Crotch Rocket Competition

by IronBuddah

Copyright© 2011 by IronBuddah

Erotica Sex Story: Al and his daughter Stephanie are enjoying a weekend at a motorcycle rally. When Stephanie sees a sign for a contest where they can with two motorcycles and suggests they enter, she has no idea what she's suggesting. Al knows what she's suggesting, but he still gets more than he expected after his daughter talks him into competing.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Size   Big Breasts   .

Al and Stephanie looked like they belonged at the bike week celebration. Both were wearing tank tops; Al's showed off a powerful set of arms and a barrel chest. There was nothing barrel like about Stephanie's chest. She was blessed with an immensely huge set of knockers. Stephanie was a natural blonde wearing sunglasses. Al's arm was thrown around her shoulder. Like many of the men present at bike week, his head was shaved and he had a goatee. He also had an iron cross tattooed on one arm. The gray hair on his face in no way diminished the respect he got from passers by. In fact, it increased the regard of some of the onlookers. "Way to go old timer!" one called out while holding his hand up for a high five.

"Show some respect!" Al roared. "That's my daughter."

The shocked man took three steps in the opposite direction just in case Al's wrath went beyond the verbal. "Sorry sir. I didn't know."

"Oh Daddy," Stephanie sighed. "We are at bike week. If you insist on walking with your arm around me, you know some people are going to think I'm your busty biker babe."

"Don't say things like that."

"Well, you know it's true," Stephanie protested. "You know how bikers are."

"Yeah, you're right. I do know how bikers are. That's why I don't want any of them thinking you might be available. You're my little girl and married now to boot. I can't believe my younger daughter has been married for six months now."

Stephanie added, "Almost seven."

"Wow, time just flies!"

"Hey, Daddy, look! There's a contest here where you can win a sport bike and a custom cruiser bike. You've always wanted one of those and the sport bike would make a great first anniversary present for Kevin!"

Al looked uncomfortably at the sign for the Crotch Rocket Competition. He had been trying to steer clear of the area where that competition was usually hosted, but it must have changed locations. The painted sign had a guy riding a hog with a girl in a skimpy bikini clinging to him.

"Aw honey, I'm not sure this is the kind of contest for you." Al tried to say tactfully.

"What? So I might have to wear a bikini. I've got one in my purse that I could change into. I look good in it and you look good on a bike. What's the problem? I've ridden behind you on a bike before."

Seeing no way around the subject Al coughed then said, "Baby, the sign might not look much different than things you see all the time around bike week, but the Crotch Rocket Competition is a full penetration competition!"

Stephanie was dumbfounded, "Really? I mean, really? That's a legal contest?"

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"Legal enough I suppose. People try not to talk about it too much, and they play rock music outside the tent to cover the noises being made inside the tent. You have to show ID to get in, and the people checking are way better at spotting fake IDs than your average bartender. I think they make their money selling DVDs of the contest." Al coughed again, "Or so I've heard."

"Daddy, don't lie to me. You know way too much about this. You've watched the contest before, haven't you?"

"Steph, can we change the subject?"

"Sure, if I can take that as a yes."

"Take it however you want, and um, don't tell your mom."

Al didn't realize that Stephanie had led him back into the area of the Crotch Rocket Competition until his daughter stated, "Oh good, I was worried it was too late! There are still five minutes left to sign up for the contest. Let's do it!"

"What? Which contest? Oh Hell no! Girl, didn't you understand your old man when I told you what kind of contest this was? Don't make me embarrass us both by spelling it out!"

"Yeah I heard you. I want a chance at that sport bike, and you know you want that cruiser. We'll just tell everyone we bought raffle tickets if we win. It's a one time only thing. Come on." Stephanie had taken hold of her father's hands, and was trying to pull the much larger man into the tent to register before the deadline.

As Al stared at his daughter's bulging tits, and the full meaning of her words sunk in, he started to feel weak in the knees. The crotch of his pants was feeling uncomfortably tight too. "Steph, baby, this isn't just a stick it in and pose thing, I'll have to actually need to be moving inside you, and if you want to win, you'll have to seem like you're enjoying it!"

