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An Acquired Taste
Benjamin J Conrad Hampshire:England:1955 - An upper-class lady employs a local lad for some dubious household duties. - Young Jack Sparrow finds himself teamed-up with an exotic coloured girl; performing sex-acts for her jaded social set.- All is not what it seems at the manor, where keeping up appearances count for so much.
Tags: Coercion, BiSexual, Incest, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Interracial
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Added Chapter 4
42 KB 3418 80 6.47

Gordy on Walkabout
Peter H. Salus A Gordy and Weena Adventure (22)
Weena dies. Gordy leaves the Museum and travels around Australia. No sex. Lots of geography, zoology and ethnography.
Tags: Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Added Chapter 21
250 KB 38796 330 7.75

Robin's Loving Family
TailWeaver A Robin and Jax Story
Robin lived at home with her sister and parents, until they had to leave for a long trip, bringing her brother home to watch over and take care of them. Jax had plenty of new rules for the family, and as he molded them to his liking, Robin would find herself in many new and embarrassing situations. This story was written, and is still being written, over the last ten months in concert with a very talented writer in another medium. Jax. Blame him :)
Tags: mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, First, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Public Sex
Sex Contents: Stroke Story
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Added Chapter 11
340 KB 10163 69 7.07

Jokes and Giggles
Jack Spratt If you are having a bad day and need a lift, perhaps reading the items under this title will give you a pick up. I hope you enjoy!! Feel free to forward to friends. Be advised the jokes you are enjoying were not created by Jack Spratt but are from many sources, many are from readers. I claim no copy-write to any of them. There are bound to be some repeats, so if you find one just ignore it.
Tags: mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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Added Chapter 838
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2978 KB 1719141 1217 7.66

Richard King A Story in the Brother & Sister Love Universe
I got the bug to play golf at a young age, my younger sister joining me as my caddy. This is our story! Many amazing moments occur during this story, some are moments to always remember, others I hope I can forget!
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Celebrity, Humor, Tear Jerker, Sports, Cheating, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism
Sex Contents: Minimal Sex
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Added Chapter 79
1293 KB 208262 1641 8.03

Degradation of the Human Condition
Science Fiction
Pervasive Pervasive Reads 31: How far will one reporter go for the truth? Does she have a plan of escape should she be captured? And just how far does the syndicate's hand reach?
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Drunk/Drugged, NonConsensual, Rape, Reluctant, Slavery, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, Were animal, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Violent
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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286 KB 6521 34 7.04

Junior Year - Fall
Coming of Age
G Younger A Stupid Boy Story (4)
David's Junior Year is beginning with a sharp edge to it. His best friend is dead. The girl he'd thought he would spend the rest of his life with is now lost to him as well. He's facing new challenges and pressures due to his rapidly increasing fame. He doesn't just want to survive - he wants to excel. He'll have to reach deep inside himself and find the inner strength and toughness, the resolve and focus, to achieve his dreams. The continuation of the award winning Stupid Boy saga.
Tags: mt/ft, mt/Fa, Humor, Sports, School, Slow
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Added Chapter 32
2127 KB 550789 2587 8.90

B.J.Jones the Story of My Life
jballs This is the story of the life of Roberta Josephine Jones. Shortened to BJ by her friends. From the battle fields Afghanistan with the Marines, loss of her life time friend, with flash backs to her wild youth. After the Marines she must find her way in the world. This story includes incest, les,rape and other adult themes. I plan for this to be a multipart serial. This is my first attempt at writing.
Tags: Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Incest, Brother, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Double Penetration, Slow, Nudism, Military
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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Added Chapter 435
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3425 KB 601081 987 7.95

Bec4: The Wrong Wardrobe
BarBar A Story in the Bec - Lost in the Maze Universe
The conclusion to the story of Bec's turbulent Thanksgiving weekend. This story is the continuation of a series and should not be read without first reading the previous books in this series. (Proofed and AmEng suggestions by Erik Thread)
Tags: Teenagers, Slow, Violent
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Added Chapter 17
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Science Fiction
Pars001 The product of bio-engineering they search for their place and the man who made them what they are. They search for their humanity and sexuality. God no sex? What a crappy life!
Tags: Ma/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Masturbation, Slow, Transformation, Violent
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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447 KB 54837 685 7.50