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1 P I And Magic Volentrin This story combines magic and science in our world. The hero is a man from a world where magic works, and he has this ability in our world. It will deal with the trials and tribulations of discovery.
Codes: no-sex mag
Sex: No Sex
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530 KB 81085 596 8.70
2 P I and Magic Book II: The Gods Return Volentrin This book takes up just a little later than where the last one left off. The gods have returned, and it is due to Demons having gained control of a gate to Paul's magical world. Join Paul and his friends as they battle for the very life of their world!
Codes: no-sex fict
Sex: No Sex
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366 KB 66933 428 8.91
3 P is for Paint Thesandman Paul Peters paints the portrait of a lifetime.
Codes: rom
Sex: Much Sex
36 KB 1891 48 6.83
4 P Is for Pussy
BIC This story is a satirical, historical, hysterical fiction of futuristic fantasy, The story takes place in a land not so far away in a time yet to be when excessive heat from feminism reaches the boiling point But He-man warrior, BraveHard comes to the rescue and there is a happy ending. The CFNM Act is passed and men show off in all their glory!
Codes: D/S Fdom humil exhib nud
Sex: Much Sex
9 KB 355 18 4.12
5 The P.I. And The Hooker
DG Hear P.I. saves a Hooker. Will he fall for her?
Codes: MF tears rom cons
Sex: Much Sex
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66 KB 5590 198 7.96
6 P8
Harald Wilson Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance under pressure.
Codes: MF cheat
Sex: No Sex
10 KB 2643 245 5.82
7 Pace Line
Merlin A 'Cycle' Story (2)
Nate and his ladies continue their adventures on and off the road...
Codes: MF FF fict humor rom cons group safe oral
Sex: Much Sex
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123 KB 19405 159 8.43
8 Pact with the Devil
Science Fiction
CyberCzar "Careful what you wish for," and, "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." Two clichées that couldn't be more fitting. When Martin finds out he's dying, the Devil steps in to make him an offer he couldn't refuse.
Codes: MF MM Mult fict ScFi robot cons non-con caution reluc mc trans mag violent gay bi het D/S Mdom Fdom rough humil sad tort gang group exhib voy safe oral anal mastrb size
Sex: Much Sex
95 KB 4223 46 6.71
9 The Package
Nobilis This story was written as a result of losing a bet. The woman I wrote it for gave me permission to post it here. The narrator, a woman, receives a mysterious package, inviting her to a particular place at a particular time. She surrenders herself to someone who may or may not be someone she knows...
Codes: cons rough lght SM humil safe oral pett
Sex: Much Sex
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19 KB 1143 - -
10 The Pact
Young Thinker A Story in the Special Agreements and Pacts Universe
There are some things you just don't advertise to the outside world. They came seven of our generations ago and struck a deal, or pact, with our grandfather. They were waiting for Maxi and I to come along. When we did... Well...just read on.
Codes: MF cons rom het ScFi inc bro sis 1st oral pett preg exhib voy slow nud
Sex: Much Sex
53 KB 7411 417 7.19