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1 Now Boston and New York Are Center Stage
Gulf Coast Mattie This is the continuation of Matthew's life. It follows 'It's Better Than Nothing,' 'Living With Strong-Willed Women' and My Life Goes On.' There is sex, happiness, sex, heartbreak, sex.
Codes: cons rom reluc bi het tg true inc mother son bro sis
Sex: Much Sex
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2403 KB 13863 34 4.74
2 Eden
Science Fiction
Colin Barrett A Story in the Eden Universe
Humans have been looking for years for another planet on which life has arisen. When they finally find one, the relationship with its denizens gets off to a rough start. As the relationship between the two races develops, each finds it must re-examine what it means to be an intelligent species.
Codes: MF cons het ScFi slow
Sex: Minimal Sex
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Added Chapter 24
249 KB 33873 324 7.07
3 My Cousin Mae
Unca D A Story in the Walnut Street Universe
Jon is a successful investment analyst. He learns from his elderly Aunt Dora that his cousin Mae, with whom he grew up in the same house, is in financial distress. Jon files to give her a hand and ends up helping her move to his town and move in with him. Jon inadvertently glimpses Mae giving herself an enema and the sight invokes his long-repressed desire for her. He is astonished when she admits her desire for him.
Codes: MF cons het fict cous oral anal enem
Sex: Much Sex
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Added Chapter 4
83 KB 5928 147 6.46
4 Reasonable Bounds
Spacer X This story is similar to my other epic-length story Six Times a Day in that there is one main male character who gets involved with a number of women. It also has a similar over the top style. The main difference is that the primary character is happily married, and a father instead of a son.
Codes: MF FF cons rom slave les het humor inc fath dau D/S Mdom span humil harem poly WC WM WF 1st oral anal exhib BBr
Sex: Much Sex
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Added Chapters 58-60
2335 KB 92015 270 7.92
5 Oil of Roses Fillmore Broken in spirit, Harry Grimes is saved by a young woman who turns out to need some saving herself. Together, they and their friends combine strengths and divide weaknesses, building a most unusual modern tribe and exploring the meaning of friendship, love, and sexuality in a "freak-friendly" community.
Codes: MF FF MM cons rom bi het D/S span lght group BF OF oral anal mastrb slow
Sex: Some Sex
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Added Chapter 62
/ (Review)
4785 KB 210341 721 9.10
6 Aging Well
radio_guy I wrote some of it for Student Assistance so I wrote the rest. If you have haven't read Student Assistance, don't worry. It stands alone. It's written from male and female perspectives about two older people who meet and fall for each other. The names, "Brad" and "Karen," come from Studen and show the change in point of view.
Codes: MF rom fict slow
Sex: No Sex
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Added Chapters 21-25
301 KB 2488 113 7.65
7 The First Entry
Cotton Nightie Another story from Kate's Journal (5)
Kate Miller never expected to fall for her cousin John Alderman over Christmas break. When their secret is discovered, it destroys life-long relationships and tears Kate's life apart. But there's another secret she must face or she will lose even more. This story is a novelization (85K words) of two previous Kate's Journal short stories; Cousins at Christmas and A Cousin Alone.
Codes: MF FF Mult rom non-con bi fict cous poly 1st oral mastrb slow
Sex: Some Sex
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Added Chapter 13
371 KB 6135 45 7.33
8 Emma Hunts Foxes
DoDoPhoPho A Drake Family Mystery
At 26, Emma Drake is Baltimore's newest and youngest homicide detective. When a group of terrorists begin murdering cops, Emma's life becomes at risk. To make matters worse, her rampant sexual addiction threatens to expose her further, creating a web of intrigue that may lead her to a fatal conclusion.
Codes: MF FF cons non-con reluc les het herm myst Fdom rough interr OF 1st safe oral
Sex: Some Sex
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Added Chapter 3
103 KB 1544 25 6.19
9 The Investigators
carniegirl The Senate wants to know about an Alleged Legion such as Swamp Dog, Church Camp, various players. They are especially interested in a blonde with boobs, Rose Seabold and her various identities. What will they find?
Codes: cons het myst safe oral
Sex: Minimal Sex
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Added Day 3
45 KB 4565 155 6.44
10 The Assignment
Pappy A The Assignments Story
There was only one thing to draw him to her, OK, maybe because she was blond, cute, looked like a model and acted like a slave, had something to do with it. He really just wanted to help her. Frank, Alex and Gina join in at Ch. 2, Boris, Katya et. al. are now 'friends' in Ch. 3. Now there is a 'real' team behind him, now the Evans and Vincent 'thing' can be 'taken care of'. Even more as everyone gets into the act, as a team, eventually.
Codes: violent Mil
Sex: Minimal Sex
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Added Chapter 6
144 KB 5233 191 7.19