RedTails : Blue Rosette

by Scarletdown

Tags: Mult, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Horror, Furry, BDSM, Caution,

Desc: Fantasy Story: Olivia, a Furling Ocelot has just volunteered the use of her ass as a keg at Hot Summer Nights. Joining with several other volunteers, she is taken down to the cellar where she learns the terrifying but strangely arousing truth about how these delightfully naughty drinks are prepared.

"Hester," Olivia purred, "I want to order what those people are drinking." The Furling Ocelot cuddled the Furling Chinchilla who was sitting on her lap, and gestured in the direction of the party a couple tables over. Everyone present at Hot Summer Nights had paused in their dancing, dining, and drinking to watch the impromptu demonstration the inn keepers were conducting.

Hester was shocked and stunned by what he was witnessing. The inn keeper's mate, a most stunning Furling Raccoon was placed on a small wheeled table, clad in nothing but her fur, and her ass thrust up in the air. The inn keeper then handed a thick bamboo straw to a green robed Human fellow, most likely a wizard. The wizard inserted the straw up the Raccoon's ass, and the inn keeper smacked his mate's bottom with his paddle, which caused a flow of delicious-looking ale to pour from her depths into the mug the wizard was holding. Even more disturbing to the Chinchilla was what happened after the rest of the party filled their mugs from the Raccoon's ass. One of the girls, a copper-haired Human lass, put her lips to the end of the straw and drank directly from the Furling. When she finished, she looked like she was going to have an orgasm right where she was standing.

Hester smiled up at his feline lover and patted her wide, muscular bottom, "I don't know, Olivia. That just seems so," he paused to think of the right description, but could only come up with, "not right."

"Aw, loosen up a bit, Fuzzball," Lewellyn, one of their Furling Raccoon companions admonished him, "It ain't as if you've never tasted a pretty bottom or two in your day yerself." He gave the Chinchilla a knowing smirk as he staggered over to his chair and sat his furry butt down, pulling his mate clumsily onto his lap.

"Yeah," Teski, the other Furling Raccoon agreed. She draped an arm around Lew's shoulders and matched his smirk, "We've seen you with your tongue up Olivia's butt on many more than one occasion." The pair of Ringtails shared a laugh together and nuzzled each other's cheeks.

Hester felt the insides of his ears heat up as the Raccoons openly discussed his intimate probings of the Ocelot's assets. Additionally, the memories of those moments caused a not so discreet hardening between his thighs, which made him blush even more.

Olivia looked down at the aroused Furling on her lap and idly ran her fingers over the stiff shaft he was showing, "The Rattycoons do have a point, love," she said, "You have tasted me before, and I have likewise tasted you. So why would tasting that lovely lady over there be any different."

Hester looked up at his lovely feline sweetheart and gave her a sheepish grin, "Er... Well... Taildiving each other is one thing," he stammered, "Drinking ale from someone's butt, especially someone whom we do not know, well, that's..."

"That's no different," Lewellyn finished the thought for him, "I'm sure the lady had a thorough deep scrub first. That's a no brainer."

"Come on, love," Olivia whined, "Look how much they are enjoying it. I want this really bad."

"Me too," Teski said, "Although even more, I wouldn't mind trying it from Lew's ass." Her paw slid down his back and came to rest on his soft, buckskin-clad rump"

Lewellyn chuckled and slipped a paw under Teski's skirt to fondle her plush assets. A naughty gleam in his eyes caused the girl to momentarily avert her gaze, "Likewise, love, I would very much enjoy sipping ale from your sweet bottom as well."

She answered by pressing her mouth hard against his, which silenced both of them for half a minute.

The Chinchilla sighed, both out of frustration with his incorrigible companions, as well as with contentment at the Ocelot's expert massaging of his fully erect shaft, "Personally, I think that all of you have had way too much to drink already," he declared, "And we haven't even eaten anything yet."

"Yeah, right," Olivia giggled. She gave him a playful swat on his bottom then took a long sip from her chalice of Azure Depths, finishing off the round, "You know all too well that I have only begun. I'm nowhere near too much, love."

She was interrupted abruptly by the inn keeper, a most delightful looking Furling Deer, clad in a collar and the cutest little black and white lacy apron. "Pardon me, good Furlings," he began.

