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11 The Waiting Game
Bosom Buddies When your girlfriend's away, what else is a guy to play?
Codes: MF Mult cons les het group OF oral mastrb pett exhib BBr slow
Sex: Much Sex
113 KB 9681 293 7.85
12 The Waitress DG Hear A story of romance between a retired cop and a waitress.
Codes: MF no-sex tears rom
Sex: No Sex
55 KB 4028 147 8.02
13 The Waitress
L.A. Wicker A lonely man finds love with a special lady.
Codes: MF rom cons inc fath dau het oral size
Sex: Much Sex
31 KB 3634 53 6.57
14 The Waitress
mattwatt It began with her serving a regular breakfast at least weekly and only then did the relationship grow into something special.
Codes: MF rom oral
Sex: Some Sex
65 KB 1654    
15 The Waitress
Frank Noir A group of horny perverts gang up on an innocent waitress in a diner.
Codes: MF non-con reluc het fict Mdom rough BD gang anal size work
Sex: Much Sex
23 KB 2904 50 5.39
16 Waif - the Continued Adventures Chessman A Story in the Naked In School Universe
They are off someplace with their other grandmother, their father’s mother, Ms. Fiona. There is a big stink going on with the two grammas. Gramma Andrews, has convinced her granddaughters to go to school in the NIS Program. Gramma Farrell is against the idea, and has taken action to get the twins removed from their mother’s care, claiming she is unfit. She dragged the kids off to see a counselor today
Codes: cons reluc exhib work sch nud
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: Concluded:
147 KB 3888 107 7.30
17 Waif and the Effects of National Nude Day Chessman The trio made it to the bungalow without incident and her escorts left Waif just inside her front door. Her mother and the twins were still not home. Falling naked on her bed, Waif lay awake and confused. If she continued to pass as an eleven year old she could be naked in public without a worry, as it was legal for twelve and under in Shoreside Park.
Codes: cons sch nud
Sex: Some Sex
45 KB 1342 77 7.27
18 Wait a While
Lost Boy Jiri doesn't have much time for people, but a statue helps him find what he has been missing. For this, she exacts a heavy price.
Codes: MF FF cons rom mc mag fict horror vamp Fdom trans
Sex: Much Sex
21 KB 1907 - -
19 Wait for a Diamond Softly A young man, just out of law school, learns that he is rich. He is told that he should look for a Diamond, like his mother, for a wife. He find her, but she is in a coma like state. He gambles and put all he, or is, has on the line.
Codes: MF rom cons
Sex: Much Sex
10 KB 3727 193 7.59
20 Wait Your Turn Carlos Malenkov Ah, revenge is so sweet. Attending a high school reunion you meet an old flame. She had treated you like dirt, way back then, but now the tables are turned. She's desperate for a little lovin', and as for her husband... If you liked the movie, "Peggie Sue Got Married," you might find this story very interesting.
Codes: MF MM TimeTr cons bi het wimp anal
Sex: Much Sex
8 KB 2370 33 5.47