Lucky Number Eleven

by Pariahsolo

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Magic, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: C-Man thought his life was the pits. Short, sickly, ugly and from the wrong side of the tracks. So he is utterly shocked when his name was added to the list of possible mates for the Nymphs. Twenty guys on the list for ten Nymphs. He was Lucky Number Eleven.

The Nymph paused, looking back at the metal conveyance that retained only three of her kin, unsure if she could continue. Her sister Fain had brought her to this abode for her to mate with the young mortal male inside but she felt so much inside; Pain, sickness, poisons and love. Ignoring the questioning look of her sisters, she turned back to the abode. Yes, love. There was an abundance of love coming from the abode and most of it was from her proposed Bondmate. She chirped as a smile invaded her features. For all of his pain and sickness they paled in the light of his love. Yes, she would accept this 'C-Man' as her Bondmate.

The abode was different from the previous ones her other sisters had been dropped off in front of. Smaller and more log shaped, not rounded but with a flat dull roof. The skin was faded and her keen eyes spied many creaks and crevices. The ground surrounding the abode was almost lifeless, dominated by dirt and crushed rock. Another metal conveyance was parked under a roof overhang with a smoky tar lined container resting on the other side of the conveyance. A Pit for the mortals to burn their food. More ground and rock spread out to the side of the abode leading to a bigger abode, this one made of poor wood. She heard raucous and blubbering blowhards from that abode but her Bondmate was not there so she ignored the mortals within.

Approaching the opening that held her mate, the Nymph paused long enough to confirm what her other senses had told her. Inside, covered in his bedding was her Bondmate, C-Man, breathing roughly but repetitively. After sliding through the opening she watched him sleep, his dreams troubled. The sickness and pain that had initially flooded her senses when she first spied his abode were present in his dreams. Nodding her head sagely, her mortal was not dreaming the dreams of his fellow young males. No motherly bosoms, no flanks of skin, no demur girls or ruby lips. Pain and sickness suffused his dreams.

This posed a problem for the Nymph. To be his Bondmate, the Nymph had to be the 'girl' of his dreams. Yet this male dreamed of no girl he wanted. There were girls in his dreams but they all represented pain and sickness the Nymph was sure. This was not the first time for the Nymph to Bond so she let the female images present cascade over her. There were full bodied females both with and without exaggerated motherly bosoms, there were lean females, almost gaunt and these too had a wide variety of motherly bosoms, some not from Nature.

The Nymph was shocked to see so many of the breasts disfigured, either with ink, metal or fossilized tar. 'Why would the females do such a thing to their bodies?' The Nymph couldn't help but ask herself. Quickly the Nymph jumped to a conclusion, 'The disfigurement is ... connected with the pain and sickness.'

'That was an easy answer, ' the Nymph concluded. 'He dreams of not a particular female but one that won't cause him pain and sickness. It doesn't matter which form I take so long as it is not disfigured and I give him love and not pain.' This thought pleased the Nymph more than any thought had pleased her in the last millennium.

Like a wisp of air, C-Man's bed linen was pulled from him displaying most of his nude body, a body that did not compare adequately with other mortals that the Nymph had experienced. But his shape meant nothing to her because she knew of the great love in his heart. Sliding down his body she sniffed. She couldn't help grimacing. The sickness was almost overwhelming this close if not for the smell of his Essence. Tainted it may have been, to her it was still life giving.

The mortal mumbled and rotated his hips in his sleep to accommodate the Nymph's removal of his briefs. His penis was matched the size of his body: small and thin. His size mattered not to the Nymph, big or small, thick or thin they all provided the same pleasure to the Nymph.

Thinking of previous Bondmates an image flooded the Nymph's thoughts. 'Albront was a beast of a man, larger than fair, who preferred me in my Natural state.' The Nymph's natural state barely reached four feet tall and reed thin while overflowing with grace and life. 'He was large, too large, yet I gladly took him to receive his Essence. No matter what pain he caused me, ripping me through, it was all worth it, each and every time for his Essence.'

The Nymph chirped another smile; she would not have to suffer to receive C-Man's Essence. His Essence that her life depended on. Nuzzling without touching, her nostrils flared as she sucked in his musk. With her face in his crotch his sickness had no chance and was battered back, overridden by his Essence. 'Yes, soo good!'

