Tanning Contest

by Dr Know

Copyright© 2011 by Dr Know

Erotica Sex Story: Lisa wants the ultimate tan to win a Best Tan on the Beach contest and will do anything to achieve that goal. And then her husband, Jim, finds out what 'anything' means.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Violent   .

Lisa Williams pulled her car into the parking slip in front of the tanning center she'd been religiously going to as a client and now working at as an employee. She turned off the engine and twisted the rearview mirror to allow her to check the face looking back. It was a deep tanned face with striking blue eyes that stared back.

She fluffed at the golden blonde curls flowing from her head with her hands and chuckled, not bad for a thirty one year old! I still look twenty! Opening the door, she thrust her legs onto the pavement. Her skirt riding high exposing long, velvet, almost dark caramel color legs, she stood up from the driver's seat and smoothed the folds of her skirt into place. She checked her well tanned legs and giggled, no stockings needed for this milf!

Inside the tanning studio, Bruce Talbot watched his most ardent tanning attendee arriving for her skin tone and coloring session. Seeing her exit the car always gave him a morning woody. "Damned, I sure enjoying tapping that stuff each day!" he muttered as he watched her moving her hands down her beautiful thighs smoothing the skirt fabric.

Looking up and seeing him observing her, Lisa smiled and waved her hand toward the salon owner, Bruce. He waved in response and turned back into the interior of the office. Lisa watched him disappear into the studio's interior. She giggled I wonder what my husband Jim would think about the barter I made for giving up some of my ass for use of the tanning salon facilities?

Ten months ago Lisa read a news article indicating the local beach association was going to hold a Best Tan on the Beach contest the first week of July. The first prize was an all expenses paid trip for two to Hawaii provided by the sun tan products manufacturer 'Tanz r Us' sponsoring the contest.

In the blink of an eye, Lisa decided to enter the contest. She always wanted to go to Hawaii and since the first week of September was their wedding anniversary, what better present should she get her husband? She loved Jim to death and thought that the time in Hawaii would be a perfect occasion to start trying to make the baby Jim had mentioned many times since their wedding five years before.

To achieve the perfect tan, she would need to work diligently on it all winter. She had gone to the closest tanning salon and was floored by the price of membership, sessions, and the much needed skin toning, conditioning, and coloring products she would need to achieve the ultimate tan.

The girl manning the reception desk explained the various tanning options. "We've got four levels of tanning equipment and products. Level 1 is our basic tan equipment and products. It's perfect for those tanners who are cost conscious and are able to gradually build and maintain their tan. Our Level One units have a maximum exposure time of 20 minutes and are perfect for the tanner who wants to "escape" and enjoy a break while slipping away in a tropical slumber. Most clients find that they achieve a base tan in approx. 6-8 visits and can maintain their tan with 3-4 visits per week.

"There are intermediate levels that tan faster and deeper. The ultimate level, Level 4, is the most advanced tanning technology available today. Using this bed will give you a dark, natural tan lasting longer than any other bed. That's because the specially designed lamps produce UVA and UVB in different ratios compared to conventional tanning units. These lamps use just a small amount of UVB to stimulate the melanin production required to tan the skin and a much higher amount of UVA to really oxidize that melanin and turn it a golden brown. The lower UVB output of this high-pressure bed means that result is a richer, darker, and longer-lasting tan. We also have nozzles on those beds that spray your body with bronzers to add to the deep rich ultimate tan."

She only worked part-time as a checker at the local grocery, but she'd managed to save a few dollars. With her meager savings she signed the membership agreement and purchased some of the "Level 1" skin products. These were the least expensive but still ate up most of her cash reserves.

She began building up her base tan. After eight weeks, she had a healthy, glowing skin that most women would be proud to achieve in the dead of winter. But she was now on a mission. Win the contest at all costs.

It was at this juncture that she had asked Bruce for advice on achieving the perfect tan, but he was seemingly indifferent about her pleas for help. It was only after another week that one of the tanning salon staff told her about Bruce being bereaved at the loss of his wife just a few months before.

Lisa at first felt bad for Bruce. His wife had been young. In fact the picture of her that Lisa had seen indicated she was about Lisa's age. What stunned Lisa was the resemblance between Bruce's dead wife and Lisa. Even the Salon staff members remarked on the resemblance.

Bruce had seen it too. He was steering away from this woman because he didn't know if he could control his feelings if he was around her. This was the reason he was always so curt with her when she asked for his help.

Lisa finally cornered him one day as he was leaving the salon.

"Bruce, I need to talk to you."

"Not now, I'm tired and want to go home."

"Yes, now look, I really need your help in getting ready for that Best Tan on the Beach contest next July. What can I do to convince you to help me?" She moved closer to him as she finished her question.

Bruce tried to back up but he was up against the side of his car and could feel Lisa's body so very close to his own. He had to do something to get away from this woman before he grabbed her and fucked her right here in the parking lot.

"Okay, what do you need?"

"I need a major discount on the next level of membership and the skin products for that level."

"Sorry, I can't do that. I can only give employees discounts because they have to look well tanned to properly represent my business to the customers."

"Well, hire me."


"Hire me!" She mewed as she moved even closer to him.

He was ready to feint from the raw female scent she emanated and the sheer sexual energy she radiated.

"Okay, done. You start tomorrow and all of your pay will go to the tanning equipment and products you use."

Lisa put her hand on his chest and leaning forward, kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you." With that she twirled and ran to her car, stopping once to turn slightly and wave back at him.

