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Reviews by olddave1951
About olddave1951:
O.K., let's try this on for size.
I'm an older white American from the South. Used to be conservative but lean more to the liberal side now days.

Love my dog Buddy, wife and kids.

Like older cars, steam engine locomotives and the like. After all, I'm old, what's not to like.

I can't believe we've got this site loaded with great stories just waiting for us. I'll read a good story then check out that writers page to see what else they have given us. As for stories, I'm a romantic at heart. Not necessarily RAC, but BTB only to the degree that she "sinned".
Really enjoy "life stories" like the Living Next Door to Heaven series and the Model Student series. Not into extreme BDSM or S&M. Scat, piss and animal sex, no thanks. Sex with minors, maybe if they are old enough to know what they are doing and want to do it. Raping little kids, no.

And unless the critic can do better job than the writer, maybe they should tread softly.
Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
Dark Days - Darkest Before the Dawn Reluctant_Sir 2018-07-07 10 9 10
The Immortal Man Mendon Fishers 2017-12-22 N/A N/A N/A
Australian Story Oz Ozzie 2017-04-26 9 8 9
My Life With Serena Jedd Clampett 2017-03-23 7 8 7
Things That Go Hump in the Night Levi Charon 2017-02-21 8 8 9
The Donaldsons Lazlo Zalezac 2017-02-08 8 8 10
A Family Torn Laptopwriter 2017-02-08 8 8 9
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