"Well, good is a relative term," Hester interjected, "especially where these three are concerned." He was silenced by a much harder smack on his rump from Olivia.

"Yes yes," the Deer chuckled, "I know all too well what you mean. Anyway, I must first introduce myself. I am Brannel, one of the proprietors of Hot Summer Nights, and we are currently in a minor crisis situation."

Teski immediately came to their defense, "Whatever we did, we didn't do it."

Brannel laughed again and shook his head, "Please hear me out. I am certain you witnessed the little demonstration my mate and I conducted with the help of that party over there."

Hester nodded, "Yes, we saw it all. That was a most, er... interesting display of naughtiness, drinking from your mate's ass, and in front of this rowdy lot no less."

"Indeed it was," Brannel replied, "And I fear that we have made a critical error. We are now inundated with orders for Ringtail Ale, which is what Mistress Ravenna was serving from her aft end. But with only Ravenna serving, there is no way we can keep up with the demand. Therefore, I have a proposal for you and your friends."

"Say no more!" Lewellyn interrupted, "You need more Ringtails to serve as kegs, correct?"

"Most perceptive of you, sir," Brannel said, "We are indeed attempting to get volunteers to serve as kegs just as my mate did. And in return, those who volunteer may dine and drink for free here tonight, and can keep all gratuities they earn."

Teski's eyes went wide at the mention of free drinks and food, "Count me in," she declared, "And Lewellyn here too. We'll try anything once. Oh, ouch!"

Lewellyn silenced his girlfriend with a firm digging of his claws into her rump, "Honey, you know I don't like to be volunteered for anything. I would rather speak for myself."

Teski giggled and nuzzled Lew, "Sorry, love. I was just so excited, and figured you wouldn't mind."

"That's okay," he reassured her, "And I will offer my tail for service tonight. I could use a few extra silvers." He and Teski rose unsteadily to their feet.

"Oh, wonderful," Brannel cheered, "This will be a night to remember indeed." He then turned to Hester and Olivia, "And what about you two lovebirds? We can take more than just Furling Raccoons for this assignment."

The Chinchilla waved him off and gave the Deer a knowing look, "I'll decline. But thank-you for the offer."

"I'm in," Olivia said, "No way am I going to let these two Rattycoons outdo me." She gently set Hester on the table and stood up to join Lew and Teski.

Brannel looked over his trio of giggling living vessels then leaned over to mutter to the Chinchilla, "You know, don't you, and they do not?"

Hester smiled and nodded, "I have better hearing than those three realize, so I overheard everything about how Ringtail Ale is made."

"And you don't mind them being put through this ordeal?"

"Not at all. This might help sober them up somewhat."

"It will," Brannel assured him, "It definitely will."

Olivia and the two Raccoons fell into step behind Brannel as he led them towards the kitchen. They paused briefly at a table occupied by a Furling Bat and a Furling Tigress. Kneeling beside the Bat was another Furling, a very sexy brown-furred Pony girl with a blonde mane and tail. She was clad in nothing but a leather collar, and her short fur did nothing to provide any modesty for either her ample breasts, tight mound, and even more ample and muscular rump. She was obviously a pleasure slave or pet to the other two. Brannel exchanged a few pleasantries with the two seated at the table. Less than a minute later, the Pony joined the group of volunteers and stood humbly to Olivia's right. She was followed immediately by the Tigress, who arose, shed her sandals and silk minidress, and stood on the other side of the Ocelot.

As Brannel led them away, Lewellyn and Teski were quietly giggling and chattering back and forth to each other, speculating about what it was going to feel like having their bottoms filled with ale and other people drinking from them. Olivia smiled at the Tigress. She was a most striking and lovely creature, svelte and and graceful, with feminine curves and softness that belied the powerful strength embedded in her form. Even skyclad and being led to the kitchen so her ass could be filled with ale or some other drink, this creature carried herself with tremendous dignity and pride. She was the second finest example of animal beauty and sensual felinity Olivia had ever seen. Olivia herself was the number one example of course.

"Like, hi," she said, "I'm Olivia."

"I know," the Tigress replied.

"Do you have a name?"

"Of course I do."

"Well, can I have it?"

"Why? You already have a name, Olivia."

