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2015-08-28 : We have a new discussion forum. We've moved away from the google one. The old group is still there as read only.
Please use the new facilities from now on and make sure you read the forum rules before participating.
Enjoy and have fun :)
2015-03-01 : Valentines Day Contest is finished and our winners have been announced:
Valentines Day Writing Contest
2014-07-25 : We added support for Twitter and Facebook account for author. You can add your twitter ID or Facebook link to your profile on SOL. When they're present in your profile, when a reader views your page, the twitter link and the Facebook link will be next to your profile link in the page head. Go to the Account Manager to manage those links.
2014-06-20 :

For various reasons, we're dropping support for externally linked blogs and for the Forum links from the site as of July 1st.
For blogs, you'll have to use the on-site blogging facilities.
For now, there is no plans for a forum, so, we'll have to see about that.

2014-04-11 :

We've finished the implementation of the WLPC centralized log in system for Finestories.

What that means is that you can use your SOL password and email address to log in to Finestories. This was previously implemented for The Clitorides Awards site.

If it fails to log you in, then go to the 'My Account' page here and click the 'Push log in to ID Server'. You'll be able to log in then.

2014-01-13 :

The Clitorides awards site is now final. It's open and accepting nominations for stories and authors for the year 2013.

Please submit your nominations for your favourite stories and your favourite authors.

Please don't restrict nominations to stories and authors from SOL. Any sex story and sex story author from any site is eligible as long as the work is accessible for no money.

Use it, and spread the word.

2014-01-06 :

I've been working hard on the clitorides awards site and incorporated many of the suggestions submitted since the beta phase started.

However, bug reports have stopped and suggestions have stopped.

I need you guys to give it a final test for all the features that you can find and report anything you can find.

After this final testing phase (and the fixing time resulting) the site will go officially online and starts accepting nominations for the year 2013.

So please take few minutes (or more) to give it a final test and let me know what you find.

2013-10-03 : Announcing our 3rd annual Halloween story contest.
2013-06-15 : Added the 'Revenge' code for cheating stories. It's for stories where one party gets revenge on the cheating spouse. If your story fits, please use the story management page to add the code.
2013-01-12 : If you're seeing popup ads on any of our sites, you need to read this:
About the pop ups
2012-12-15 : is pleased to announce the posting of the launch-contest's three winners.

Read unique and amazing stories from the first short story contest.

2012-03-02 : A friend of mine created the first video demo for the new features on the site. It's about the 'Story Read Dots' (Green dots). Check it out:
Story Read Dots Demo
Let me know what you think :)