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1 Danny's Dilemma papatoad His wife's attempt to make him a cuckold did not work out as she planned.Things got a little nasty.
Codes: MF rom cheat wimp cuckold slow violent
Sex: No Sex
64 KB 16822 589 8.26
2 Neighborhood Watch
Jeremiah Erratica A man's panty fetish leads him into a precarious relationship.
Codes: MF non-con Blkm Fdom humil wimp
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
22 KB 720 - -
3 Joan's Mistake
mattwatt Joan gets caught taking funds at work, and becomes a sex slave to atone.
Codes: reluc wife wimp D/S Mdom span rough humil
Sex: Much Sex
Posted: Concluded:
355 KB 8073    
4 She's Pregnant!
Thinking Horndog I went out to find a hooker for Manny's birthday -- and got a LOT more than I bargained for!
Codes: MF MM Mult cons bi het humor wife wimp cuckold watch D/S humil harem interr WC BM 1st oral anal mastrb toys lac preg exhib voy prost
Sex: Much Sex
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375 KB 19706 549 7.89
5 Lady Janice of Sterling RH Music What would you really do if you had a mind control drug? Paul uses it on his wife, so that she'll become more dominant and more interested in having him dress up in women's underwear. But then things go further than he expected, and then A LOT further. And when Paul's best friend Jack gets involved, Paul begins to feel more and more trapped by circumstances beyond his control...
Codes: MF MM reluc mc tg cd wimp Fdom span humil oral toys
Sex: Much Sex
348 KB 3037 29 7.77
6 Hitchhiking
Linda Jean Wife picks up hitchhiker, gets kidnapped. While waiting for the money, they use her! In order to save their lives, the husband does things for the kidnappers that are against his nature. yet he ends up being turned on by doing them. If you you can't handle a man being used as a female cum bucket, do not read this. If you are against blacks having sex with a none-black, this is a story you need to pass on.
Codes: MF MM Mult cons reluc coer Blkm bi fict wife wimp watch humil gang group interr WC mastrb toys creampie voy size
Sex: Stroke Story
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191 KB 11015 100 7.62
7 Slaves of the New Sheriff Vulgus The new Sheriff in town suspects that someone is cooking the town's books. He enlists the aid of a friend and they catch the young couple responsible. In order to avoid prison they agree to repay the town and until they do so, they serve as the Sheriff's slaves Homophobes may want to skip this one. There are several scenes in which the young husband is forced to perform sex acts with another male.
Codes: MF FF MM Mult reluc fict wimp Mdom oral anal creampie exhib
Sex: Much Sex
136 KB 3419 77 7.55
8 Woman In The Mirror
plaplen A story told of the transition from a young boy to a grown woman.This is a fictional story about Gender Dysphoria and M2F transitioning. This story does become "fairly" technical in the aspects of transitioning, such as GRS and HRT.
Codes: MF Mult slow rom cons bi het tg cd herm Fdom humil cuckold cheat wife wimp swing group orgy mastrb mod
Sex: Some Sex
158 KB 2570 58 7.42
9 Valentine's Day Special
Mind Control
Shani 34 A pretty young wife with money problems falls under the influence of her dominineering boss, and finds herself being spanked and caned and then exhibited in sexy undies, before being turned into the company slut.
Codes: MF fict reluc coer Blkm bi het span BD humil cuckold wimp exhib
Sex: Much Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )
138 KB 7249 48 7.35
10 Dawn Breaks Out Art West Plain plump booky teenager emerges in her 20s as a sexy woman, marries young and discovers her sexuality, leading to increasingly slutty behaviour and at least two illegitimate pregnancies
Codes: Mult reluc wife wimp gang group orgy preg
Sex: Much Sex
75 KB 3012 24 7.33