"I've seen When Harry Met Sally!" Stephanie retorted.

"A one time thing, huh? Oh fuck me! I'm going to regret this!"

Al and Stephanie showed their IDs to a group of bouncers at a roped off entry way, and then made their way to the registration table. The man working the desk asked, "Names and ages?"

"Al, fifty-three"

"Stephanie, twenty-six."

"Hair and tits, natural or artificial?"

Stephanie proudly replied, "Natural to both."

The man working the desk eyed her up and down earning a glare from Al, who couldn't very well say anything to protest while registering for a sex contest with his daughter. "Impressive! You should have a chance to do well. I'm glad you two made it before registration closed. You're our final pair of contestants. I'm going to put you down as Big Al and Busty Stephanie unless you had something else in mind."

Stephanie answered for them both by saying, "That will be just fine."

"Great, you'll be at station number twenty-five. The first round is Come as You Are, so just go straight to your booth. Judging starts in five minutes. There's a fifteen minute break after that round for you to get into your bikini for the Bikini Bike Ride. After that, the following rounds run continuously, so if you want to touch up your make-up you'll have to do that while you're getting into your bikini."

"Even though the name of the round was Come as You Are, it was pretty clear that only a few of the twenty-five contestants were like Stephanie, wearing ordinary street clothes. Most had their hair done up in a way that wouldn't long survive the sun and the ocean breeze. Heat stroke inducing amounts of black leather were a popular choice when it came to clothing for both men and women. There were more than a few corsets, and some of the women were wearing outfits so tiny or so sheer that it was inconceivable that they were out among the general public wearing such things.

Al and Stephanie found their station and didn't have to wait long for the judges, who were followed by a pair of photographers. The judges were tight lipped while judging, but since Stephanie and Al were given the final station to be judged, they didn't move far away from the pair before they started talking among themselves. "That last couple was certainly more in line with the spirit of this round than the other contestants, don't you think?"

They heard another judge reply, "Well, I'm not changing the scores for any of the earlier contestants, but I'm certainly not penalizing the final couple with the way I've scored things. They were a refreshing change of pace. Plus, the man would look intimidating as hell no matter what he was wearing and the lady's tits would stretch out a burlap sack!"

"Most of the contestants were either wearing a lot more, or a lot less when they got carded, maybe next year we could enforce a rule that says you get judged in the same outfit you got carded in."

Stephanie beamed, "Did you hear that Daddy? I think we got high marks the first round!"

Al sighed; he didn't know if that was good news or bad news. He might have been able to convince Stephanie to withdraw from the contest if it had sounded like they would be getting poor marks. "You had better get changed into your bikini."

"Right!" Stephanie grabbed her purse and hurried off to the changing area. There were tarps hung, which in theory would have provided privacy for the women changing, but so many were going in and out, they all might as well have been changing out in the open. Al remembered watching the women change in the past, but with his daughter in there changing, he looked around the rest of the tent. He was surprised at how much nudity there was outside the changing area. He had never noticed in earlier years when he had only been a spectator ... Some women were in bikinis so flimsy that they wouldn't stay put while the women walked from the changing area back to their station leaving them effectively topless until they had a chance to rearrange and retie. Others found their biker unhappy with the way they looked, and rather than going back to the changing area to make adjustments, they simply made those adjustments in full view of the crowd.

Stephanie came back in a stars and stripes bikini that was far too skimpy for Al's taste, but one that looked modest compared to what most of the other female contestants were wearing. Al decided he might as well look on the positive side of things for as long as he could; he gritted his teeth and got on the bike set up at their station.

Stephanie climbed on behind her father, and threaded her arms into the sleeves of his tank top to wrap her arms around his wide frame. She whispered in his ear, "You're still my big strong Daddy!"

"Hush! Don't say things like that!"