The Ocelot sighed and shook her head in frustration at this lady's terseness, which to her, bordered on arrogance. "Aw come on. I just want to know who is joining us to get our asses filled tonight."

The Tigress looked Olivia over as if sizing her up, and gave her a polite, toothy grin, "You can call me Sheena," she finally said, "and the lovely little Pony there is Merriweather, mine and my mate's beloved pleasure pet."

Olivia giggled, "Well then, 'tis an honor to meet you, Sheena, and you too, Merriweather."

Sheena quietly nodded acknowledgment and Merriweather gave Olivia a coy smile, "It is indeed an honor to meet Mistress Sheena, and an even greater honor to serve her and Master Syrinx."

Sheena's demeanor softened a little. She laughed and reached around behind Olivia to give her pet a loving pat and squeeze on her rump, "Merriweather, dear girl, you have learned well since you first offered yourself to us. Flattery will get you everywhere, especially with me."

The Pony bashfully averted her gaze. Her face warmed with the feel of her owner's paw on her bottom and kind words in her long, equine ears. "Have you ever done anything like this before, Olivia?" Merriweather asked.

"No," came the reply, "I've never had anyone drink from my bottom. However, Hester has taildived me many times after giving me a deep scrubbing. What about you? Is this a first time for you as well?"

"The drinking bit is," she admitted, "I have gone through the cleansing ritual many times though, for the pleasure of Master and Mistress. I get all tingly between my thighs just thinking about it."

"Yes," Olivia agreed, "I get that way thinking about the scrubbing wand inside my ass too. It's so..."

"Scrubbing wand?" Merriweather interrupted her, "Those are fun, but what we do for deep cleansing is much more intense. You see..." She was silenced by a firm smack on her ass. It seems that with great stealth, Sheena managed to lift Brannel's paddle from his belt while the Pony and Ocelot were babbling. "Ouch! Mistress, is there a problem?"

"Yes there is," the Tigress confirmed. She slipped the paddle back onto the Deer's belt as easily as she had removed it, "You are once again speaking way too much."

Merriweather looked quite chastened and embarrassed, "I am sorry, m'lady," she apologized, "I just wanted to tell Miss Olivia here how wonderful the cleansing process is."

"She will find out soon enough," Sheena said, "Since this is a first for her, we really shouldn't spoil the surprise."

The Pony nodded her head, "Okay, Mistress Sheena. I will say no more," she promised, then addressed the Ocelot once more, "other than this will be like nothing you have ever experienced in your south end before."

Olivia smiled and purred, "Mmmmm... I'm getting all hot and tingly just thinking about it." They completed the remainder of the short little trip in silence, and soon vanished through the double doors in the far wall.

The kitchen was a beehive of activity. A team of six cooks; one male Dwarf, an Ornith Hawk girl, a Furling Skunk lad, a Halfling boy, and two Furling Mice, who looked like they were most likely brother and sister, were busy manning the fire pits and grills. A mouth watering mix of aromas filled the air, as floor girls and boys padded in and out to deliver plates of succulent meats, fish, steaming vegetables, fresh baked breads, and a wide assortment of drinks to the hungry and thirsty guests out in the dining room.

Bent over one low counter at the far end of the room, with their legs spread and tails raised high were two Furlings, the Raccoon Brannel called Ravenna, and Issibel the Otter. They were being attended to by a handsome young Furling. He was obviously a crossbreed. His face was that of a Deer; as were his legs, digitigrade and ending in hard, black cloven hooves. He had the typical black, furry Raccoon mask framing his eyes, and a thick, bushy tail, dark gray with black rings. His mane of dark red hair was tied in a ponytail, and a set of short, two-pronged antlers protruded from the top of his head, between a pair of short, perky ears.

His hand was deep up Ravenna's butt, as if he was stuffing a game bird. But instead of putting bits of shredded bread inside her, he was extracting a large amount of copper and silver coins from her depths. He removed them two and three at a time, securing them in a leather pouch on his belt. When the last of the coin was removed from beneath Ravenna's tail, he repeated the same procedure with Issibel. Olivia could not help but notice the expression on the Furling lad's face as he worked. He looked as if he was experiencing considerable discomfort, moreso than what the telltale blush beneath the white fur of his rump would indicate. "Prolly just had an extra extra hard paddling is all," she thought to herself."

