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1 Vampire Mistresses From Hell: janet's Story janet_k_brown Following an argument with her boyfriend, janet finds herself alone on a deserted New Hampshire highway. Here she first meets a truck driver who turns out to be a rapist followed by a biker with pale skin and unusual strength. Set in ZeroLord's 'Vampire Mistresses' universe and featuring several of his characters.
Codes: MF slow vamp cons rape coer violent Mdom Fdom rough BD SM humil sad oral anal
Sex: Some Sex
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2 The Vassal Academy
SavannahMann Master Devon convinces the Vassal Group to set up a voluntary training facility for the Domination and Submission culture.
Codes: MF FF slow cons slave gay les bi het D/S Mdom Fdom span BD humil oral toys
Sex: Some Sex
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3 Tired of Being the Nice Guy
MWTB A Tired of Being the Nice Guy Story (1)
After being a nice guy my whole life, I finally decided to be the one in charge, the one taken care of, the one whose every need gets met. When I break up with my girlfriend to fulfill my desires, things don't go as planned - they go better. Golden Clitoride Winner, 2004, Best BDSM Story
Codes: MF FF rom D/S Mdom span lght humil oral anal ws
Sex: Much Sex
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4 Princes of Mannsborough Vulgar Argot A Mannsborough Chronicle (1)
A tale of blackmail, betrayal, romance, espionage, and revenge at Mannsborough High.
Codes: MF FF Mult rom 1st teen cons rape reluc Blkm dru violent bi D/S Fdom lght humil gang voy oral anal mastrb pett
Sex: Much Sex
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5 It's My Party
Science Fiction
hammingbyrd7 Two college women follow up on a very strange fraternity invitation.
Codes: MF cons rom reluc rape coer mc dru het ScFi PostApoc Mdom span rough BD humil sad tort orgy harem poly 1st anal pett enem preg slow sch
Sex: Some Sex
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6 Culture Shock
SirNathan Elaine is a curious college junior who finds herself slowly and inexorably drawn into a lifestyle that captivates her. Prompted by the apparent safety of online fantasy, she investigates, and her strange world is eventually turned inside out as a risk taken changes her life. Please note: This is a story about 'how they got there', NOT about 'what happens after they arrive'.
Codes: MF slow rom 1st sch cons het D/S Mdom humil exhib mastrb toys squirt
Sex: Some Sex
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7 Rants, Tantrums, and Hissy Fits
Fan Fiction
rache rache talks about life, love, the pain and joy of writing, her "special" relationship with readers, anonymous email, plagiarism, the size of God's penis, and her own failings as a sort of almost kinda successful porn author struggling with a self-destructive fetish for pen names, tequila, and blogs. Um...Actually, I don't think I mention God's penis at all in my blogs, but it's huge! Big enough to fuck everybody! //rant
Codes: true Fdom humil sad caution
Sex: No Sex
114 KB 861 35 8.68
8 An Unsinkable Love
msboy8 Set in the early 1900s, this is a very active romantic roleplay with storms, pirates, bondage, etc. This was originally written, post by post, as a Sexual Role Play. I plan on posting two chapters a week, enjoy.
Codes: MF Mult hist rom het humil interr WM OF
Sex: Some Sex
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9 The Girl With No Name
Edward EC EC's historical novel about the Grand Duchy of Upper Danubia. Peasant Danka SĂ­luckt's life forever changes when she is arrested and put in the pillory for stealing apples. She is rescued by the farmer she stole from, but she must escape and travel throughout Danubia as a naked penitent, wearing nothing but penance collar and carrying with her nothing but a bucket. She finds sexual adventures during her travels, but ultimately must keep moving until she finally finds redemption.
Codes: MF FF cons rom non-con reluc rape coer slave het Fict hist reven D/S Mdom span BD humil 1st exhib voy public nud
Sex: Some Sex
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10 A Daemon-Horn Blade
Stultus A Weaver's World Story (1)
A fantasy/romance novel of young blacksmith who rescues the Duke's daughter from a demonic attack. He breaks off the horn from the creature's head and slays the monster with it, nearly dying himself in the process. Recovering with the aid of a traveling gleaman and Lore-Master, the lad finds himself at the center of a new great adventure while seeking to find out what he is becoming, and what fate the Weavers have in store for him. The first chronological story of Weaver's World.
Codes: MF FF rom non-con rape mag slave fict tears humil tort safe oral anal voy mod slow violent
Sex: Some Sex
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