"Oh, just smile for the cameramen," Stephanie instructed. There was a video crew present for this round as well as an announcer."

Al grumbled, "I'm not in the mood to smile."

"Fine, be that way." Stephanie smiled sweetly for the cameras. "Sit there and look menacing for the cameras."

The announcer was commenting on their pose as it was being filmed. "Look at this bodacious blonde clinging to her burly biker! Our final contestants are Big Al and Busty Stephanie, and let me tell you guys, she has more than earned that name. Get a close up of the way her big tits just ooze out of her patriotic bikini while she hangs on tight to her wild biker! That's a flag I'm saluting if you know what I mean."

"Stephanie, let's quit this contest. You're a newlywed; you don't need anyone hearing the announcer describe you that way!"

"You know Jennifer flashed the crowd at the pre-event last week."

"What? Why are you telling me this? Why in the world would your big sister do such a thing?"

"Well, her new boobs are less than a month old, and she wanted to show them off, and I'll tell you why she did it. She looked out at the crowd, and she realized that there was absolutely no one there that she would ever see again in real life. And that applies to us too. You've got to be the only one in the entire extended family that even knew this event existed before today, and have you ever bought one of their DVDs?"

"Well, no," Al admitted reluctantly.

"So there you have it. As far as the rest our world is concerned, once we leave this tent, none of this ever happened. The announcer can say whatever he wants; don't get bent out of shape about it."

When the judges for the next round arrived, it looked like they all were women. Seeing Stephanie's confusion, one judge held up her tape measure. "The contest didn't run very smoothly when we let the men participate in this round of judging and there were more than a few fights that broke out between contestants and judges. Let me measure you. My you're a busty thing!" Wrapping the tape around Stephanie's hips, waist, and bust, the judge turned to her clipboard. "45-25-37! Damn woman, I'm jealous. You are built!"

"I dieted down to fit in my wedding dress back in the fall, I've just been lucky that most of the weight has gone back on up top."

"Don't bullshit me! You might have been fortunate after your wedding, but you didn't add more than an inch a season to that massive rack since then! Where did you even find a wedding dress to stretch across those tits?" Turning toward Al, the judge informed him, "You're a lucky man!"

"I've been told that here at Bike Week more than once," Al replied dryly.

"Don't go anywhere; you might be in the running for one of the biggest bust bonus prizes. I'm not sure how big some of those stripper boobs the other judges have measured might be. What the fuck! It says here those are all natural! Is that right?"

"Yep!" Stephanie beamed.

"Let me see those things!" The judge started feeling up and examining Stephanie's breasts. "Well, if those are fake, they're the softest, most natural looking implants I've ever run across. I'm going to take you at face value when you say those are real. Head on over to that booth there. You're a shoe in for best natural boobs at the very least. The only other woman claiming to be all natural in that regard who's even half your size has a left tit that's hard as a rock and scars around her nipples."

Stephanie came back from the side contest wearing a black leather jacket. Al stared hard as his daughter returned to their station. Her bikini top was thrown over one shoulder, and the jacket was open to her navel. His daughter's big tits jiggled and bounced as she walked. "Damn girl! I hate to say this, but you look bad-ass in that jacket!" Swallowing hard, he said, "I don't know how many more times I'm going to tell you we should just walk away from this contest, but we should walk away from this contest. Especially now that you've got something to show for it. Even if you're bound and determined to go through with this fool idea of yours, at least do your old man a favor and put your bikini top back on!"

"Nah, waste of time. The next competition is something called Topless Lasso. We compete in groups of five. I'm supposed to check the inside of the helmet at our station to see what group I'm in. Two, well, at least I'm not in the first group, but I was really hoping for one of that last two groups."

Al was curious enough to momentarily forget the fact that he was talking to his very adult and very nearly topless daughter. "Why is that?"

"The later groups can get ideas from the earlier ones, and if nothing else, they know how high the performance bar is set."

"Oh, makes sense."