"Okay, ladies," Brannel said, "Stand over there with the others by the cellar door. Anton will be with you shortly."

Olivia and the others followed the Deer's instruction and waited patiently while Brannel checked on how the Raccoon-Deer was faring. She let her gaze wander, until it came to rest on the others whom they had joined. Standing and waiting with them were a pair of Ornith Ducks, whom she recognized as Selene and Marcko. They were with the little band performing here at Hot Summer Nights tonight. It was no surprise to her that these two would volunteer for this, as Orniths are generally notoriously obsessed with their ass ends. Also with them, and dressed in a short green apprentice's tunic was a handsome young Furling Fox. Olivia guessed that he was probably about to begin his sixteenth or seventeenth summer. She could smell a faint scent of arousal as he watched with amusement, the spectacle of the Raccoon-Deer pulling coin after coin from Issibel's bottom. But also mingled with his arousal was a scent of nervousness, confirmed by the constant swishing back and forth of his white-tipped brick red bushy tail, which protruded through a hole in the back of his tunic. He was certainly a cute one, and Olivia found herself entertaining thoughts of being mounted and taken pony style by him.

He must have sensed her gaze on him, because while the Ocelot was having her hottest thoughts, the young Fox turned his attention away from the action over on the counter, and looked directly at her. Their eyes met, and she noticed a reddening visible through the white fluff of his cheeks. He quickly looked away and focused his attention on an indeterminate spot on the floor in front of him.

After what seemed like forever, the Raccoon-Deer finally finished his enviable task, and Ravenna and Issibel joined the others near the cellar door. Brannel turned their attention to the small group of volunteers and gave them a warm welcoming smile. "Thank-you for volunteering the use of your bottoms in an attempt to resolve this supply crisis we are suddenly experiencing. As I said before, you will be well compensated for your troubles." He looked each volunteer over thoroughly, then continued his speech.

"Now, 'tis only proper that you know who you are serving with. Therefore, before we begin, I would like you to please give us a very brief introduction, even if it is just your name. We will start with the handsome young Fox here."

"I am Syrano, from out in the middle of nowhere to the east of Mistport," the vulpine lad said, "I'm a wizard's apprentice, with the Order of the Wild Rose."

Next to speak up was the Duck girl, "I'm Selene. I play a bowharp for the band that's here tonight. I also dance for them as well. And this is my little brother, Marcko," she gestured to the other Duck standing next to her.

"Yes," Marcko replied, "I am Marcko, drummer and another dancer. We, and the rest of our group hail from Icy Straits, way south of here."

"We are excited about having our bottoms used in such a unique way," Selene added, "Any chance to have things stuffed up our..."

"Yes, yes," Sheena interrupted her, "You featherheads' obsession with your behinds is well known world-wide. Anyway, you already know me, Brannel. But for the benefit of the others, I am Sheena, co-owner of the Crimson Glow Pet Shop in Coralport, and this lovely filly here is Merriweather, mine and my mate's personal pet." She gave the Pony a loving pat on her ass.

"Lewellyn here, at your service." The Furling Raccoon performed a graceful bow, at least as graceful as his intoxicated state would allow. "I'm native to Mistport. But i will admit, this is my first time here at your lovely little inn. Normally, we haunt Feathers over on the east end of town, closer to home."

"When he says we, he is referring to himself, me, Olivia, and Hester," the other Raccoon offered. She smiled and introduced herself, "Teski, I am. Me and Lew share a small home over on the east side. We're not officially mates yet, but I'm working on him."

Finally it was Olivia's turn. She performed a proper curtsy and purred, "I'm Olivia. I keep these two ringtail brats in line." She smirked at Lewellyn and Teski, then added, "At least I try my damnedest to keep them in line. I volunteered for this little adventure because the love of my life likes the taste of my bottom, and after he drinks from me, I fully expect a long wild night of passionate boinking."

"I'm certain that charming Chinchilla fellow of yours will not be disappointed, m'lady," Brannel complimented her. "Now, I'm sure you already know Issibel here. She's one of our floor girls." He padded over to the Otter and gave her a loving pat on her rump, then did likewise with Ravenna.

"And this delightful creature here is my beloved mate and Mistress, Ravenna."

