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1 Dulcie and Delia
Tedbiker A Dulcie Story (5)
Delia is the woman who distracted Dulcie so she could be abducted. Wracked with guilt, she went to the Hansons to beg forgiveness before giving herself up to the Police. This is what happened to her... and her husband.
Codes: MF cons rom het paranormal amput slow
Sex: Minimal Sex
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178 KB 4157 161 8.31
2 Lost... and Found?
Tedbiker John Walker didn't realise what he and his wife had until after she was dead. Would he realise he could still find love again... and give a badly hurt woman hope for the future?
Codes: MF cons rom het amput slow
Sex: Some Sex
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86 KB 9877 727 7.94
3 The Five Billion Dollar Man
Science Fiction
Mad Wolf An SOF operator is wounded and given a second chance through the gift of science. This is his struggle. Note: some non-sexual story codes left off for plot reasons
Codes: MF cons ScFi cheat cuckold amput violent Mil
Sex: Some Sex
Posted: in progress
17 KB 5720 248 7.06
4 It's Not What You Think Harry Carton James is a Vet, crippled in the recent war. Cynthia was his superior officer then, and his wife later. She cheated. No question about it. But... It's not what you think. What is it then? Well, read the story!
Codes: MF cons cheat reven span rough lght oral anal amput violent Mil
Sex: Some Sex
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159 KB 23857 647 6.70
5 Kelly's Poker Party
God of Porn When Kelly sits in on a friendly game of poker with her brother and a couple of his friends, the stakes get higher and higher, but she never expected to lose her heart. A bit of a love story about a girl who isn't nearly so crippled as most people would assume at first glance.
Codes: MF Mult cons inc bro sis interr BM WF oral pett amput
Sex: Much Sex
60 KB 2976 109 6.57
6 Chrissy and Me
Jack White I wrote this story for a friend.
Codes: MF cons slave het span exhib hairy amput teach public nud
Sex: Some Sex
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20 KB 944 34 5.89
7 Crash 2 or Into the Fallout Shelter
John Writer The woman from the Car Crash story gets herself into another dangerous situation.
Codes: MF cons les het Mdom BD snuff squirt ws mod amput
Sex: Much Sex
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22 KB 1004 16 5.41
8 A Perfectly Acceptable Story Vidi Veni I wrote this vile bit of filth to protest the over/under 13 option - before I bothered to actually find out why that option was put in place. After I learned that my outrage was misplaced, I had no intention of ever posting this or letting it see the light of day. Unfortunately, I had entirely too much rum tonight.
Codes: MF cons het beast scat amput caution
Sex: Much Sex
8 KB 2573 59 4.74