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1 The French Collection
Gulf Coast Mattie This is a continuation of 'Now Boston And New York Are Center Stage.' Significant changes to Mattie's life are in store. We hope you enjoy my little brother's, um, drama. Helen
Codes: cons mother son lght oral mastrb exhib nud
Sex: Much Sex
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2 Island of the Matriarchs
Reana-with-Cur In a bustling port in an unknown world with uncharted oceans, a mariner signs up for a daring adventure. His sexual desire is driven by a lust for submission to females and he finds heaven in port before leaving on a risky voyage. His yearning to return to the woman whos has made him her own is tempered by what awaits him across the unknown ocean; a world only his erotic dreams could conjure up becomes a reality, he may never return, he may never be allowed to return.
Codes: MF cons non-con reluc coer slave het hiFant D/S Fdom span rough BD SM humil sad tort oral anal mastrb
Sex: Much Sex
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3 Rage-part III: Candy
Celtic Bard A Rage Story (3)
A boring Tuesday night at Exposé turns violent as dancer Candy was on the main stage, imagining she was dancing for one man: Angus. Candy 's experience that violent, bloody night sets her down a road much different than the one she began the day on and only time will tell where it will lead. When exotic dancing meets mob violence, many paths get altered as fate lurches onto a new course for those involved.
Codes: rom violent
Sex: No Sex
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4 Faceoff, Book 2
Science Fiction
aubie56 This is a continuation of "Faceoff" in which a Western bounty hunter winds up in a new dimension where he becomes the second in line to the throne. These are the continuing adventures of Hank Douglas and his two wives as they battle the bad guys in an effort to save what is good about this land. Read "Faceoff, Book 1" before you read this story or you will be very confused by the story.
Codes: MF cons ScFi poly slow violent
Sex: Some Sex
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5 Do You Like?
Meg S. A short poem inspired by true events.
Codes: cheat
Sex: Much Sex
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6 Sandra, the Submissive Sister-in Law
harry lime Tom was a bad boy bending over the babysitter and his wife cuts him off until he finds suitable employment. She calls in her younger sister Sandra to help with the baby and housework while she works overtime at the bank. Soon Tom and Sandra are getting lots closer than expected and the fun begins.
Codes: MF Mult cons het fict wimp in-law Fdom span 1st oral anal mastrb pett toys squirt creampie exhib voy bbsit
Sex: Much Sex
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7 Stoop and Kiss the Ring, Bitch! - Part I
FreshlyDirty A young coed couple versus the thickheadedness of an abrasive Resident Adviser.
Codes: MF Mult cons reluc coer bi het fict wife cuckold watch D/S Fdom humil swing group oral exhib voy size
Sex: Much Sex
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8 Out of Focus Flavian A mild-mannered man, divorced after being trapped in a hum-drum, almost loveless marriage for years, gets a renewed outlook on life in a very unusual way.
Codes: MF cons het cheat
Sex: Minimal Sex
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9 Auntie Maid
mattwatt Jenine Bergstrom, Jennie, was the youngest. She was, at 33, unmarried and the one who took care of her Poppa, as he failed. She was also the one who took care of all the details of any family gatherings. They given her the name 'Auntie Maid', and it was how she was treated, until her Poppa Joe, his health failing, had a visit from an old friend, and everything changed for our Auntie Maid.
Codes: MF oral pett
Sex: Some Sex
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10 Something Special J-God Watching my internet lover inspired me to an afternoon of debauchery.
Codes: MF true anal mastrb toys enem DP BBW
Sex: Stroke Story
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