Mist — A Universe from the Mind of Ka Hmnd

A world of giant insects and reptiles. The oceans and lake are filled with very large predator fish. The planet is a tourist spot for extreme hunters and fishermen.
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Prey to Predator
Science Fiction
He returned from serving in the military. He is the last of his family and only wants to be left along. When the strangers arrived he thought they were there to steal. When he and others are forced to run before hunters arrive he takes the only girl with him to protect her. Mist is not a forgiving world and being hunted only lasts until he get his hands on a weapon.
Tags: Ma/ft, Consensual, Science Fiction, Pregnancy, Cream Pie
Sex Contents: Much Sex
32 KB 16304 1050 6.99

Walking Across Mist
Science Fiction
A chance remark and the next thing I knew I was planning to walk around the world. The world of Mist is very dangerous and filled with amazing creatures. Of course when Candy and Megan decided to help and go with me how could I refuse. After all they were girls and very beautiful and the giant insects could only kill me once.
Tags: mt/ft
Sex Contents: Some Sex
16 KB 7946 746 7.15

Retriever in the Mist
Science Fiction
A former fleet marine accepts a job to find and bring a witness back. Besides the wild creatures of Mist there are bribed and crooked Peace Officers hunting them.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual
Sex Contents: Some Sex
18 KB 7690 691 7.28