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Badlands--The America Zone — A Universe from the Mind of Gina B

The America Zone Prologue There were a lot of homeless people left to fend for themselves after the great civil and world wars of 2044. The so-called American Re-Patriots had waged war on the world and on many of it's own citizens as well. Using old stockpiles of weaponry, including strategic use of nuclear weapons, huge chunks of the world had been wiped out, especially the religious strongholds, except for those in the U.S. A new religious order replaced all that went before and this religion had very different ideas about how to love your fellow man and woman. When people started starving and when almost all sex was denied, and any and all pleasure forbidden, further revolt was imminent. When the policies of the religious zealots threatened to impact even the super rich, a world order comprised of the richest men in the world came together to establish a lasting peace and to rid the old United States of it's repressive theocratic leaders. They divided the world into zones that they would rule with an iron fist, a world where everyone would follow the same rules, where everyone would be assigned their proper place in the order of things, and where only the elite would enjoy the full bounty produced by those beneath them. The leaders hastily drafted a new constitution changing the basic premise and rules of citizenship in the U.S., now known simply as The America Zone in the new order called Worldtopia. Chief among the additions was the right of the free man to pursue pleasure. Pleasure was redefined to include things like the right to have sex at will with both male and female slaves, the right to punish slaves for poor behavior or attitude, including killing them if necessary. Everything was acceptable as long as only slaves were involved. Slavery was instituted so that the corporations could have all the labor they needed to continue making huge profits in a world rebuilding after war. The slavery act helped the corporations stay strong and kept people from starving and being homeless. Free men included very few of the populace, mainly the managers, essential workers in a variety of fields, and small business men. Non-slave women were only half free and used as breeders if they married a free man, and allowed to care for him and his children. Women were not allowed to work outside of the home, they were denied abortions and contraceptives and so lower class women had many children. The wives of elite men had it a bit better in that they were allowed to shop and enjoy the super rich lifestyle, but their primary function was also as that of breeder so that the elite class would continue. Free men were allowed both wives and as many women as they wanted, and as many slaves as they could afford. A few middle managers had slaves as they became more affluent. By law, women would be put to death if they had sex with anyone but their husbands. Only a few dared and they paid dearly. Both male and female fuck slaves had it the worst because they were required by law to follow their master's orders or risk immediate death. Female fuck slaves working in clubs were in the worst position because their function was to have sex with and be of service to drunk and rowdy men, and many died as a result of carelessness or just plain malice. Female escorts were slightly higher on the fuck slave scale but were frequently killed if they did not please their client. Some forty years after this brave new experiment, society has all but forgotten the old world. History had been re-written and the old books destroyed. All digital sources of the world before 2044 were blocked and only the elite had access to either books or the internet. Television existed only for the non-elite free men and all content came from the elite governors. People seemed content in this new society, at least the rich and the new middle class. The slaves are simply that, slaves. They do their best to just survive. All religion is banned worldwide though small enclaves exist. As small as the chance is now, these radical groups still plot to overthrow what they see as a godless, corrupt regime. Members of religious orders in the America Zone are made examples of with public executions. Their heads are placed on sticks and placed in public places until they rot. The same fate awaits women who cheat on their husbands. The elite assures that the free population is well fed with a new meat which is plentiful and in good supply. The meat is called just that and is laced with powerful drugs to further dull the consciousness of the average free man. The clubs provide entertainment, as does state run television and government produced films. Slaves are provided a more meager portion of meat that is laced with even more powerful drugs to keep them compliant. Only the elite can afford fresh fruit and vegetables and the upscale restaurants that provide gourmet items, and only the elite can access the very special, high end clubs where a man can have absolutely anything he wants if he can pay the price. Cities across the America Zone are all the same. They are dark and grim urban jungles full of tall, cold buildings from the old days. The sky is perpetually hazy and a darkish blue and no plants or trees grow in the environment. The elite live in secure sections outside of the cities. They live in walled in communities in large houses. Retail and entertainment areas are there to serve them. Parties and weddings are held on green lawns maintained by slaves. Catering is provided by small businesses run by free men and mostly staffed with slaves. They know only each other and like it that way. Only their teenage children venture into the cities and towns just to see what is going on. Most return quickly to their homes and never bother with the cities again. They prefer their own high end clubs where there is no lack of young, beautiful fuck slaves. The peace is kept by the elite military guard who regularly patrols the cities. Citizens engaged in crimes are shot on sight and so there is very little crime, an occasional rape of the child of a free man but that is not considered important enough to pursue since they are only a step above slaves, and more than likely the young woman or man involved deserved it anyway. Twenty years after the great war, life in the America Zone and the other world zones was pretty much orderly and predictable. The masses obeyed their masters, the lower class thrived with limitations, and the upper class made rules and ruled with an iron fist. The only problem was boredom. What evolved from that was a demand for more and more excess in terms of sexual matters. Pleasure for the rich at any cost was predominant, pleasure for the lower classes a necessity to keep them in line. Special national games, television shows, and events started in earnest, each exploring new avenues of sexual adventures. The sacrifices began under the leadership of a new sort of religious order. Extreme pleasure and freedom from hunger ruled the earth. Sexual freedom and the pursuit of satisfaction was a guaranteed right for the upper and lower classes in America. Stories from The Badlands begin in the year 2084.
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Club 336
(premier members only)
Club 336 is the first of a series of stories from the universe of Badlands-The America Zone. Boys just want to have fun and that's exactly what they do at Club 336 in the year 2084 where one lucky birthday boy celebrates and enjoys his first fuck slave. I hope you enjoy!
Tags: Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Post Apocalypse, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Sex Contents: Stroke Story
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His Master's Slave

(premier members only)
This is the story of a fuck slave owned by one of the elite in the Badlands-America Zone Universe. There is a lot of sex in this story but also a lot of story about a couple of days in the life of this man. I'm labeling it much sex because I think there's as much story as sex. I hope you enjoy!
Tags: Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Slavery, Gay, Post Apocalypse, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Sex Contents: Much Sex
35 KB 1317 16 4.11