Wagons Ho! — A Universe from the Mind of Lazlong

"Wagons Ho!" was the cry that started the wagons moving as our forefathers were going west. Between 1841 and 1866, more than 350,000 emigrants moved west across the Oregon trail. Traveling the Oregon Trail wasn’t an easy trip and there were many who died before reaching Oregon. It is estimated that nearly one in ten died on the trail. The hearty souls who made the trip fought the terrain, weather, Indians, and each other. They fell in love, got married, and had babies while they traveled. These are some of their stories.
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Wagons Ho! This is the story of a young man and his family as they move west along the Oregon Trail. It is also the story of young love and young lovers.
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Washed Up Ed Hill had a dead end job and a failed marriage. He figured he was all washed up, until he met a runaway who changed his mind. Then fate stepped in and changed everything again.
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