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Nymph Dreams — A Universe from the Mind of BoonDock

Nymphs, Satyrs, Fauns and other magical creatures have returned. These stories tell of their emergence from Dreamtime and interaction with humans and each other.
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Nymph Dreams
BoonDock A young boy lives adjacent to an old growth forest. The forest contains ancient trees that are inhabited by wood nymphs who have been dormant for years. He stops to rest in an old grove and leans his back against one of these trees. His proximity rouses the awareness of the nymph who needs fresh semen to awaken fully. She manipulates the tree to caress him after he dozes off. He has a wet dream and cums in his pants. The Nymph gets what she needs to finally emerge from her long slumber...
Tags: mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Furry, Sister, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Hairy, Slow, School
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Mike and the Nymph
Zaffen Imagine your surprise when you find the girl of your your bed.
Tags: mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Group Sex, 2nd POV, Nudism
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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Out of the Van
IronBuddah A story in the Nymph Dreams universe. Roy's friend, Chad, is visited by one of the recently awakened nymphs.
Tags: mt/Fa, Fiction, First, Body Modification, Big Breasts
Sex Contents: Much Sex
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The Nymph That Stayed
Zaffen Another story in the 'Nymph Universe.'
Tags: mt/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Daughter, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Nudism
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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An Unforgettable Encounter With a Mysterious Woman

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Lonesome Walker While walking down a lonely road to nowhere I found a beautiful and mysteriously naked woman who seemed to know me.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual
Sex Contents: No Sex
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Larry and Myl'Fair
BoonDock Larry's situation is bad; so bad that he thinks about using one of his father's fire-arms... This is how Larry's story begins. He is one of the young guys who is "gifted" with the visit of a nymph on the night that Roy and Syl'Fair make the rounds. Read "Nymph Dreams" to find the back story. This Story meets up with Nymph Dreams in Chapter 25 of that story.
Tags: mt/ft, Ma/mt, Consensual, Rape, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Violent, Transformation
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Posted: Incomplete and Inactive
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Lucky Number Eleven
Pariahsolo C-Man thought his life was the pits. Short, sickly, ugly and from the wrong side of the tracks. So he is utterly shocked when his name was added to the list of possible mates for the Nymphs. Twenty guys on the list for ten Nymphs. He was Lucky Number Eleven.
Tags: Romantic, Magic
Sex Contents: Some Sex
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