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1 Taking Katie To Make Dawn
Amanda A Dawn's Dreams Story (4)
After meeting a tall beautiful stranger in a coffee bar, Katie cums to remember who her mommy wants her to be. This is the second of the Dawn's Dreams series
Tags: Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Daughter, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex
Sex: Much Sex
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2 Enter the Darkness
Celtic Bard A Dark Wars Tale
A woman is gruesomely murdered in Cold War Germany and the only witness is her 5 year old daughter who can't remember what happened. Memories, though inaccessible to investigators, linger and change a once adorable little girl. And murder, especially of a loved one, can place that girl on the path of destiny. Odd occurrences, inexplicable enemies, and Cold War intrigue with an odd flavor alter this girl's life, shifting her from the front lines of the Cold War to the middle of the Dark Wars.
Tags: mt/ft, Rape, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Magic, Fiction, Historical, Paranormal, Vampires, Furry, non-anthro, Were animal, Torture, Violent, Military
Sex: Minimal Sex
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3 Once Upon an Alien
MisguidedChild This story is fiction, but not the facts. Information from Sumerian translations are true. Hindu texts of battles in space...true. Einstein's brain autopsy proved that he used more of his brain than other humans. How is that possible? How do men get flashes of genius, and why doesn't everyone function at that level of ability all the time? Why did the Dark Ages happen, and why does mankind seem to be sliding that direction again? This story is fiction, I hope.
Tags: Mind Control, Hypnosis, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Space, Mystery
Sex: No Sex
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4 Dead and Back
Veritas Young Desmond died a violent death. He didn't stay that way though - somehow, he came back a vampire. He must now adapt to his new condition, while investigating his own murder and how he was turned.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Horror, Vampires, MaleDom, Violent
Sex: Some Sex
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5 Mesmerism Amanda In Victorian England a young lady finds an interesting way to stop her companion marrying the wrong, of for that matter any man
Tags: Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, Historical
Sex: No Sex
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6 Weight Loss Program
JiMC After her friend, Wendy, loses some weight thanks to a hypnotherapist, Shirley considers losing weight also. Jim offers to help.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism
Sex: Much Sex
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7 Five Classes of Submission
Mind Control
ghosthostblue A unique drawing class has the effect of awakening sexy, uptight Catherine's inner whore.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Leg Fetish, Slow
Sex: Much Sex
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8 Valentine Present Masterhypnotist Woman who never had an orgasm, who had been faking, now has glorious orgasms through hypnosis.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
Sex: Much Sex
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9 The Unexpected Visitor
Martin Young Martin was in a really bad mood. His day at the office had been terrible, his efforts during the last year were down the drain and he was probably going to be laid off. As if this was not enough his boss, nicknamed Lady Jessica sans Pitié, seemed to truly hate him. All Martin wanted was to get some sleep and forget about it. He was awakened by the doorbell and when he opened the door he was shocked. Outside in the cold snow was his boss Jessica, completely naked.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, Violent
Sex: Some Sex
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10 Getting Even Dinghy5(Jo) A young lady plots with a friend to get even with a man that wronged her. It takes a surprising turn of events.
This was originally written as a much shorter story in 1999 under the title 'MY TURN NEXT' I have recently edited, revised and renamed it. Please tell me how you like it.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Hypnosis, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Size
Sex: Much Sex
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