The Competition — A Universe from the Mind of lordshipmayhem

Years ago, Rebecca's mother was on the same school swim team the Grade 7 student is now on. Back then, Mother's team lost against the strongest competitor in the district. That loss still rankles, and mother is determined to "help" her daughter... help Rebecca is not permitted to turn down...
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The Competition
lordshipmayhem Diane York makes her 13-year-old daughter Rebecca's life miserable by trying to help her and her fellow swim team members compete against the strongest middle school in the district.
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New Student
lordshipmayhem Can Gloria's mother be convinced to permit her to enrol at Gymnos?
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The Providers
Coming of Age
Cor This story closes Lordshipmayhem's Competition universe. Rebecca and the other students of St. Dunstans's are in their final year of High School. Some will go on to further education, others join the work-force and still others leave town altogether. All of them, however, have been forever changed by that first experience of forced nudity when Diane York imposed nude co-ed swims on the St. Dunstan Swim Team.
Tags: Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Humor, Interracial, Slow, School, Nudism
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