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1 Don't Mind Me
Mind Control
Mef D Falson This story is old, incomplete, and inactive. David is hurtled into a world ruled by psychics - with no apparent abilities of his own. What is real and what isn't?
Codes: MF Mult fict ScFi slow ESP sch cons reluc mc slave
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
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2 Raising Roc
Science Fiction
msboy8 An experienced, sexy woman Army Sergeant takes a newly created Vat-boy sex slave into her 'tender' care and seeks to make him a soldier in the war for survival that the human race is a part of. She bonds with her charge and they bond, sexually, with others they meet. Being an experienced verteran, her satirical view of things is firmly entrenched and shown for the reader's amusement. Add to that his inexperience and you have a bubbling, sarcastic brew.
Codes: MF FF Mult ScFi slow furry humor cons mc dru violent les bi het lght exhib oral size lac
Sex: Some Sex
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3 Taking Katie To Make Dawn
Amanda A Dawn's Dreams Story (4)
After meeting a tall beautiful stranger in a coffee bar, Katie cums to remember who her mommy wants her to be. This is the second of the Dawn's Dreams series
Codes: FF rom 1st cons mc hypno inc mother dau les lght oral
Sex: Much Sex
45 KB 1617 - -
4 Sisters of the Mists
Darkniciad A That Which Was Before Story (2)
The threat of war looms on the horizon. Terrible prophecies of demonic intrusion in the world appear to be coming true. Few know more about the agents of evil than Danica and her friends. Do they have the power to use that knowledge to stop the growing darkness? The continuation of "Danica". I will add codes as the story progresses.
Codes: MF FF Mult cons mc mag les bi het fict hiFant rough BD sad swing group oral anal mastrb pett toys squirt creampie exhib voy slow
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )
1082 KB 13778 77 8.85
5 Dragon Clans Book 2 - Lineage
Vjax The continuing saga of Michael Dane and his quest to understand who he is and what he is to become. His journey will criss cross the globe gathering pieces to an ancient puzzle. A puzzle whos final form will shape the course of history yet written. Book II of the Dragon Clans Trilogy
Codes: MF FF cons reluc mc les het fict ScFi D/S BD group interr
Sex: Much Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )
313 KB 26783 478 8.81
6 It's My Party
Science Fiction
hammingbyrd7 Two college women follow up on a very strange fraternity invitation.
Codes: MF cons rom reluc rape coer mc dru het ScFi PostApoc Mdom span rough BD humil sad tort orgy harem poly 1st anal pett enem preg slow sch
Sex: Some Sex
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2099 KB 124792 565 8.79
7 Hypnotic Destruction
Mind Control
msboy8 A Story in the Dr. Cynthia Claiborne's Hypnotic Web Universe
A hypnotist, Dr. Cynthia Claiborne, has a master plan for women and unleashes it causing incest and the start of the destruction of that family. Written upon request.
Codes: MF FF hypno inc mother dau cous bi het cheat oral anal doct
Sex: Much Sex
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8 Dream State
Mind Control
JiMC What truly is the "stuff that dreams are made of?" Bogey's description of money aside, this is a tale of self-discovery for Jim when he confronts a rather strange and (hopefully?) unique ability. Or, is he just dreaming? (26 Chapters, 192,350 words total)
Codes: MF FF Mult fict rom cons mc Mdom oral
Sex: Much Sex
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1060 KB 48242 204 8.71
9 Blood Ties
Dreadpirate Tom If you set out to kill a vampire, make sure you finish the job. This is the sequel to Blood Lust. If you haven't read it, you might have some difficulty with many of the references and characters. If you found the first one disturbing...well, it's probably only fair to warn you that this one will likely be worse.
Codes: MF mF cons non-con rape mc slave het horror vamp rough SM sad tort slow caution violent
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive (Last Activity: )
891 KB 2387 27 8.63
10 The Adventures of a Greenie (GC IV)
Science Fiction
Vanessa Ravencroft A Galactic Chronicles Story (3)
Roy Masters, a Teenager raised on a dangerous planet by scientist parents, finds a strange animal in the Jungles and that's when everything started to change. Roy find himself on a virtual roller coaster ride through the Galaxy, chased by Kermac Agents...
Codes: mc ScFi ESP Mil
Sex: No Sex
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692 KB 59609 1283 8.62