"Man, I almost had cruise tickets too, but one of the chicks with a fake rack had 950cc implants. She beat me out by an inch. Think about that. You could almost fill up a two liter bottle with all the silicone in her chest. I mean, after her operation, Jennifer couldn't even wear any of the sports bras she bought in preparation for her surgery. She had to go buy bigger ones and she only got 310cc of saline in her implants. That's more than three times more extra material added to her chest than what Jennifer had added." Stephanie noticed that her father had a funny look on his face, so she asked, "Are you thinking about what Jennifer might look like if she doubles or even triples what she had done last month?"

Al coughed uncomfortably, "Don't say things like that!"

There was a roped off area where five cameras were set up so that there would be separate video of each girls performance. A final camera was positioned on a raised platform to get a full view of the competition. As Stephanie understood the rules, taking off your bikini bottoms, or otherwise having them fall off was grounds for immediate elimination from that phase of the competition. Some of the contestants checked their knots or even retied them when they heard that. Stephanie had wide feminine hips, but she didn't want to take any chances. She went ahead and tightened the knots of her suit too.

"Damn it girl, warn me before you do that!"

Stephanie at first thought she might have given her father a look at a little bit of a kitty slip, but then she realized that the leather jacket had come all the way open as she retied her bikini bottoms and her firm full jugs were on display for her father.

Stephanie pulled the leather jacket closed, but didn't fasten it. It was still largely hanging open and allowing her big tits to sway and bounce. While she was doing this, the announcer informed the contestants of the other rules of the lasso round, which were: The contestants had three minutes to swing the lasso while topless. If at any time any part of the rope hit the ground, you got scored on what you had done so far, but couldn't earn any more points. The three judging criteria were length of time of performance, how good you looked topless while twirling the lasso, and crowd reaction.

The first group of contestants entered the roped off area. Some walked up topless, and others removed their bikini top once there were in position. Both approaches seemed to generate positive responses from the crowd before the timer even started. Al told his daughter, "Baby, if I were you I'd strut up there in that leather jacket, and then take it off."

"Because I look bad ass in it?"

"Yeah, because you look bad ass in it!" Al said as he leered at his daughter, then he caught himself. "Damn, I shouldn't be looking at you at all."

"It's OK," Stephanie assured him. "We're in a contest; feel free to look as much as you want."

Al shook his head at first, and then looked back at his daughter. "You grew up to be one smoking hot babe, Stephanie!"

"Thanks Daddy. Oh, let's see what kind of competition I'm up against!"

Of the five women, two had the lasso spinning overhead, while the other three struggled to get the loop of rope to do anything interesting. One soon bobbled it and was out of the round. Then one of the two contestants swirling the lasso overhead managed to twirl it in such a way that she was standing in the middle of the loop as it circled her waist.

"She almost looks like she's doing the hula hoop!" Stephanie gasped.

Al added, "I feel like I'm watching a Shakira video!"

"Should I try that?" Stephanie wondered. One of the struggling contestants had managed to get her rope overhead, but the other, distracted by an obviously superior performance let her rope hit the ground. Stephanie got her answer when the other contestant who had immediate success spinning the lasso over her head tried to copy the hula hoop move. She bumped the lasso with her hip and before she had a chance to react, the loop was on the ground and she was done for the round. Stephanie decided that the risks of trying that trick with the lasso weren't worth any potential reward. Stephanie felt frustrated because she realized she had no hope of topping one of the first performers.

Al whispered in her ear, "Don't let that get you down, maybe you can't copy her fancy moves with the lasso, but if you try to move like that, the crowd is going to be way more interested in what your tits are doing than what some stupid bit of rope is doing!"

Stephanie kissed her dad on the cheek before leaving their station and heading to take her turn in front of the cameras. She held the sides of the jacket so that her big tits were bounding around beneath the leather, but without letting them escape. None of the onlookers caught more than a glimpse of nipple from her until she reached the competition area. Then she flashed the crowd.

