W Is for Whipping

by BIC

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers, NonConsensual, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Nudism, .

Desc: Humiliation Sex Story: Fifteen year-old lad gets whipped into shape by his four female cousins who trick him into offending their honour and pay him back with stripping and whipping and more humiliation.

Willie Wanka did not own a chocolate factory, but he was very sweet. Sweet, cute, innocent and only 15 years old when he was sent to spend the late spring and early summer months at his aunt's Augusta Springer's farm in northern Georgia. Augusta's husband, Mark, had run off with the Post Mistress last year leaving poor Augusta with the house and ten acre scrub farm. She also had the care of four teenage daughters.

Because Willie's cousins were all girls older than he was, he pretty much felt intimidated by them. But Willie was very much smitten by one of girls in the Springer family. Little Julie, the baby of the family but still a year older than Willie, was a cute and shy 16-year old beauty who wowed all the boys including Willie. Julie was a bashful, blushing beauty with a generous heart with big boobs and a bouncing buttocks to match.

Her twin by birth (technically older than her sister by 20 minutes) was similar in physique but opposite in personality; May was an unabashed flirt and a tease. She didn't care if she hurt a guy's feelings when she unceremoniously dumped him. A true sportswoman, May enjoyed the sexual thrill of the chase and bragging rights about her trophy catches. But she figured there were plenty of fish in the sea. While May loved getting her hooks into boys, watching them wiggle and squirm, she was strictly a catch and release kind of gal.

Now 17 year-old April was a real bitch who enjoyed playing cruel pranks on her schoolmates. She was aptly named by her prescient father who enjoyed the writings of T.S. Elliot, especially The Waste Land. April hung out with a self-important crowd of jerks who wasted their days on dares and dirty deeds. Last year it was April who, on a dare, sneaked into the boy's gym locker room and sprinkled the inside crotches of 24 pairs of boys' underpants with itching powder. After that stunt, her cruel circle of conspirators dubbed April 'The Itch Bitch'.

Oldest of the four girls was 18-year old June who would be starting college in September on a sports scholarship. She was on her high school basketball team, so you can imagine how slim, tall, speedy and muscular she was. There was nothing feminine or 'weaker sex' about June. She scared the shit out of Willie.

Willie's mum, Augusta's sister, had taken Willie out of school, supposedly for health reasons, in the hope that outdoor living and hard work would teach him a more valuable lesson than he could get in a classroom. She sent Willie off to the Springer farm to kill two birds with one stone: she wanted him to help out with farm chores to aid her abandoned sister. Willie would get room and board in exchange for four months of toil. But she also wanted Willie to get some fresh air and exercise instead of playing video and Wii games with his lazy buddies all day. His mum teased him unmercifully, calling him Wii Willie Winkie.

She was right, Willie had learned to swim only when he reached ninth grade because swimming lessons were mandatory. But he rarely ventured to the YMCA pool or exercise room. He was a lazy lad of the lap-top, not a burly, beefy-boy. The manual labour of farm chores would do him good, building up his body as well as his self-esteem. At least that was his mum's intention.

From day one it was obvious that Willie had a crush on demure Julie. He couldn't take his eyes off her and, for her part, she just blushed and turned her head away. Clearly there was a spark there somewhere. Willie was shy too and so he did nothing to fan that flame into its potential heat. And as to heat, the second day of Willie's stay was a scorcher and the girls all dressed in light and skimpy clothing which raised more than Willie's eyebrow. The poor boy had to adjust himself several times a day and hide the fact that he was ogling his cousin.

On his third day there, Willie couldn't take the heat. He was sweating in more ways than one as the air temperature outside as well as the body temperature inside his underpants was getting hotter. Like his cousins, he took to wearing as little clothing as possible; he went bare-chested and wore only sandals, cut-offs and underpants.

On the fourth day it only got hotter and his cousin May casually invited him to come join her and her twin sister for a dip at the creek on the Springer property.

"It's a secluded spot that wells into a shallow point perfect for a private swimming hole." May said suggestively. And in a breathy Marylin Monroe voice she added, " We go skinny-dipping there all the time when it's this ... hot." She batted her eyes and ran her wet tongue along her upper lip as she pronounced the word 'hot' with once drawn-out breath.

Willie's willie grew some at the naughty thought of swimming nude with Julie. But the gruesome idea of being naked with his own cousin and the boner he was now sporting because of the images which that conjured made him blush. Both these physical changes were noted by the playful Miss May Springer who had been prompted by her older sister, April, to give Willie the invitation and the dilemma which she ( April ) knew it would present for the poor, love struck, horny boy.

Willie, gentleman and a coward, respectfully declined and excused himself and rushed to the outhouse where he had ' things to attend to '. As he relieved his tension in that privy, he was not paying attention to the sound of girlish giggling outside the outhouse, nor was he privy to the sport he was being baited to play.

Willie was a gentleman but not yet a man. He was still a boy and therefore prone to being brash, boyish and bedeviled by bare boobs and butts. Be that as it may, Willie struggled with his desires and his honour. In the end, his lust won out and he found himself strolling down the path to perdition and the swimming hole where he hoped to glimpse Julie's bare bottom and bountiful boobies. What he found both shocked and delighted him.

Willie hid himself behind some bushes and watched as three of the four sister stretched their arms slowly. They tantalized Willie as they slipped out of foot wear, then pulled up t-shirts, stripped off bras, wiggled out of shorts and finally pulled down their panties. They waded into the water in a relaxed fashion, seemingly unaware that the peeking eyes of their cousin were upon them.

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