The Deer paced back and forth in front of his volunteers, "Now that we all know each other, it is time to begin your greatest adventure. First, I must request that those of you who are wearing any clothing, including collars, please remove them."

Olivia shed her black cotton vest and matching black leather thigh boots, the only bits of clothing she was wearing tonight, and stood quietly, idly caressing her soft wide flanks and rump while the others went about disrobing. After Lewellyn stripped off his buckskin trousers and jerkin, he helped Teski out of her red silk micro minidress, then wrapped his arms around her and held her close to him for a short time, cuddling her and lovingly caressing her soft, curves.

The Ducks were already skyclad, as they typically preferred, as were Ravenna, Issibel, and Sheena, the Tigress having stripped back out in the dining room. Syrano looked rather nervous and embarrassed as he unfastened his belt and squirmed out of his tunic, revealing his soft, furry body and the erect shaft protruding from between his thighs.

Olivia padded over to the young Fox and placed a paw on his shoulder. She leaned over, her tail raised high for everyone else to get a delightful look at her assets while she purred in his ear, "Syrano, why do you look so embarrassed?"

The Fox gave the Ocelot a sheepish grin, "M'lady, although I may be a wizard's apprentice, and have presented myself to my Master many times," he replied, "I and Master Arthur are of a hermitic order, and I am not accustomed to being exposed skyclad amidst strangers."

Olivia smiled and ran her paw down Syrano's back and over his cute bottom, then slipped it between his thighs and playfully stroked his hard cock, eliciting a surprised gasp from him, "Trust me, silly boy," she assured him, her voice seductively soft and low, "You most certainly have nothing to be ashamed of. And what of that little performance you had with that lovely Rabbit not too long ago? The way you had her bent over the table and the way you were ramming her, it certainly looked as if you had no worries about being exposed in public."

Syrano whimpered at the Ocelot's gentle touch on his treasures, "That was out of character for me, I must admit. The Bunny was in season, I think, so she was impossible to resist. Heat of the moment, y'know."

Olivia playfully nibbled on Syrano's ear and slid her paw back to give his rump a teasing squeeze, "If Hester doesn't mind, I would very much like to engage you in an encore performance later," She padded back to her place in line and gave him a seductive gaze over her shoulder, "in private."

"Mistress Sheena," Merriweather said, "I need you to unlock my collar please."

"Oh, my," the Tigress replied, "I don't have your key with me. It's with my clothes back at our table."

"Don't you worry your pretty not-so-little bottoms, ladies," Brannel said, "I'll go fetch the key from Syrinx while you are receiving your cleansings."

"Cleansings?" Olivia repeated, "but I had a deep scrubbing just this afternoon."

"That is not sufficient," the Deer told her, "The cleansing required for vessel service is much more extensive and intense than a mere deep scrub."

"You'll like it, I think," Merriweather assured her, "It really is one helluva experience, and definitely something to write home about."

"Yes, it is indeed," Brannel agreed, "Now, Anton here will take you down into the cellar to begin the procedure. I will be down when it is time to begin the brewing. But first, I have another matter to address." He nodded to the Raccoon-Deer who had earlier been extracting the coins from Ravenna and Issibel. "They are all yours, son. Kwenekka, come attend to me." He lay himself over the counter, and a cute little Furling Chipmunk girl scurried up behind him to begin remove and secure his recent earnings from beneath his tail.

Anton faced the group of volunteers and looked them over one at a time, then gestured towards the door leading to the cellar, "Follow me, ladies" Olivia couldn't help but notice that his voice sounded a little unsteady, as if he was in some small amount of pain.

Anton led the group of Furlings and Orniths through the door and down a long flight of stone stairs. The cellar was a massive underground chamber. The air down here was hot and stifling, considerably warmer than the dining room and kitchen areas above, and was permeated with the scent of lilacs, though there were no such flowers to be seen anywhere. Stacked four high, casks and barrels lined two of the walls, and also formed aisles in the middle of the room. A third wall was taken up by a deep trough of dark stone, of a type that did not look familiar at all to Olivia. A metal grill sat along the length of the trough, and at regular intervals along the wall above it and in the floor in front, were pairs of rings that looked like they were made of mithril silver. The fourth wall had another trough. This was filled with glowing molten stone that flowed slowly like oil from a small hole in the wall and out another similar hole at the other end.

