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1 No Better Place Maureen Louise Reardon A working professional lesbian,talk as they cum
Codes: FF true rom cons les mastrb toys
Sex: Much Sex
18 KB 616 - -
2 Relief Maureen Louise Reardon A trip to the denist. Leads to rewards...
Codes: true rom les
Sex: Much Sex
21 KB 919 - -
3 Cyber-sex Tom Land Tom, a horny erotic writer, has a sexy babe on the other end of the Internet who wants him to bring her off by cyber-sex. He's more than glad to try.
Codes: MF true oral mastrb toys
Sex: Stroke Story
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14 KB 562 - -
4 When Crazy Daisy Met Silly Lilly
LeLez LaMour et La Danse de Deux a un Dulcimer, Danse de Seduction: the story of two women who became dance partners, lovers and the darlings of underground theatre. Their erotic choreography was as hot as their romance was. The fire of their passion was reflected in their art.
Codes: FF rom les true oral pett exhib nud
Sex: Some Sex
22 KB 413 - -
5 Date! Maureen Louise Reardon Women with an insatiable , sex drive meets her match!!!!
Codes: FF true rom cons les oral toys
Sex: Much Sex
9 KB 875 - -
6 Urgent Hunger Irish A fantasy cumms to life?
Codes: FF true slow rom humor cons les voy oral
Sex: Some Sex
17 KB 627 - -
7 Phone Sex With Michael ImaFantasy A true story about my awesome phone sex with Michael.
Codes: MF true cons het oral anal mastrb fist toys squirt
Sex: Much Sex
11 KB 634 - -
8 K2
gwresearch The elderly owner of a Swiss bank has been murdered, the bank's ownership diverted towards a retired British Intelligence officer. The bank comes complete with its own commercial espionage unit, now in the middle of a small war. No one is who they seem, and they all have an agenda. "Groups within groups, secrets inside secrets, lies on top of lies."
Codes: MF het true hist
Sex: No Sex
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2860 KB 59129 1096 9.39
9 04 Wanderer
Banzai Ben The fourth book in the Banzai Ben and Jumpin' Jens stories. Will the two lovers ever get married, will Jens stop acting like a crazy teenager, and why is Ben leaving Jens? What will she do?
Codes: MF rom het true fict Mil
Sex: No Sex
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10 Carree Loves Billy: Carree Sets the Date Carree Wilson The Carree Loves Billy story continues with her erotic tales of love and unbridled lust. The author tries to tell the reader her erotic story around her real life experience.
Codes: MF true rom 1st oral anal mastrb toys
Sex: Much Sex
251 KB 1821 - -