His Master's Slave

by Gina B

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Slavery, Gay, Post Apocalypse, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is the story of a fuck slave owned by one of the elite in the Badlands-America Zone Universe. There is a lot of sex in this story but also a lot of story about a couple of days in the life of this man. I'm labeling it much sex because I think there's as much story as sex. I hope you enjoy!

At seven every morning, I put the coffee tray down as quietly as possible so as not to awake Master. He wants only to awaken and feel my mouth on his dick, sucking slowly as he opens his eyes to each new day. I crawl under the covers and take it all into my mouth and suck until it starts to harden and then I know my Master is awake and I can suck harder and moan so he knows how much I want his dick in my mouth. Master grabs my hair, pushing me down into his groin and starts fucking up into my mouth. I moan as I bob up and down on his hard dick and prepare to receive his cum when I hear him groan and move more erratically, and then he's there and hot cum is pouring down my throat and I swallow every drop and then lick him clean.

After that I serve Master his coffee and wait for his next command while sitting on the floor by his bed, eyes downcast, just waiting to do as he wishes. Master drinks a cup of coffee and tells me that he needs to piss. I quickly crawl into the bathroom ahead of him so that I'm waiting for him as he approaches the toilet, then stands there until I hold his dick and aim and then he pisses. When he's done, I again lick him clean and make sure he is dry. I missed a spot once and do not wish to experience the punishment of having my face pushed and held in a toilet full of piss. I deserved it though.

I have laid out everything Master needs to get ready and I kneel on the floor until he is done. His clothes are ready too and I crawl quickly to the walk-in closet and wait for him to get dressed. When he's done, Master snaps his fingers and points to his shoes and I quickly get the brush and shine them up. He just looks at me after and tells me not to let it happen again, not unless I want to get kicked down the stairs again, and with that he gives me just a little kick in the stomach.

Before he leaves to do whatever he does all day, he tells me there will be a small dinner party at home tonight and that I should be ready to entertain prior to and throughout the evening. He tells me I should clean myself well, and make sure to wear the butt plug all day so to be ready. Master gives me a little smile and also tells me that I am to service anyone in the house who wants me but to remember to clean up before reinserting the butt plug. He knows I can sometimes be forgetful and I vow to not forget because I don't want to experience the punishment, and I especially don't want to disappoint Master. Wearing a dildo pounded deep into your ass for a week is not what I want for myself, nor is the scorn which dissipates slowly. Master rightly expects perfection from a fuck slave like me.

I have lived with my Master for three years, I think, well, as far as I can tell from the calendars I sneak peeks at when I can. I think I am about 20 years old, and I think my name is Jonathan but I'm not sure really because Master doesn't think slaves should have names and he and everyone else call me the slut. Sluts are for service anyway and I am lucky my Master purchased me and takes care of me. I am good for nothing else, have no talent at all except to suck dick and swallow cum, and to take it in my ass for however long and whenever my Master wants me to.

Once my Master leaves for the day, it's time to start my chores, first of which is cleaning the bathroom, including the toilet. I have a toothbrush for cleaning the toilet, another for the floor and another for the shower and sinks. The walls may be wiped down but must sparkle too or I will be punished. After the bath, I clean my Master's bedroom and closet. The bed is made with freshly ironed sheets every day. Clothes for the cleaners are set aside for Joseph the Butler to take in for cleaning and every inch must be vacuumed and dusted until it glows. Master's bed must always be turned down but not until the evening and it's another one of those things that can be difficult to remember especially if I am the entertainment.

My chores are done quickly and I must now go to George, the Butler, and get more to do. Master doesn't think slaves should ever lack for things to do. I crawl around looking for George, and before I find him, Henry, the pastry chef takes me aside for a blow job. I, of course, accommodate him because Master said I should always service the household staff. Henry's always pretty rough and today's no different but it's just another dick really so I suck him off as fast as I can and swallow his cum.

