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Adult Male over 18, Adult Female over 18
Teen Male under 18, Teen Female under 18
Adult Male over 18, Teen Female under 18
Teen Male under 18, Adult Female
2 or more Females over 18
2 or more Teen Females under 18
Adult Female, Teen female under 18
2 or more Adult Males over 18
Adult Male, Teen Male under 18
2 or more Teen Males under 18
Multiple Partner. ie MFF or mmmF, (done like this because of the endless combinations that cannot be all included)
Cast of story is mostly teenagers
Blackmailing somebody to force them into the sex act depicted
Not exactly blackmail, but applying different kinds of pressure to force into the act.
All parties are consenting to the act
One party at least is Drunk or drugged and participates while under the influence without really knowing
One party using hypnosis for sexual purposes
Contains magic and supernatural phenomenons
Stories where one party somehow controls another's mind
At least one of the parties is not participating willfully
Stories with violent rape
Start as non consentual and then the non consenting party participates willingly
Mushy love story
Slavery, sexual or otherwise
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Men dressing as women and in women clothing, also vice-versa
Person having both male and female genitalia
Trans women with male genitalia and augmented female breasts from breast augmentation and/or use of hormones
Gender crossing, mostly men turning into women
Fictitious story, not true
A true story, according to the author.
Story centred on or involving crime
A story involving fantastic forces and beings (as fairies, wizards, and goblins) in which improbable events lead to a happy ending
Story set on a farm or about working a farm
Stories with gaming elements essential to the plot. Often includes features of Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Science Fantasy.
High Fantasy, sword and sorcery and such
Story that is set in past history, mostly related to famous people and events.
Horror Elements in the story, erotic or otherwise.
Contains humor or the story is a spoof
Story in a Military setting
A suspenseful story about a mystery
Building a large business/fortune starting with little or no money
Mostly in an educational setting (high-school, college, University)
A story with a sports theme
Science fiction with 19th century aesthetics using steam power as power delivery medium
Story contains Super Hero/Heroine
Sad story or containing sad moments
Short stories collection
Story occurring during a war or somebody goes to a war
Set in the old US west
Story centres around a workplace setting
Different from bestiality, it's about relationships between humans and animals, not just sex.
Science Fiction
Science fiction stories with Aliens in them
A speculative story where a major event in history occurred differently
Getting to do one's life all over again
Perceiving things by means other than the known senses, e.g. by telepathy or clairvoyance.
Far Past Time Travel or Far past setting (earlier than industrial revolution or before 1700)
Post Apocalyptic world
Humans having relations, sexual or otherwise, with non-biological entities (mechanical robots or full blown androids)
Story set in outer space
Science Fiction, involving travel through time
Mind transfer between two bodies
Ghosts, angels, spirits, poltergeists, etc
Anthropomorphic animals or 'taurs' (animal bodies with anthropomorphic torsos) it also includes other forms such as dragons.
Djinn or Genie, the magical creature that grants wishes
Animal in form with human level intelligence. For example Werewolves
Vampires in the story
A human that can turn into an animal temporarily.
Zombies in the story
Stories with demons in them
One party is cheating on their partner
When man is being forced to accept his wife's cheating against his will.
Partner has sex with selected others
Slutty wife
Man enjoys watching his wife having sex
Husband does not stand up for himself when faced with a cheating wife
Reconciliation at any cost. Couple reconciling after one of them cheating
Burn The Bitch/Bastard. A person gets their revenge on their cheating spouse
Sex between blood-related members of the same family
Incest involving mothers
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Bondage and/or SadoMasochism
Story about domination, being sexual or otherwise
Male Dominant
Female Dominant
Degradation of somebody in the story and/or humiliating them publicly
Light Bondage, usually consentual and for experimentation at the request of the one of the parties
Rough sex
Somebody inflicting pain, physical or mental, for the hell of it
Killing being done during the act of sex. (Non-sexual murder is in violent)
Somebody gets spanked in the story, willingly or unwillingly
Self Explanatory
Multiple men fucking same woman
Multiple couples in the same place or a threesome
There is a harem involved in the story. A traditional old fashion harem, is where an old sultan has a collection of women housed in a palace for his own pleasure. Could apply for newer setting stories where a similar situation exists.
Everybody is Fucking everybody in a group
Multiple spouses or partners (multiple men or multiple women)
Trading Sexual Partners
Sexual partners of different races
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Male from the indian sub-continent
Female from the indian sub-continent
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
Self Explanatory
The act of licking the anus
Sex with animals
Somebody licks a pussy full of cum
Simultaneous Anal and Vaginal Penetration
Getting an enema as a sexual thing
Enjoyment of self exposure
One of the parties having sex is a virgin
Hand and arm or foot insertion
Flatulence as a sexual fetish
Sex where food is involved, like doing it to a pie or shoving a carrot
Drinking and playing with human milk
Self pleasuring, could be alone or while with somebody else but no intercourse
Sex with a corpse
Self Explanatory
A woman performs anal sex on a man with a strap-on dildo
Feeling up and such
Somebody gets pregnant in the story
Sex with proper protection
Playing with feces
Sex with the help of sex toys, such as dildos and vibrators
Spitting as a sexual fetish
Female Ejaculation
Getting sexual pleasure from thrusting the penis between a pair of bountiful breasts
Enjoyment of watching other people without their knowledge
Peeing on each other
Sex with an amputee
Sex with babysitters fetish
Big Beautiful Woman. Loving Big Women
Women with Big Breasts
Erotic body modification, including piercings and tattoos, play a prominent role.
Involving members of the clergy (Priest, Bishops, nuns)
Medical Fetish, Doctor or Nurse Play a prominent role in the story
Foot fetish
Fetish with hairy men/women
Leg fetish, often with stockings, garters and heels.
Sex play with a woman who's on menstrual cycle
Includes injections and play or permanent piercings.
Sexual events taking place in public
Where the size of the sex parts (penis, breasts, toys) plays a major role in the story
Small Breasts fetish. Story where small breasts play an important role.
Teacher/student relations
Story written from the 2nd person POV
Self explanatory
Women having a cat fight
Story contains something that can't be classified but requires caution on the reader's part
Enthusiast or expert especially in a technological or magical field or activity.
Story about halloween
Erotica written in Indian Style
Features scenes set in a naturist/nudist environment
Stories with political atmosphere or events
Story has events in a porn theatre or Adult bookstore
Prostitution elements
One party gets revenge for being wronged
Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses etc.
There is a story and plot development before any sex occurs. Not a stroke story.
Un-natural physical transformation
Violence in the story, not necessarily of sexual nature