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1 Princes of Mannsborough Vulgar Argot A Mannsborough Chronicle (1)
A tale of blackmail, betrayal, romance, espionage, and revenge at Mannsborough High.
Codes: MF FF Mult rom 1st teen cons rape reluc Blkm dru violent bi D/S Fdom lght humil gang voy oral anal mastrb pett
Sex: Much Sex
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1318 KB 40719 288 8.94
2 Slut Mommie
Fantasy69 A young Mother finds herself irresistibly drawn into photo encounters with her son which leads to sexual situations. Mother's internal fight between what is proper and what her body demands creates more desires for not only her son, but others as well.
Codes: MF cons rom non-con reluc coer Blkm dru les bi het cheat wife inc mother son bro sis fath dau D/S span BD lght group orgy safe oral anal mastrb toys exhib voy size caution sch
Sex: Much Sex
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3 What Happens in Carcosa...
Stultus A Love in Lovett County Story (11)
Yellow Neon Lights - Part One. A resourceful Vegas Casino IT Manager discovers what his crime boss employer and family have been up to and loses his taste for voyeurism - and nearly his life! Mobsters, Morbid Mysteries and Mormon Death Squads, oh my! Grizzly revenge and the costs of loyalty lead to his hope for redemption, however unlikely in Lovett, Texas. This is a long slow developing story that is the start for several extremely critical Lovett County tales. Some sex later in the story.
Codes: MF rom coer Blkm horror myst zom wife cuckold rough SM oral anal food ws voy slow violent
Sex: Some Sex
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278 KB 13509 367 8.40
4 Video Tape The Wanderer Unexpectedly, but not for the first time, a videotape turns up in a guys office in-tray one morning. What kind of ramifications is it going to have on his life, this time?
Codes: MF no-sex non-con Blkm cheat interr BM WF oral anal
Sex: No Sex
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171 KB 19427 274 8.29
5 Touch of Art Naive Roger a very shy young man is forced to be an art model so he can make the grade. But, more than art is in store for poor Roger.
Codes: MF Mult non-con Blkm Fdom BD SM humil
Sex: Much Sex
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6 Partners in Time oldmudrat Set in the distant future where interstellar travel is common and convient. No matter how advanced the civilization, people will be people. With the same old vices.
Codes: MF FF Mult ScFi rom cons non-con reluc Blkm mc het lght interr
Sex: Much Sex
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7 The Blood Pact
Kim Logan When a desperate servant in the king's castle finds himself deeply in debt, he makes a hasty deal with the court wizard to hide him. However, he neglects to comprehend the details of what he's asking and finds himself transformed into a woman. Soon his new appearance draws him into all manner of court intrigue and erotic encounters.
Codes: MF FF MM cons rom reluc rape coer Blkm dru mag les bi tg cd fict rough gang group WC BF WM WF 1st oral anal mastrb public violent trans
Sex: Some Sex
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701 KB 17774 229 8.17
8 Mistress Watching Tallorder64 Ed Hanson screws up a private detective job and helps a minister's daughter out of a jam. He stumbles onto a corrupt city administration.
Codes: MF slow rom cons rape Blkm het BD humil gang interr
Sex: Some Sex
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160 KB 8883 191 8.11
9 Chrissie StangStar06 My version of the Strange car in the driveway Story
Codes: MF cons rom coer Blkm paranormal cheat gang violent
Sex: Some Sex
95 KB 6185 531 8.11
10 Neighborhood Watch
Jeremiah Erratica A man's panty fetish leads him into a precarious relationship.
Codes: MF non-con Blkm Fdom humil wimp
Sex: Some Sex
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