RedTails — a series by Scarletdown
These are simply works where spanking plays a major role.
There are several subcategories to RedTails:

Awakenings - Where at least one character receives or gives a spanking for the first time, or discovers the pleasurable side of spanking

Reckonings - Where the spanking is in response to a need for discipline or punishment.

Desires - This goes beyond Awakenings. The character is giving or submitting to a spanking out of a desire to satisfy that burn.

Immortal Glows - One of the parties involved is an Immortal from one of the Outer Realms. The Immortal will usually be on the giving end, though occasionally she or he will be the one to receive the spanking.

Operation Harbinger - OH stories involve an ongoing plot to introduce spankings as both discipline and reward to worlds where spanking is currently unknown, as well as reintroduce it to worlds where spanking has fallen out of favor. In the latter case, spanking is used to help give the youth and young adults the discipline needed to adapt to the changes and turmoil the world will experience as magick returns to the land.

Sidebars - These are little short story arcs that elaborate on incidents and situations which occur or are referenced in the main RedTails lines. These are written seperately so as not to bog down the main lines with too many little tangents.

Finally, here is my copyleft declaration for my works:

All works within the RedTails and ShadowRealms line, are copyright G. Sutton (aka Scarletdown), some rights reserved.

These works are released under the Creative Commons terms of Attribution / Share-Alike / Non-Commercial. This means that my works may be reposted elsewhere provided that proper credit is given, the full work is available verbatim, and no fee or other restrictions are implemented in order to access my works.

Additionally, as per the Share-Alike term, derivative works (such as other stories based on mine, audio recordings, images, and video) are permitted and highly encouraged.

Such derivative works must also be released under the same terms as this original work.
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RedTails : Blue Rosette
Olivia, a Furling Ocelot has just volunteered the use of her ass as a keg at Hot Summer Nights. Joining with several other volunteers, she is taken down to the cellar where she learns the terrifying but strangely arousing truth about how these delightfully naughty drinks are prepared.
Tags: Mult, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Horror, Furry, BDSM, Caution
Sex Contents: No Sex
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