valley Jay Cantrell 2016-08-28 10 N/A 10
A Terran Trader on Toolondo FantasyLover 2016-08-14 8 N/A 10
Living Next Door to Heaven 2 aroslav 2016-06-21 10 N/A 10
Don't Blame Me! Omachuck 2016-03-28 7 N/A 10
The Circle Wolf 2016-02-17 8 N/A 7
Eric &will Make a B Movie qhml1 2016-01-19 8 N/A 10
Dragon Clan Heathen57 2015-09-30 8 N/A 6
Building a CAP Based Future Allan Joyal 2015-09-03 10 N/A 10
Dawn of the Federation Book II: Darkness on the Edge of Space The Slim Rhino 2015-08-10 9 N/A 10
Dawn of the Federation Book I : Tomorrow Never Knows The Slim Rhino 2015-08-02 10 N/A 10
The First Extra Solar Generation Howard Faxon 2015-08-01 5 N/A 8
Inviting a Pickup dirtycopper 2015-07-22 10 N/A 9
Oil of Roses Fillmore 2015-07-17 9 N/A 10
Upgrade Wolf 2015-04-29 7 N/A 9
Kevin and Denise Naked in School Ndenyal 2015-04-27 9 N/A 10
Rocky & Bullwinkle: A Lost Adventure sourdough 2015-04-21 N/A N/A 10
The Light Behind The World Sea-Life 2015-04-04 10 N/A 9
The First Command Zen Master 2015-04-02 9 N/A 8
The Never-Ending Buffet sagacious 2015-03-24 8 N/A 9
The House at Sand Pines Coaster2 2015-03-03 7 N/A 9
Yakima Coaster2 2015-02-24 9 N/A 8
Cents and Nickel radio_guy 2015-02-13 2 N/A 5
Kimberly 2.0 oyster50 2015-02-10 7 N/A 8
Anniversary Cruise Mr Freeze 2015-01-30 9 N/A 8
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