"There was a predictable round of cheers, and then mumbling as she pulled the jacket closed. She flashed the crowd a second time; then covered up again. A third and much longer look at her tits followed, and Stephanie covered up again. Al couldn't believe it, but he heard himself hollering, "Take it off and leave it off! Show us those big tits! Woo-hoo!"

Even though he was still somewhat in disbelief of his own actions, Al walked forward to get a better look at his daughter competing in the topless segment of Crotch Rocket. Never in his wildest dreams had he ever considered this possibility when he came to bike week with his daughter, but here he was staring at her naked rack and loving it. Even though he wasn't fully hard, his cock and balls were starting to tingle as he looked at his topless little girl. "Shake those natural puppies baby!"

Stephanie heard her father's voice encouraging her, and she gave her shoulder a good shimmy, much to the delight of the crown before taking her lasso. There was only one woman in this group of five who had tits comparable in size to Stephanie, but those were obviously fake. Stephanie thought she had a good chance to carry her round even though she knew she wasn't going to top the best score from round one.

All but one of the women got their lasso spinning overhead quickly, and the one who couldn't just gave up and used the lasso to play with her rack. One of the others tried to duplicate the belly dancer's lasso work, and she also ended up with her lasso hitting the ground.

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After about a minute, Stephanie thought she would be able to keep the lasso off the ground for the entire three minutes, but she wanted some variety. Her boob on the side with the lasso was moving around like crazy, so she thought playing with her other jug and bouncing it around with her free hand might be a good idea. The crowd seemed to agree.

Then she thought of a clever idea. She pulled on one of the strings of her bikini bottoms with just enough pressure to pull it away from her body without loosening the knot. She thought she was getting good applause from the tease of being willing to disqualify herself. She couldn't be sure though. One of her competitors could be doing something amazing, but she didn't want to risk looking. Before she knew it, her three minutes were up, and she had been able to keep her lasso going the entire time. In fact, in her group, the only one eliminated was the one who had tried to do the hula hoop trick.

Stephanie went running back to her father, this time much less careful about keeping her new jacket closed. She was giving her father and everyone else in the area quite a show, but she didn't care. Of course, she had just been completely topless for a full three minutes in front of the same crowd, so her reduced sense of modesty was understandable. She was also on an adrenaline rush from having successfully performed bare chested in front of a crowd of men. "Did I do good Daddy?"

"Did you do well?" Al corrected his daughter.

Stephanie pouted, "Daddy!"

"You did great! Come here girl!" Stephanie jumped up and Al caught her about her narrow waist. As he held his little girl up in the air Al beamed at his daughter, "I am so proud of you darling!"

As Al held Stephanie up in the air, they were eye to eye and forehead to forehead. Even years later, when they talked about this moment in private, Al and Stephanie never could agree about who started kissing who; however, there could be no debating the fact that once their lips met, everything changed. Al felt the smoldering longing for his shapely daughter kindle fully, and his cock, which had been semi hard at different times during the competition, became as hard as it could get while he was still in his blue jeans...

For her part Stephanie described the feeling of her lips pressed against her father's as one that made her feel completely aware of her father as a man. It made her feel stunningly beautiful that he would want to kiss her, and she responded by kissing him back passionately.

Al grunted and leaned back. Still holding Stephanie up with his hands wrapped around her waist, he shifted her so that some of her weight was resting on his abdomen. This caused her huge tits to spill out of her jacket completely and rub on his broad chest. Al could feel his girl's nipples getting hard like his cock, and that made him decide to dart his tongue into Stephanie's mouth.

Al was at first concerned, because by French kissing his daughter, he was clearly implying a growing desire to fuck her. He knew she had said she would be OK with that as part of the competition. The way he was kissing her, and the way his cock felt now, he'd be willing to forget the competition just for the chance to experience her body in a way no father was ever supposed to think about. Still he wasn't sure how she would react.

