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Story Contest Rules

  1. Anybody can participate and submit contest entries.
  2. One entry only per author.
  3. All stories submitted must be the original work of the person submitting them.
  4. The site's general submission rules apply to contest submissions.

Additional Contest Rules:

  1. All Characters in stories submitted for contests who engage in sexual activity must be 18 or older at all times when sex occurres (no sex during flash backs to ealier ages). No underaged sex
  2. Stories must be complete, properly edited and formatted, typos will cause the story to be rejected.
  3. Stories must be submitted in the time frame specified in the contest.
  4. Minimum size is 20 KB of text (20,000 characters or 4,000 words)
  5. Only paying members will be able to read and vote on contest stories.
    Free members and premier authors are ineligible due to the fact that any person can open multiple free accounts and we have many authors with multiple premier accounts each.
  6. The three stories with the best score during that time will win prizes as follows:
    1. First Place: $500 cash prize.
    2. Second Place: $250 cash prize.
    3. Third Place: $100 cash prize.
  7. By participating in a contest, the author grants World Literature Publishing Co. the right to publish the contest entry on the site in the free area for a minimum of 2 years after the contest end date. (You retain all copyrights, but you are agreeing to keep your entry on the site for a minimum of 2 years.)
  8. By participating in a contest, the author grants World Literature Publishing Co. exclusive right to publish winning entries in the site's premier area for a period of 6 months. Due to this rule, stories previously posted on other sites are ineligible to participate. After the six months exclusivity period, the author can publish the entry elsewhere.
  9. Winning authors will have 60 days from our posting of the results to contact World Literature Publishing Co. and claim their prizes. Any prizes not claimed within 60 days will be forfeited by the winner and used by World Literature Publishing Co. for future contests.
  10. All prize monies will be paid in U.S. Dollars ($USD) except to Canadian authors, by business cheque, and sent by Mail. We will be more than happy to send prizes anywhere in the world, but must do so in U.S. funds to keep things manageable.
  11. Voting will be blind. So, author names will be hidden on the site when voting is open. In order to keep this effective, authors are barred from giving any clues to their identities and hints about which story is theirs. Any author that breaks this rule by revealing which story is theirs, will be disqualified from the contest.
  12. World Literature Publishing Co. reserves the right to disqualify without notice or explanation any story. We also reserve the right to change the rules, cancel the contest, substitute prizes, or refuse to publish any story for any or no reason. We are not responsible for stories or votes that disappear because of hardware or software problems or human error. We reserve the right to ban anyone from the contest who we suspect is cheating in any way, including but not limited to vote tampering and copyright infringement.
  13. Each contest must receive a minimum of 6 submissions by the time submissions close. Otherwise, the contest will be cancelled. When a contest gets cancelled, stories that were submitted as contest entries will be posted as normal new stories.
  14. Each contest may contain its own additional rules. Read the contest's description for more details.

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