Close to the river of liquid fire, was a long, wide table, with mithril rings attached around its edges, like those on the wall over the grill. It was to this table that Anton led his party of volunteers.

"Alright now," he said, "Except for Issibel and you, Mother, since you have had your cleansings already, I need everyone to get on the table and assume cleansing position. That is with your head down, legs spread, knees tucked underneath you, and bottom in the air."

One by one, the volunteers, including Ravenna, climbed up onto the dark, warm table and assumed what was commonly referred to as the invite position, save for the Otter girl.

"What are you doing, Mother?" Anton asked, "You shouldn't have to go through this again."

"Nonsense," Ravenna snapped back at him, "You have brewed Ringtail Ale twice in me tonight, and I have also had a considerable amount of copper and silver up my ass since that second batch. Therefore, it is for the best that my bottom receive another cleansing to return it to its pristine state for this next round."

"Very well, Mother," he conceded, "I suspect that the real reason you are doing this is because you actually enjoy this process. However, it is not my place to argue or question your motives."

Ravenna smirked at her son, "You bet your ass it isn't, dear. And for questioning my reasons, you can expect a nice long paddling out on the stage later tonight. Now, get on with it."

A soft blush was visible through the white fur on Anton's cheeks as he set about prepping his guests for their imminent cleansings. "Right then. Issibel, secure their ankles and wrists."

The Otter went about busily locking the guests in shackles and attaching them to the mithril rings which lined the edges of the table. Meanwhile, Anton opened up a small chest in one corner of the room and withdrew a set of small rods with chain harnesses attached, also made of mithril. As he bent over the open chest, Olivia spied a round metal disk with a grip ring attached, pressed up against his furry nether cheeks. That answered her unasked question about why he looked so uncomfortable. It must have been a pretty large butt plug that he was wearing while he worked.

"Anton, is this step really necessary?" Lewellyn asked, "I mean, you are just going to give us a quick cleansing, so why the restraints?"

"Yes," the Raccoon-Deer replied, "this is indeed necessary. This procedure will cause a bit of discomfort, and you need to be properly restrained to keep from hurting yourself."

"Hah, that's the understatement to end all understatements," Issibel muttered as she tightened the Ocelot's bonds. She gave Olivia a playful slap on her upturned ass, "How's that, kitten?"

"Too tight," Olivia protested, "I can barely move."

"Good," the Otter replied. She gave Olivia another slap on her bottom, then continued her task, securing Sheena and finally Ravenna.

Olivia was starting to have second thoughts about this little adventure, as Anton went to each volunteer, and held up one of the mithril bits.

"Open your mouth, Syrano," he ordered. The Fox complied, and Anton placed a bit in his mouth. He gently bit down on it while the chain harness was clasped around his head.

Anton repeated this for Lewellyn, Teski, and the two Ducks. Merriweather shook her blonde-maned head when Anton instructed her to take the bit.

"I don't need it," she told him, "I've done this many times already, and am quite comfortable with the process."

"Very well," Anton conceded, "I assume your Mistress will also decline?"

Lying on the table to Olivia's left, Sheena looked over at her pet and Anton, "Correct," she growled, "If my pet needs no such accessories, then neither do I."

"Okay, suit yourselves," he replied, "I was simply obligated to offer an S-bit as a courtesy."

Now it was Olivia's turn. Following the examples of the others, she obediently opened her mouth. Anton set the bar of mithril across her lower jaw, behind her back teeth, and she gently bit down on it. The chain harness was secured around her head, and adjusted so it couldn't work itself loose.

After Anton finished up with Ravenna, he marched around to the front of the table and faced the nine trussed up Furlings and Orniths, "Again, I wish to thank you all for volunteering to serve in this minor moment of crisis," he gave a soft gasp and winced, briefly slipping a hand under his tail to make some minor adjustments to the plug he was carrying, then continued his address.

"Before your bottoms are filled with ale, or mead, or wine, or other drinks to be enjoyed by our guests up there," he gestured in the direction of the stairs back up to the kitchen and the dining room beyond, "Issibel and I must give you the most thorough cleansing you have ever known. This process will take about five minutes, and I will tell you now that it will involve some amount of pain."