Bruce's knees were so weak he didn't know if they would support his weight to allow him to turn and open his car door. He hoped he'd not made a mistake. Having her there every day would definitely cause him stress. He'd have to masturbate in the salon bathroom often just to relieve the sexual tension this woman caused to rise in his loins.

That night, as Lisa and Jim were having dinner, Lisa nonchalantly interjected in the conversation, "Oh, sweetheart, Bruce Talbot, the owner of the tanning salon I go to offered me a job today. It'll help pay for my tanning and let me use the other exercise equipment they have there. I can still keep my grocery checker job and pay a little toward our next vacation. What do you think?"

Jim barely gave it a thought, "Of course dear, sounds good to me. I know how much you like that tanning stuff."

That night she took her husband to bed and they both went to sleep with smiles holding each other close.

In the first two months of Lisa's new job, things went well. She achieved the top end of level 2 and was ready for level 3. Her arrangement with Bruce and the checker job still left her short in being able to pay for level 3.

She approached Bruce one evening as he was starting to lock up the salon. "Bruce, can I talk with you for a moment?"

He was still gun shy around this woman, but he was getting use to having her around. "Sure, what do you need Lisa?"

"I need a raise."

"I'm sorry, but that's out of the question."

"But, I need to start and complete level 3." she whined as she slowly walked toward him.

He backed up until his back was against door jamb of his office door. "I can't do anything for you Lisa. You are a good worker and the customers like seeing how perfectly you're tanned. It gives them incentive, but I can't pay you anymore."

Lisa stopped and placed her hands on her hips. Bruce couldn't help but eye her. She looked ravishing in those short white shorts. God, I'm getting a hard on just looking at her!

Lisa grinned as she saw the bulge in his running suit; she began speaking in a low sultry tone. "Well boss, there are other ways to give us both something we seem to want."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you let me use the level 3 equipment and products at the level 2 cost and I'll be very nice to you."

"Very nice to me?" Bruce gulped.

"Yes, very nice." She smiled and as she crossed the space between them and pushed him into his office. Closing plus locking the door she turned and pushed him into his chair. He was simply too stunned to resist.

She began a slow, methodical strip tease -- stopping only when she was down to nothing but her shoes. She reached for his hands and pulled them to her breasts telling him to "Relax, we've got all night. My husband is on a business trip." She had picked the night of seduction for just this reason. If she could seduce Bruce, she would have access to everything she needed to win the contest. Since Jim was away, he would never know and she could do what she had to do to ensure she won the contest. Then Jim and she could have their family. She was a little randy at the moment since her husband was having a little trouble performing his marital duties. Being horny just added to her decision to seduce Bruce.

She was a little concerned about Jim. He was becoming distant. When she questioned him he would just say it was some problems at work and not to worry that shortly everything would be great for them.

Bruce's head was spinning. Husband is away? She's making a pass at me? My god, she's beautiful. She looks so much like Micki. I miss Micki so much. Oh my god, she's taking my dick out and she's getting ready to ... Oh my god! Her mouth is burning up! It feels so good. She sucks like a vacuum cleaner. Her husband is a lucky man! With that thought he almost lost his erection, but Lisa worked long and hard to overcome Bruce's moment of guilt and then he took charge of the situation.

He drove her to his house and carried her to the bedroom. For the next six hours, they had sex in every position Bruce could imagine. After so many months of being without a woman, Bruce had pent up demands that needed to be sated.

And so began a sexual relationship that was now in its sixth month. Bruce's sexual desires were now being transferred to Lisa. At first the sex had just been to achieve her goal for the contest, and when Jim was home, she gave Bruce no thought except when they screwed in his office each day. But lately, she was craving Bruce's touch even when Jim was home. She was being drawn to the man as a possible partner. Jim seemed to be drawing even more distant as his work seemed to be still causing him problems.

She still loved Jim, but now she thought of sex with Jim as having sex and sex with Bruce as making love. How has my thinking got so screwed up? I started this to win a contest so my husband and I could start our family and now I'm thinking of replacing him with Bruce?

She knew she should cool it with Bruce with Jim home, but two weeks before the contest Bruce suggested they go make love at Lisa's since Bruce's house was being fumigated. Lisa's pussy tingled when Bruce had said, "Let's go 'make love' at your house. I don't want to tarnish what we have by going to a cheap motel."

Lisa called Jim's office and learned he was at a job site in the next town and would not return until after five that evening. She put the phone down, smiled, and crooked her finger to Bruce. "Let's go big boy."

They drove both cars so Lisa would not have to go back to the salon. Lisa opened both garage doors to allow Bruce to park his car where Jim's normally stood. This would keep the noisy neighbors from picking up on the fact that she had company for many hours that day.

At first Lisa wanted to go into one the guest bedrooms, but as they made out on the trip up the steps to where the bedrooms were, she suddenly knew she wanted Bruce to take her in her marital bed. She wanted him to cum in her just as Jim had just the night before. She wanted it done in exactly the same place and same way.

Maybe I'm comparing the two of them to see which one I want to keep. She mused as she took her clothes off and stretched out on the bed. Bruce joined her and within ten minutes sounds of rutting could be heard throughout the house.

By the time four PM rolled around the bed was soaked in bodily fluids. They had been so energetic they fell asleep. Some sound like a door closing awakened her.

Lisa looked at her watch and cried, "Bruce, wake up. You've got to go. Jim will be home soon."

They ran to the shower and together cleaned up. Of course she gave him another blowjob while showering just to show how much he meant to her.

Bruce pulled his car out of the garage and drove off. Lisa took the towels and dirty bed linens to the washer. She had them cleaned and dried and back on the bed when Jim pulled in about six-thirty that evening.

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