Stephanie's response was to counter her father's invasion by putting her tongue into his mouth. Soon they were waging a lively little oral war where one would invade to be slowly forced out of the other's mouth. She was so responsive to the way he kissed her that they might have had sex right in the middle of the tent on the ground if there hadn't been a commotion during another round of the lasso competition.

One of the contestants was wearing a cowboy hat to go with her bikini bottoms, and she, unlike any of the other contestants so far had her lasso spinning perpendicular to the ground. The crowd was oohing and ahhing as they expected her to touch the lasso to the ground at any moment. She took her hat off her head, broke the plane of the lasso with the hat, and then put it back on her head. Then she made the whole crowd gasp by jumping through the lasso. They gasped twice as loud when she jumped through twice in rapid succession.

"There is no way she came up with this routine on the spot. She had to have known this would be the topless phase of the competition," Stephanie complained. "Look at the way her boobs bounce when she jumps! Why didn't I think about just jumping up and down while I was competing?" She followed up that trick by making the rope spin parallel to the ground, and down low enough that it looked like she could jump into the spinning hoop. The crowd gasped when she did just that. She then pulled it up to her midsection to show that she could do the hula hoop trick too, then finish in the overhand twirl that was all most contestants could manage. She screamed, "Yee-haw!" to a loud round of applause.

Al and Stephanie applauded the performance too, but Stephanie was muttering under her breath that she could have done better too if she had months to practice before the competition.

Al and Stephanie went back to their stations to await the announcement of who the six finalists would be. They were a bit disappointed when a heavily tattooed couple in their early 20's was announced in sixth place. Al and Stephanie were sure that they hadn't made the finals. "Oh well, I guess we didn't make it. I was hoping we squeaked into that last spot."

"Most of the time, I was hoping we would end up in the free for all fuck fest that they have the other candidates participate in. Even though you said you were OK with me penetrating you, I thought it would be for the best if we took a spot in back and let you do your When Harry Met Sally thing. But when you started kissing me..."

"Dad! You started kissing me!"

"I did not, but whatever, when we were kissing, I was almost hoping that we would make the finals so I would get to do with you what no father should ever do with his daughter!"

"There was no almost about it, you were ready for action!" Stephanie wasn't accusing her father though, for she immediately added, "And so was I!" Then in a shy voice she added, "I still am, if you don't want to fake things in the free for all."

"Baby, I don't think that's a good idea..."

"Wait, listen to the announcer!" Stephanie interrupted.

" ... menacing brute with a shaved head and goatee. She's a bodacious blonde anyone would be glad to have on the back of their bike who looks as good in a leather jacket as she does out of a leather jacket. This couple placed no higher than 6th in any of the initial rounds, but no lower than 11th. Based on that consistency, moving into the finals in fourth place are..."

"Daddy, I know that could apply to several couples, but doesn't that sound like us?"

"No way, don't get your hopes up girl."

"Big Al and Busty Stephanie!"

"Daddy, daddy! It is us! Aren't you excited?" Stephanie was jumping for joy, and her big naked tits burst forth from the leather jacket she had just won and were once again bounding around freely.

Al was excited, but he was also scared. The urge to fuck his daughter had seemed to be safely behind him, but now it returned with a vengeance. He was going to have to lay pipe to his little girl, whose bounding breasts were reminding him she was a gorgeous young lady in her twenties. The erection brought about by kissing his daughter, which had been subsiding, was renewed by her vigorous celebration. Staring hungrily at his daughter, he pulled her close, tilted her head back, and kissed her again. Breaking the kiss, he whispered, "It may not seem like it, but I'm terrified by what we're about to do!"

Taking her father's face in her hands, Stephanie replied, "Daddy, I don't want you holding back because I'm your younger daughter. For the rest of today, I want you to pretend I'm your older daughter Jennifer. Just kidding, seriously though, pretend that I'm your woman, and when you fuck me, you fuck me like you want to win those motorcycles!"

Al growled, "You are one sexy bitch!" as he filled his hands with Stephanie's huge tits.

"Well, Big Al and Stephanie look like they're happy to have made the finals! In third place..."

