The Providers

by Cor

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Desc: Coming of Age Story: This story closes Lordshipmayhem's Competition universe. Rebecca and the other students of St. Dunstans's are in their final year of High School. Some will go on to further education, others join the work-force and still others leave town altogether. All of them, however, have been forever changed by that first experience of forced nudity when Diane York imposed nude co-ed swims on the St. Dunstan Swim Team.

The second term of their second year in High school was drawing to a close and the two fifteen year old teens, Rebecca York, Linda MacIntyre and their boyfriends, Kevin Wilson and Paul Appleton, were lounging about in the shallow end of the in-ground pool of their classmate, Danielle Winter.

Rebecca had asked Danielle if she could borrow the Winter pool for a bit because she was having some trouble with a high speed turn-around she was attempting and her own pool was too short to get up to speed. The flip worked well at her place but the last two times she tried it at swim team practice she found herself out of position and that had cost her half a second. She was hoping to be able to fine-tune the move at Danielle's and, as usual, Linda came along as timekeeper and supporter. They've been working as a team that way ever since that fateful day when Rebecca's mother forced the Saint Dunstan swim team to strip and swim naked in order to beat Gymnos. Diane York had recently been elected as chairwoman of the St. Dunstan Home and School Association and had really been feeling her oats since then.

As a member of the St. Dunstan swim team some twenty years previously, Diane had never forgiven herself or the swim team for the loss to Gymnos they had endured. It just wasn't RIGHT! It had been the first year that Gymnos had been inscribed as a participant of the Intercity School Athletics Association.Gymnos was a local private school wholly subsidised by the members of the local naturist center, Sunny Acres, and as such, insisted that all competitors in their home pool be nude. The shock had so destabilised Diane that she had lost the race. Since then, Gymnos had won all the inter-school championships, usually by default, as no other school would compete under those conditions. When Diane won the election, she was determined that her daughter would wipe away that dishonour and forced the school's swim team to go nude. The rest is history...

Now, three and a half years later, the whole county was clothing-optional, every elementary school but one, and just about every junior high school were totally clothes-free and, except for Buchanan, which had declared itself clothes-free the same year that St. Dunstan did, just about every high school was officially clothing optional, although most had copied Buchanan's example and were now unofficially clothes-free, as well. All inter-school and community sporting events with the exception of baseball had been clothes-free for two years now. Baseball was excepted and would remain so mainly because sliding home in skin was just too risky. As for American-style football, it was losing ground to soccer and rugby, both of which could be played nude and had already been done so frequently elsewhere in the world.

The only schools that were determined to remain textile, to use the term that naturists use to describe those that prefer to wear clothing for all occasions, including swimming, if you can believe it, were those frequented by religious fundamentalists of different faiths, be they Catholic, Christian, Jew or Muslim. However, rumour has it that their student numbers are steadily declining as these families move out for more straight-laced communities.

The St. Dunstan swim team, composed as it was of four younger members and four older members, with the just about the same age spread amongst the supporters, had been obliged to split up as half the team went on to Buchanan. However, the girls had remained in contact and the following year, when the younger team members graduated from St. Dunstan, as well, they all reunited again as the Buchanan swim team. It became a matter of pride that they stayed together. They would practice together, competitors and supporters, alike, they would compete together, in the pool and in the stands, they would celebrate their wins together and, not very often but it did happen occasionally, they would commiserate their defeats together.

Rachel had changed a lot from the time she had been Queen Bitch of her squad of 'bad girls' at St. Dunstan Jr. High. Rachel and her mother had never really gotten along and when her mother's latest live-in boyfriend had tried to include Rachel in their night-time activities (she had just turned fifteen), Rachel had blackmailed the guy into paying for a small flat downtown, lied about her age and moved out. Of her 'bad girls', Christina Lopez and Carrie Simmons had stayed on to become full-fledged supporters of the swim team while Andrea had dropped out during the ninth grade. Rumour had it she was now doing porn flicks somewhere in New Jersey. Rachel and Anne would always bring their chess board and after a hard-fought game, Anne would coach Rachel to the point that in the class standings, they were always one and two; sometimes, it was Rachel who was ahead, other times it was Anne.

