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Reviews by ausie-import
About ausie-import:
A long-time subscriber to SoL. I've been reading several different genres of published fiction for longer than I'd really like to admit. Science fiction has always been a favourite of mine, when I moved to Australia I brought over 1000 paperback SF novels with me.
My personal writing has been mostly technical and academic, but I have a fair sense of word choice and Grammar. I guess that I'm sometimes one of the people who some authors refer to as the "Grammar Police" :-)
I like writing with well developed characters and a plot that includes a few twists. And I prefer, where possible to be constructive in my comments.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
AfterShock dotB 2017-09-08 10 9 10
Driving Home for Christmas DeYaKen 2014-12-11 10 9 10
Forgiveness The Heartbreak Kid 2014-12-11 10 9 10
A Reluctant Voyeur Levi Charon 2014-11-05 9 8 10
Alicia's First Stampedicus 2014-10-16 9 9 10
Autumn Duet Kaffir 2014-10-08 9 9 10
Flight of the Code Monkey Kid Wigger 2014-08-28 9 7 10
The Undertaker Bad Line Ghoul 2014-07-10 7 8 7
Return to Eden Colin Barrett 2014-07-05 9 10 10
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