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Reviews by rgmanneck
About rgmanneck:
I like to be entertained or captivated by any genre of fiction, as long as the story is plausible or within the realm of possibilities that explores the human condition, its failings and its triumphs, its conflicts and its resolutions. The amount or intensity of sex should be appropriate as part of the evolution of the story, the setting of mood, and characterization of its personalities. The emphasis should be more about the theme than sex per se.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Kissing Cousins harry lime 2018-04-23 10 10 10
Number Five Geek of Ages 2018-01-25 10 10 10
Coaching the Coach Losgud 2017-12-21 10 10 10
Wendy Rides With Me Steven Seven 2017-12-10 9 10 9
Hurricane Wolf 2017-09-10 10 10 10
The Runaway Geek of Ages 2017-08-22 10 10 10
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