Snorting without noise, she sniffed again before nudging his penis with her nose; it throbbed only slightly until she exhaled then it not only throbbed but filled. Chirping again she swooped down and engulfed the whole extension into her greedy mouth. She didn't bite or slobber but sucked and pulsed her mouth. C-Man's response was almost immediate, his hips jerked up and down while groans escaped his sleeping lips. As the Nymph drank the Nectar of the Gods, her own naked nether lips quickened and pulsated as pleasure echoed through her body and soul. When both had calmed, she made sure she cleaned him thoroughly with her mouth before lying down next to him.

She chirped pleasantly when she felt an arm reach over to protect her. The Link was there and the Bonding complete. 'No, not complete, in the morn when my change is done then the Link will be complete.' Closing her eyes, the Nymph did not enter Dreamtime but luxuriated in her mortal's grasp as her body slowly filled out.

C-Man moaned as his alarm went off. Feeling an unusual weight on his chest, he looked down to find a sun-kissed arm lying across his chest, almost holding him in place. The head that belonged to the arm was buried in the nook of his left shoulder.

After yawning, C-Man thought to himself, 'Great, one of Cassie's slut girl friends decided to crash in here last night. Fuck! I have got to get a lock that works on that door. Hey, wait, when did Cassie go out? When I came to bed she was crashed out big time on the couch from over doing it at Hilloran's party the night before. Did we? Fuck, I think we did. I don't remember waking up but I definitely remember a ... what? Sex? No, just know something happened and my dick feels different. Damn! Hope this one didn't give me the Clap like Cassie's last friend did.'

Lifting the arm, C-Man slid to the edge of the bed and sat up. Looking back at the half-buried face in his bed he thought further, 'When did Cassie start hanging out with a girl with spiked red hair? Hmmm, no tats, that means she is a newbie, fresh blood or a stray that Cassie picked up somewhere I guess.'

Rubbing his eyes, C-Man stood, yawning again while stretching. This yawn was loud and he chuckled when he thought about his small frame producing such a loud warbling sound. He then looked down. 'Shit no pants. Yep cheese cake decided she wanted some of the C-Man. Silly git.'

Then he heard the voice, he had never heard angels speak but after hearing that voice he suddenly had an idea of what they must sound like. "C-Man, come back to bed please."

Slowly he turned and couldn't help but stare. The beauty in front of him was propped on one elbow with his sheet covering her from the hips down. He saw no tattoos, no piercings and no silicone. Pure, unadulterated female. He pegged her age as maybe a year or three older than him. Her skin was perfection, lightly tanned all around and her breasts looked perfectly average with only slight sag as she was leaning forward reaching for him.

"But I just got up and I need to get a shower" he groused.

"Come back to bed, please?"

"Damn woman, with eyes like that I bet you don't lose many fights." Her only response was to continue to bat her bright emerald eyes back at C-Man. Exasperated, he continued, "Fine but I need to be out of the shower when Mickey wakes up."

He was surprised to see how quickly and thoroughly she molded herself against his slight frame. In truth, he enjoyed himself immensely just holding her, it felt 'right'. But eventually he had to break the spell.

"Uhmm, I don't think we have met before..."

The female only murmured while rubbing her smooth face against his acne ridden one while her leg started to move up and down his legs. She showed her flexibility by lightly grinding his pelvis with her knee on each up stroke.

'Woah, this chickie pooh is trying to get my engine started.' "Uhmm, do you think it is rude if I ask you what your name is? If you told me last night, I am sorry but I don't remember."

Pulling her head back to look at him, she smiled, "I am Pxl'Fair."

'Pixle Fair?!?' "Uhmm, okay Pixie, you certainly have the eyes and ears to go with that description."

That caused her to giggle. "Yes, it is an unusual name but then so is C-Man."

Shrugging with a sloppy grin, "Yeah, that's me. So, uhmm, how long have you known Cassie?"

"Who is Cassie?"

"Cassie is my ... wait; you don't know who my sister is?"

Shaking her head, "No."

"Then how the hell did you get in here?"



Nodding her red spiked head, "Yes Roy and Syl'Fair."

"Wait, who is Roy and who is Silfair?"

Giggling, "Syl'Fair is my Sister, Roy her Bondmate."

Sitting up, "That doesn't tell me anything. I only know one Roy, I go to school with him, he runs track."

Nodding her head aggressively, "Yes, that is him. He brought me here and told me to come in your window."

"WHAT?!? Why?"

Leaning close to kiss his nose, "So we could Bond!"

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