Issibel handed Anton a mithril chain glove, and then she donned one herself. The two stepped over to the open chest and each withdrew a long metal rod, with a wide flat disc and a mithril silver grip ring at one end. They dipped these up to the hilt in the molten lava that flowed through the trough in front of the table. When they pulled the rods out of the trough, they were covered along their entire length with the liquid fire.

Olivia was now terrified as she realized what was in store for her and the others. Her breathing grew heavy and labored, and she trembled in her bonds while Anton explained further what was about to happen.

"This is gehennite," Anton explained. He held up the glowing rod for all to see. The molten stone seemed to flow and swirl around the shaft it clung to, but not a drop fell to the floor.

"As you may have guessed, this is a form of lava. But unlike that which is found in most volcanic areas of the world, gehennite is only found where there is a gateway between Niath and one of the infernal realms. Therefore, it is a very rare material, and highly coveted among wizards, acolytes, and others who use magick." He ran a mithril-clad hand over the end of the molten shaft, rounding it and forming it into a dull point, then continued the lesson.

"As I just demonstrated, mithril is one of two substances that is impervious to gehennite, and will not even conduct the terrible heat. The other is ferallite, which will conduct heat but will not melt."

Issibel followed Anton's lead and also molded the end of her gehennite rod into a tapered, round shape, then padded around behind Syrano and lifted his tail, awaiting the Raccoon-Deer's command.

The Fox was absolutely terrified, his eyes wide as saucers as he felt the Otter girl grab his tail and hold the hot, glowing rod close to his furry bottom. He tried to struggle, but Issibel had secured his bonds too well, and all he could do was twitch in his shackles and thrash his head left and right.

"Now," Anton continued, "I was not completely accurate when I said there were only two substances that are impervious to gehennite. There are actually three. And that is what makes this diabolical material the perfect cleansing agent. Issibel, tell them what that third substance is."

Issibel nodded and gave a devilish smile as she held the glowing rod pointed at the crevasse between Syrano's nether cheeks, "The third substance impervious to gehennite is any living flesh. It may hurt like hell, but it causes no actual harm to the living." And with a firm nod from Anton, the Otter expertly slid the molten rod with one smooth stroke, deep up the Fox's upturned butt, until the disc was pressed firmly against his furry rump.

As soon as the molten rod penetrated his southern star, Syrano's entire body went taut. His paws clenched hard and his head was thrashing from side to side. Strangely, no sound escaped his muzzle, no screams, not even a whimper. Issibel fetched another ferallite rod from the chest, while Anton slipped around behind the Raccoons. Both Lewellyn and Teski were wide eyed in abject terror as their inevitable fate approached. Before Anton even grabbed his tail, Lewellyn was already thrashing about as best he could in his bonds. But there was no escape, and with a single smooth thrust, the molten rod disappeared under his tail. Like Syrano, the Raccoon tensed up to where it looked like he could snap in two. His back arched and his head flew back in unfathomable agony. Yet also like the Fox, he neither screamed nor cried.

Issibel padded around behind the table, with her freshly drawn and molded gehennite rod, and gave Teski the same treatment Anton had given Lewellyn. Again, like the previous two, she writhed in her chains, but made no sound.

"Oh, lookie," the Otter said, pointing to the hard shaft that was emerging from between Lewellyn's legs, "He's getting aroused."

Anton nodded and ran a finger along the underside of the Raccoon's erect member, "Yes, that is not an uncommon occurance. No one is sure why, but gehennite insertions frequently cause arousal despite the intense agony of the cleansing. See? The Fox is getting rather hard down there too." He gestured towards Syrano as they returned to the chest for more ferallite rods. The Fox had, for the most part stopped his squirming about and now had his eyes closed and his chin resting submissively on the table. His cock bobbed and pulsed beneath him while the liquid fire burned inside his depths.

Selene and Marcko were a different story altogether. It looked to Anton as if these two Ducks were already intimately familiar with the sweet searing kiss of gehennite burning in their nether channels. As he and Issibel slipped around behind them, the two Ornith siblings instinctively arched their backs, thrusting their downy white bottoms up a little higher in nervous anticipation. Anton gave Selene's soft rump a gentle squeeze, and Issibel did likewise to Marcko. Then with no further delay, the burning rods were stuffed deep up their tight rectal passages. There was no squirming or thrashing about from either of the Ducks. However, Marcko's maleness was clearly and immediately evident, fully emerged from the hidden sheath between his legs. And when Anton slipped his fingers into the soft down between Selene's thighs, he felt sticky moistness, the telltale sign of her arousal and desire.

