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The Contest Contest


Welcome to Storiesonline's first story contest. To kick off our first story contest ever, we thought that 'Contest' was a very appropriate thing to start with and to make this one easy.

There are no restrictive rules. Write the best story you can as long as the story has a contest in it. No, not just the word 'contest'. The story has to have a contest event in it. Anything possible: a writing contest, a sex contest (our favourite), eating contest (pussy or food would do), you get the idea.

It has to be a sex story. Minimum size is 20 KB (or 4000 words) and a maximum of 100 KB (or 20,000 word).

Please don't forget to read the story contest rules. It's crucial to stick to them, otherwise you'll be disqualified.

General Contest Rules Apply

Lubrican won first place


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