I finally find George, and he wants me to polish silverware for tonight's dinner and tells me I should lean over the table while I'm doing it, and spread my legs of course. He sees the butt plug and pulls it out while he and a couple of others fuck me. I polish the silver while their dicks pump into me, three of them, one after the other, all coming deep inside while they groan. When they're done, George picks up the butt plug and jams in back in my ass so that only a tiny bit of cum escapes to drip onto the floor. He tells me to lick it up and I quickly do.

When the silver is done, it's time for lunch and I go to the slaves table where we get the household's breakfast leftovers. Master doesn't believe in wasting food. I don't mind though and I don't hear anyone else complaining. We've all heard the stories about some houses where slaves only get one meal a day. Master is good to us so we eat gratefully our first of two meals for the day. We are allowed fifteen minutes to eat and clean up, no excuses, and anyone not obeying that command is severely punished and not fed for several days, and only then after they beg for any scrap the master might be willing to give to a non-entity like a slave.

My next assignment is to go the gardening shed to help with the flowers for tonight's party. I like the garden but it can sometimes be a problem for me because there are ten gardeners, including a paid, non-slave, manager and nine slaves who do the work. Master has told me to obey all managers in his employ and do anything they ask, and the head gardener always wants to watch the slaves fuck me one after another while he jacks off and then cums in my mouth.

When I get to the garden shed, the manager, Mike, is waiting for me and tells me to bend over. He sees the butt plug and pulls it out and cum starts dripping out. This makes Mike laugh a little and he says something about me being busy today. He then calls the slaves in and tells them to fuck me, and he goes and sits down to watch. They are all labor slaves but will do whatever they're told and the first up lines up his dick and shoves it all the way into my ass. He pulls all the way out and then slams it in again, and does that a few times until I can feel how hard he's become, then I feel him pick up the pace and really pound into me until he groans and all at once his cum is pouring into my ass.

The whole line of slaves does me and it actually feels pretty good, a warm up for what's ahead tonight. When they're done, Mike decides he wants my ass too and walks over to me while he's still jacking off then puts his dick deep in and I can feel it twitch as he groans and starts to pulse his cum into me. When he's done, he wipes his dick off on my ass and puts the plug back it. It makes a squishing sound as cum drips out around it. I help him with flowers and a bit of planting for a couple of hours, and service one more dick, and then I crawl back to find George.

It's late in the afternoon and George tells me take the cleaner's delivery boy up to Master's closet and leave the clean clothes, and then suck him because that's what he said he wanted as his tip. The delivery boy first deposits the clothes in the closet, and then his cum down my throat after fucking my face for a minute or two before he yells, "Fuck," and spits cum into my mouth. I swallow of course and he zips up and leaves without a backward glance.

George had also told me to shower and get ready for the party. I reminded myself to remove and clean the butt plug, and then I cleaned up and got ready for the party.

I was always nude except for my leather collar and leash attachment. Master wanted me to wear makeup for parties and so had taught me what he wanted and I now carefully applied the foundation and blush and heavy eyeliner and shadow just the way he liked. Slaves don't really have egos, at least we're not supposed to, but I was used to men drooling over me and as I looked into the mirror checking my work, I wondered what it was in me that they liked so much. My hair was dark and longish, my eyes blue, my face symmetrical with what I had heard called a chiseled nose which was apparently very desirable, and full lips which I'd heard called sensual and pretty around a dick.

I knew I was tall and thin, and narrow hipped, and men were always remarking that I was hung, which I think meant they wanted me to fuck them though they rarely admitted it and preferred to fuck me instead. If I got lucky tonight I'd get to come too, but I wasn't counting on it, and anyway, servicing my Master had nothing to do with my pleasure and everything to do with his.

With make up finished, I was ready for my Master except for a quick cleanup of my little bathroom. My service was so important to Master that he allowed me to have my own bedroom and bath. He was afraid the other slaves would steal or use my makeup, or in some way ruin my sleep if I slept in the communal quarters, so I was housed close to my Master. It was expected though that my room and bath be as spotless as Master's at all times. I didn't even want to think about going through the punishment again. I was nothing if not a quick learner.

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