Stephanie wandered around a bit to watch the free for all and to take a closer look at the other finalists. It was saying something that Al didn't check out the free for all; it was usually his favorite segment of the competition, even though, technically, everyone participating in the free for all had already been eliminated. Al was still trying to come to terms with being in the finals of this competition with his daughter. On the one hand, he was about to do something he had always been told no parent should ever do; on the other hand, Stephanie herself had told him to think of her as his woman for the day, and to fuck her soundly.

Then there was a third thing, which was his throbbing cock. It wanted to be inside his little girl. His daughter's vanishing sense of modesty wasn't helping his internal struggle. The more he got to see of his little girl's big tits, the more he wanted to get in her pants.

Al couldn't decide if watching his daughter gyrate topless in front of the crowd and the cameras was more or less tempting than seeing her in her leather jacket without a bra or bikini on under it. Still, there was no getting around the fact that Stephanie's performance had changed the way he looked at her, and now he most definitely wanted his cock inside her. Just the thought made him wish the finals were starting right now, but it made him feel guilty nonetheless.

Guilty or not, when Stephanie returned from her scouting expedition, he told her, "Come here girl, and sit on your old man's lap." She did as she was told, and Al couldn't keep himself from pulling her jacket open to stare at his daughter's bare breasts up close. "Man, that is one fine set of knockers!" With that, Al buried his face in his daughter's chest to lick and suck on her nipples.

"Oh daddy, you're so silly!" Stephanie giggled. "The cowgirl and the belly dancer made the finals too. The other three girls all have fake knockers, but none of their boobs look as good as Jen's do now after her surgery. Not surprisingly, one of those was the one with the nearly liter sized implants. Hey, I bet you're thinking about what it would be like to sit Jen down in your lap and slobber all over her boobs!"

Al interrupted Stephanie's analysis, "Don't say things like that! It's bad enough that you talked me into entering this contest with you. This is completely unnatural! Don't make it worse by bringing your sister into it! Damn it though; I just can't help myself!" He took one of his daughter's large jugs in both hands and lifted her nipple back to his mouth.

Stephanie sighed as her nipples were getting hard as a result of her father's attention. "Anyway, I think the bigger problem is that all three of those girls are all dolled up, hair and make-up. All I've got in my purse is a tube of lipstick, which I should use after you get done playing with your new toys!" Stephanie squirmed in her father's lap, then gasped, "Dad, do you have something in your pocket?"

"No, that's all me."

"What? No way! No fucking way! I mean, seriously, how big are you Dad?"

"No point in scaring you now, you'll get to see when the finals start, just like everyone else."

"Scaring me?"

"Don't worry, I know how to use it, and if I gave you some number of inches it would just make you nervous. I've been thinking about what you said though. Even though there is some part of me that still thinks this is a horrible idea, that's not the part that's in charge any more. Between the way you performed topless and the way we kissed, I'm hungry for your body Stephanie, and I'm hungry for your body in a way I've never been for anyone else before. Maybe I was more excited on my honeymoon, or the night your Mom and I conceived Jennifer."

"Hey, what about conceiving me?"

"Sorry baby. When you came along, it was more: When did that happen? We'd better check the calendar. Anyway, it's one thing being excited about having sex with your wife, because you're supposed to have sex with your wife. Being excited about getting to have sex with your daughter is different, because you're not supposed to even want to have sex with your daughter!"

"But now you do want to have sex with me?" Stephanie cooed.

Al assured her, "Yes, yes I do!"

"I want to have sex with you too Daddy. At first, when you told me what kind of contest this was, I didn't think it would be anything serious; we'd just kind of go through the motions and fake it. But now I'm all hot for sex with my own father. I can't wait for the finals to start either!"

