Forgiveness by The Heartbreak Kid

Author's Description:
This short piece is a darker tale than those I usually write. Some code has been omitted so as not to give away the content. However, it hopefully demonstrates that positive things can arise from negative situations. Please note that some of the conduct portrayed in the narrative is personally morally repugnant and cannot be condoned outside of the fictional context it is placed in, nor should it be trivialised as the text may appear to do.
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Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: mt/ft, Fiction

Review by ausie-import   [other reviews by ausie-import]

Reviewed: 2014-12-11

This is a very tricky story to review. The biggest problem is the plot twists. There are a few, they're good ones, and they make it a better story. But essentially that's all that I can say about the plot, to say more would require a big spoiler alert!

The characters that the Kid has created are well developed and all of them are people that I could like. Their flaws (and after all people's flaws provide most of the plot motivation) are ones that many of us could put our hands up to. I wanted to see Drew do well, I felt that he deserved it. Much of the story revolves around his experience.

The overall structure is well developed, with the premise being that we're listening and seeing Drew's reminiscences as he's travelling home for Christmas. The identity of the person he's travelling with is central to the story and is not revealed until nearly the end. Looking back, there are some well hidden clues to be found -- what one would expect from a well crafted story.

The Kid's use of language was, as is generally the case, good. Being used to Australian English, which often uses British spelling, I do not find the spelling noticeable. And I do not recall any other glaring lapses that would have distracted me from the story at hand.

So, a tightly crafted story, with limited sex, but well worth reading.

I, for one, will be looking for his next effort.

Plot: 10 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10