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Reviews by gmbusman
About gmbusman:
I’ve been an SOL member for longer than I care to mention. In the time I’ve enjoyed my membership, I, like many others, have discovered some stories I like, a few I love, and some rare contributions that transcend mere writing and transport me into the world of the characters the author created. Those are the stories I believe we should all know about and share. And those are the authors that we certainly encourage to continue to entertain us.

I wish I could say exactly why certain stories attract me. But I suspect it’s because of my investment in the characters. For example, in erotica, there are only so many ways to describe the varieties of using “Tab A” and/or “Slot B” and the accessory erogenous zones that come with them. But the best sex organ is still the mind. The best authors set up the participants, the scenes, the reason behind the scenes, and give us insight into the minds of the participants. And they set up the readers so they want to come along to see where the characters end up. Sure, sex is important, but it’s just a part of a reader’s life. And it should only be a part of a characters life too.

Not even great authors post exceptional stories every time. But if you watch the scores here on SOL, you’ll find that their highest scoring contributions are those which thoroughly set the stage, the mood, and the scenarios of the stories that they share. Those are the stories that I personally appreciate the most.
  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Amy's Wiggle Dance Maracorby 8 10 9
The Asian Blues - Version Alpha Lubrican N/A N/A N/A
Caldo Largo Jody Daniel 6 10 9
Turkey Hunt d_oh_7 9 8 10
The Shack: the Milk Run Todd_d172 N/A N/A N/A
The Radio Show Charles Jeffries 10 10 9
Coffee Charles Jeffries 10 10 10
Plumber's Helper Mat Twassel 8 10 9
Jackie the Beanstalk Wayzgoose 10 10 10
She Smiled Rev. Cotton Mather N/A N/A N/A
Bound & Free superfriendlyalligator 10 10 9
Dress Code Jacqueline Jillinghoff 9 10 9
Once Opon a Time in Emmittsburg Jedd Clampett 9 7 10
The Assassin aroslav 10 10 10
Ruby's First Caress Regina Venus 7 8 7
The Shack: an Implacable Man Todd_d172 10 10 10
SWISH! aroslav 10 10 10
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