What If... — a series by msboy8

Just about every story asks "What If". These stories will focus on changes to counties, worlds or the established norm. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

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An Adversarial Process The US Justice System is an adversarial process. As such attorneys will ask questions that are very objectionable to try and influence the jury. The opposite attorney can object and the objection can be sustained. The judge may even instruct the jury to ignore what was said, as if you could un-ring a bell. What if the attorneys were held accountable for their actions? What if defense attorneys were held accountable for their client's actions? Read on and see...
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Turnabout Is Fairplay
Men have been summoning daemons and creatures from other worlds for centuries. What if the situation was turned around.
Tags: Ma/Fa, Fiction, Humor, Rough, Torture, Snuff
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