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1 Ki'ja Part 2
Science Fiction
David Caspian The story continues after the newlywed's honeymoon, and Joe's mother makes her first call.
Codes: MF Mult ScFi superhero ESP poly rom sch cons het interr WM WF preg
Sex: Some Sex
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2 Pathfinder
Science Fiction
Kenney Jones A young man, a new ship, and a new enemy. Follow the tale of a young man as he traverses the universe looking to reclaim what was lost.
Codes: ScFi robot PostApoc superhero zom violent slave
Sex: No Sex
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3 SuperEros
Science Fiction
Marsh Alien With no evil, what is the role of good? That's the question that has driven Isaac Mason to therapy. As the superhero Opticus, he has nearly eliminated crime. Or has he? A new evil suddenly appears, presenting Isaac with his most difficult challenge yet.
Codes: MF cons non-con mc superhero oral
Sex: Some Sex
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4 Master PC - Mind Magi
Mind Control
TechnicDragon A Story in the Mind Magi Universe
Ral is in New York City to open a new store in the growing chain he is a part owner of and to learn more about the Mind Magi and how he fits within their society. Things won't be so easy though. Even with discovering how to improve his outlook of the relationship with his girls, not only does his talents advance to a new step in their ongoing evolution, but someone is out to do more than make his life difficult.
Codes: MF Mult cons rom reluc mc mag het fict superhero ESP harem oral preg size mod BBr violent
Sex: Much Sex
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5 Sam Goes to Summer Camp
Science Fiction
Samantha K. A Dragon Chronicle Story (5)
While attending a special camp, Sam and Monique are called away to deal with a school invasion.
Codes: MF ScFi superhero cons het rough lght size lac creampie
Sex: Some Sex
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6 Revelations 2
Science Fiction
Samantha K. A Dragon Chronicle Story (8)
Sam and her friends try to thwart The Horseman's plans to bring about the Apocalypse
Codes: MF FF cons superhero vamp anal size BBr trans
Sex: Some Sex
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7 Sam
Science Fiction
Samantha K. A Dragon Chronicle Story (1)
A teenage girl on the verge of graduating from high school makes a series of discoveries about herself, the strangest of which is that she is turning into a real live superheroine.
Codes: MF FF ScFi superhero 1st teen cons rape coer trans violent bi het span BD tort gang group exhib oral anal mastrb size toys lac creampie mod
Sex: Some Sex
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8 Midnight Episode #4 : Light and Iron
Science Fiction
Sea-Life A Worlds of Light Story (10)
Midnight battles her ultimate foe, winning everything and loosing too much.
Codes: ScFi superhero
Sex: No Sex
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9 Sam's Caribbean Vacation
Science Fiction
Samantha K. A Dragon Chronicle Story (2)
Sam and Ace investigate a series of kidnappings in the vacation spots of the Caribbean Sea. Girls are being abducted and the government wants to know if terrorists are involved. This is the first sequel to the book, _Sam_. It takes place about a month after the events at the end of the book.
Codes: MF FF ScFi superhero teen rape coer mc dru trans violent slave bi BD sad interr BM WF oral size lac preg
Sex: Some Sex
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10 Titanium Blue
Science Fiction
Sir Endrick An Otherworld Heroes Story (1)
Waking up in the middle of Grant Park and finding you're 8'3" and gun metal blue was a shock, but then finding out you're in a universe where Super Heroes, Villains and Super Powers are a way of life was the capper. Mark Anderson thought life was interesting before...
Codes: MF cons rom ScFi superhero oral squirt exhib size slow violent trans
Sex: Minimal Sex
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