The public school system is not the only organisation benefiting from the groundswell of everyone choosing to go natural. The three Gymnos schools; Gymnos Elementary, Gymnos Jr. High and Gymnos High School have all seen an increase in student population. Being a private school, it can set its own rules (within certain limits, of course) and one is that it can accept students from non-residential families. With all the media attention that the clothes-free schools have been gathering, families from across the country have started to register their children for a naturist education. Gymnos maintains several dormitory-style residences for out-of-town students within the limits of the Sunny Acres Naturist Center.

Sunny Acres has also seen a tremendous increase in business. Previously, Sunny Acres and Baxter Island's famous 'nude' beach (although, technically it was clothing- optional) had been the only places where those who were so inclined could 'let it all hang out'. Now that the entire county was clothing-optional, all of Baxter Island has pretty well become totally clothes-free, and with the exception of the cost of the ferry ($1 for a round trip ticket) is completely free, unlike Sunny Acres. However, Sunny Acres has a non-negligible advantage. There is no possibility for an overnight stay at Baxter Island. During the night, the island is patrolled by security. (That is not to say that no one has ever stayed overnight on Baxter Island but doing so is complicated as not only must the overnighter hide to avoid security, the ticket is only valid on the day of purchase and there is no ticket booth on the island itself. Any adventurous soul or rather couple, since that is the usual case, must ask a friend to purchase some extra round trip tickets the following day so the lovers can get back off the island. However, unlike that old B. B. King song, the thrill is certainly NOT gone.)

Be that as it may, we were discussing Sunny Acres. The main reason Sunny Acres has remained popular and even increased its membership, in spite of nudity being allowed everywhere is the fact that it is the only camping-friendly green space within the county; the nearest state park is out in 'textile territory'! The Board of Directors of Sunny Acres (there has never been a single owner or group of 'owners', as such) has since the very beginning been intensely interested in the 'nature' aspect of naturism and has kept 75 to 80 % of the property in its original pristine state. Whenever there was a need (and they had the money), they expanded outward and even then, some of the newly purchased land was allowed to revert. It has only been since the county has become clothing optional that they have deviated somewhat from this policy. The latest farm they have acquired had a beautiful century-old mansion fronting it, so it was decided to convert the farm into an 18 hole par-3 golf course with the mansion to be turned into a clubhouse and pro shop. Bill Tierney, the man responsible for most of the 'green' infrastructure within Sunny Acres, will be heading up that project.

By the time Kevin and Paul had joined them with pizzas and soda, Rebecca figured that she knew what she was doing wrong (her down-stroke arm was extended too far out). The last two tries, her time had actually improved two tenths over her best. So when Kevin appeared, she was doubly pleased.

With the pizza boxes empty except for a few dry crusts and their bellies full, no one felt the least bit like doing any strenuous exercise, besides, they were five and two against three was unfair, no matter how you sliced it. Usually, Danielle's younger sister, Darlene, would be there with them but she and her class were off on a nature hike somewhere, the sand quarry, most likely. Danielle herself had not yet found a boy to her liking... "As if I'd have the time for it!" she would say if some one brought it up. Danielle spent all her free time, and then some, volunteering at the St. Joseph's rehab centre. As a result, the conversation had drifted from the upcoming end-of-term exams to what they were hoping to do after they graduate. (Talking about boys was simply not on ... guys have such fragile egos.)

"I, for one, already have a job lined up," said Paul. "As a matter of fact, come summer, I'll be starting my apprenticeship."

"And when were you thinking of telling ME about it?" said Linda, crossly.

"Aw, Lin... , don't take it like that. It's not as if I'll be leaving town..."

She gave him a quick snuggle. "Just teasing... " She waited... "So, out with it already! What WILL you be doing?"

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