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Reviews by Jetcrash747
About Jetcrash747:
I guess you need to get to know me, once upon a time I was an aircraft mechanic, a car accident changed me. Now I spend a lot of time volunteering, reading and mostly enjoying life. On the reading part, I enjoy well written stories and wish to let others know about them. I am a quiet person who is what he is, my opinion is that, just an opinion. Hopefully my reviews will help in your reading choices. Oh yes, forgot the type of story I like or dislike, romance, science fiction, adventure, western. I like just about everything that is well written. Oh there is one type of story that do nothing for me so if I comment about zombies please call a shrink (a psychologist) because I have lost my mind. I don't or will not review something that I do not like. So now you know me a little on to the reviews.
If someone is taking the time to write a story they are expressing a fantasy world. As a reviewer of said story, I will hopefully cause someone to decide to read it. I was taught to not say anything bad about a work, so I don't, if I don't like said story, it will not be reviewed. Sex in stories is kinda expected, occasionally well written sex woven into the story is nice. Most people who are just reading a story that has sex are enjoying being it risque, can be very enjoyable or it could be a distraction in the story. Sex in story with out having a need to move a tale along kills the story. I am easy on scoring because it takes courage to display a talent, I had a talent so many years ago, but it was taken away with a brain injury. This is how I review stories and it will evolve as time goes on, enjoy reading.
  Story Title Author Name Review Date P Q A
The Private Random Writings 2018-08-11 10 10 10
The Ring Gldngolfer 2018-04-15 9 9 10
Soup of the Day 90 MysteryWriter 2018-02-16 9 5 10
Corruption MisguidedChild 2017-07-31 10 10 10
Short Sighted JAX 2017-07-18 N/A N/A N/A
Unintended Consequences Banadin 2017-06-05 10 9 10
The McKenzie Case awnlee jawking 2017-05-23 8 9 8
If a Tree Falls Lucky Malone 2017-04-27 9 8 9
World War: Campaign for Eastland Lazlo Zalezac 2017-02-27 10 10 10
Divorcing My Wife Mystic47 2017-01-22 8 9 8
The Knight and the Acolyte Book 7: Illusory Passion mypenname3000 2017-01-19 10 9 10
The Enabler Lazlo Zalezac 2016-12-07 10 9 10
The Party Xalir 2016-12-04 8 N/A 9
Santa Pars001 2016-12-01 8 9 9
The Knight and the Acolyte Book 6: Heart's Longing mypenname3000 2016-11-11 10 10 10
The Caveman Colin Barrett 2016-10-19 9 10 10
Santa Klutz Orblover 2016-10-04 9 9 10
The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: the Vault's Treasure mypenname3000 2016-09-23 10 10 10
Wes and the Watermelon Totzman 2016-09-19 8 8 7
And a Half awnlee jawking 2016-09-10 8 9 8
Singularity Crumbly Writer 2016-09-07 10 10 10
The House Across the Street happyhugo 2016-08-15 9 9 9
The Contagion Ernest Bywater 2016-07-27 8 6 7
The Knight and the Acolyte Book 4: Song of Desire mypenname3000 2016-07-16 9 9 9
The Knight and the Acolyte Book 3: Barbaric Passion mypenname3000 2016-07-15 9 9 10
Not What I Expected Howard Faxon 2016-07-10 9 9 9
Getting It Wrong G Younger 2016-07-09 9 10 10
I Love You Because MissLynn 2016-06-29 8 8 9
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