Issibel grinned childlike at Anton, "See? I was right about these two," she bragged.

Anton licked Selene's sweet juices off his fingers and slapped the Duck girl on her cute, burning ass, "That was a no brainer," he replied, "Everyone knows that birds are all notorious, anal-obsessed pain sluts. Now come along, Otter. We still have four more to do. You take the Pony and her Mistress; I will take Olivia and Mother."

Issibel was already a step ahead of him; and armed with another lava-covered rod, padded back around the table and stood behind Merriweather.

"Are you sure you don't want an S-bit?" she asked the Pony.

"Yes," she whickered, "I have no need for such silliness, as... Oh!"

Merriweather was abruptly silenced as the molten plug was driven home between her muscular nether cheeks, and buried to the hilt up her ass. Despite her protests about not needing the bit, she still squirmed and thrashed about on the table while gasping and moaning in pure ecstasy.

Olivia was driven to a state of confusion by all she had witnessed so far. Here were these Furlings and Orniths getting molten lava stuffed up their asses, some of them writhing in complete agony. Yet all were obviously becoming quite aroused almost to the point of orgasm. It made no sense to the Ocelot. Now, it was her turn, and she was absolutely terrified of what was about to go under her tail. She strained against her bonds, trying to snap them free so she could escape from this hellish cellar. But the mithril was far too strong for her, and her shackles held fast.

"Olivia! Stop your struggling!" Anton commanded. He punctuated his order by landing a wooden paddle across the Ocelot's muscular butt a dozen times. "Look at me, kitten."

She regained her composure and looked up at the Raccoon-Deer who was standing over her. His expression was calm and reflected compassion and understanding. His fingers gently caressed beneath her chin and behind her ears, causing her to purr.

"Olivia," Anton repeated, "I know this is going to hurt. In fact, I know all too well what you are about to experience. I myself have gone through this many times, and am, in fact, going through it myself even as I speak." He turned away from the Ocelot, bent over, raised his thick bushy tail, and summoned Issibel to assist him.

"Show her what I speak of."

The Otter girl hooked a finger through the mithril ring in the end of the plug Anton was wearing. She pulled it out of him halfway, revealing the cruel red-orange glow of gehennite.

"You see," Issibel said, "if a young buck such as Anton here can take the fire, and he is under orders to wear this all evening, then a big girl like yourself should be able to suffer such a treat for a mere five minutes." She reinserted the molten plug up Anton's butt, and padded around to the backside of the table to attend to Sheena.

Anton stood erect and gingerly turned back around to face Olivia again. "I would not put anyone here through anything that I myself would never submit to," he told her. "And look at the others. They have already received the fire. It would be a great disservice to them if we were to release you now."

Olivia turned her head to look at the other six who were writhing in pleasured pain on the table while the liquid fire burned inside their rectal passages, searing them to perfect cleanliness. To her left, she heard the Tigress give a sharp gasp, which was followed by a loud purring moan as Issibel put the burning shaft between her furry cheeks and slid it home.

As Sheena squirmed on the table, moaning with pure pained bliss, her sweet scent of arousal washed over Olivia, and the Ocelot found herself desiring the same gift of passion the Tigress was enjoying.

Issibel came back around to the front of the table, leaned forward, and in her soft, childlike voice added, "Sheena is doing this for her mate. After the music stops and the torches are extinguished tonight, Master Syrinx will be intoxicated on our finest champagne, spiced with his lady's own unique intimate flavor."

"He and Sheena will climb to the summit of the Mink's Mountain tonight," Anton added, "Together, they will lose themselves in an unbridled fever of passion that normally only the Immortals could know." He padded around behind the Ocelot and held her tail up high. She trembled with both fear and longing. Her wide, muscular bottom flexed and clenched in anticipation.

"Do this for for your love, kitten."

"Yes yes yes," Issibel agreed, "Do it for Hester. Trust me, you will not regret this."

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