Al grabbed his daughter's face with both hands, leaned her backwards, and planted another passionate kiss on his daughter's lips. Her breasts were rubbing against Al's forearms as he kissed her. During the time the other contestants were putting the finishing touches on their hair and make-up, Stephanie was making out with her dad. They were getting so worked up, that it was probably a good thing when one of the officials told them it was time for the finalists to head to the center of the tent because the free for all was finished. "Damn! You two look like you can barely wait for the finals to start," he added.

Stephanie did apply a coat of lipstick on her way to the center of the tent. There were now two raised platforms with three sport bikes set up on top of each. An official explained that there were three initial phases to the finals, Get in the Saddle, Mount Up, and Ride That Bitch. Then, if the highest scoring pair wasn't able to complete the Victory Lap, the chance for victory would keep filtering down to the next highest scoring couple. Stephanie and Al were on the end of one of the platforms with the cowgirl and one of the dolled up women. However, it wasn't the woman with the freakishly huge implants. Stephanie couldn't tell if she had landed in first place or third. It was easier to see that the belly dancer was now in second since she was in the middle of the other platform. Stephanie was told to lose her bikini bottoms and get on the bike.

Stephanie blushed a bit when the crowd cheered her full nudity. She had a tiny landing strip above her pussy, but other than that, it was hairless. She straddled the seat of the sport bike like she would if she would ride it, but the official scolded her, "No, not like that. You're not going for a ride; he is!"

"If he's going for a ride, then why am I on the bike?"

"Steph, look at the other women," Al told his daughter.

Stephanie looked to her left and saw the other two contestants lying on their bikes with their legs pointed up at the top of the tent in a V and their shoulders wedged, painfully it seemed, between the handlebars of the bike. "Oh my!" Steph was the last woman to get posed, but she managed to do so without losing her balance and falling off the bike. Even with the kickstand down, it was not the most stable perch she had ever been on.

The video camera assigned to her was panning her body, but the still photographer was going nuts between her legs taking close ups of her crotch. "What kind of photos are you taking?" Stephanie wondered, "My doctor doesn't get a view that good."

The female official with a clipboard who had measured Stephanie agreed with her, "Dude! She's right. Stop loading up on pussy shots and get some of those giant titties of hers. They're natural and magnificent!" The girls with fake boobs may have photographed better than hers when posing on their backs. For the judges walking around, the way Stephanie's natural jugs swayed and moved on her chest scored just as well as fake tits that stayed pointed at the top of the tent.

"Ugh, how much longer do I have to stay balanced like this?" Stephanie wondered.

"Just a bit longer, the judges are holding up a yellow paddle, which means that they're checking to make sure everything is scored properly and they don't have to take a second look at anyone again. After that, your man can take his clothes off and he's allowed to help support your legs. Hang on; the head judge is trying to tell me something."

Stephanie didn't get the immediate break she wanted. The woman with the clipboard came back. "The judges want me to give you another good squeeze to make sure those puppies are genuine. I told them I had done that earlier, but they want to retest. Do you mind?"

"No, go ahead. I don't want to do anything to upset the judges. I want those bikes!" Stephanie felt a bit odd to be looking at a feminine hand with painted nails that wasn't her own touching her breast. Thankfully the official was easily satisfied that her boobs were real and gave the other judges a thumbs up.

Over the loud speaker, a voice announced "OK Bikers, the judges just gave the all clear sign, so that means it's time to..."

"Mount Up!" the crowd finished for him.

Al pealed his tank top off to reveal his barrel chest, but after he had taken his jeans off but was still wearing his boxers, the female official at their station got very excited. "Camera, video, are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

The two men weren't thrilled to point their cameras away from Stephanie's voluptuous body to Al's bulging crotch, but that was their job.

Stephanie craned her neck to see what the commotion was about. "Now I see why you didn't want to tell me how big you were earlier, but damn, I'm scared anyway."

"Just how big is that monster anyway?" the female judge wanted to know.

Al grunted, "Why don't I just show you? I think my little lady's legs are getting tired."

Al pushed his boxers down and let his coiled up cock straighten out and expand to its full length. "Man, that's better. It fucking hurts to get that hard in blue jeans!"

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